Video: Behind the Scenes of Remy Metailler's Mind Blowing Squamish Shreddit

Aug 5, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

So that's how we make a Mountain Bike Edit!

The 4 minutes video we dropped last week was actually a lot of work, and this how we did it. I don't just ride the trail once. We discuss a lot the angles, and I make sure my riding is basically the best it can be on that day. I do several runnings and different takes. The pressure of the camera is always a challenge and what can seem easy on a regular day becomes a challenge once you try to do everything perfect.

If you have not seen it the final video, check it now:

Thank you to Rob Massie (@snowdriftmedia and for filming and editing this behind the scenes. I hope it helps you understand what goes behind a riding video.

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Discussing angles with Chris Ricci

Discussing angles with Chris Ricci

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 Obviously one of the best edits of the year, hats off to everyone from Remy to all the people behind the scenes. It's crazy how much work goes into a 4 minute video like this. I used to think that guys just spliced a couple of clips together then poof, they had a beautiful video. Recently I tried making a 3 minute video of my son and I riding together and after HOURS I had 30 seconds of hot garbage. I'll leave the videos to the pros. Thanks for the amazing stuff Remy and crew.
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 Agreed. Edit of the year.
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 Amazing riding. He still seems to be looking for a full face helmet sponsor though.
  • 16 2
 I do have one. Fly makes great full face helmets. Directly inspired from the Moto world too.
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 @remymetailler: not judging, but can you walk us through why you don't wear one?
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 @conv3rt: I do wear one on my downhill bike or when I first ride a dangerous feature usually. To be honest, I should ride with one at all time, but at slow speed on a trail bike, I don't feel the speed the same way, and I'm not riding as confident as I can't hear and feel as well what's happening.
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 @remymetailler: I've wondered as well. Regardless of my comfort level I wear a full face on rides that involve drops bigger than 10 feet or speeds that would put my face into the earth before I can do anything about it. This started when I had kids. Whatever floats your boat though and cheers to your insane skills Remy! I hope to see you in Squamish next year. Plans squashed by COVID this year.
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 @remymetailler: Gotcha. I moved to a Bell Super DH when they came out and find it quite versatile. Well vented, not too heavy. I ride packless so I made a small strap and wear the chin-bar like a backpack on the climbs. I've had friends break teeth on pretty minor crashes and figured I'd try full face. I found it boosted my comfort level and confidence in a variety of conditions. Then again, I am NOT a pro and can use all the comfort and confidence I can get. lol Thanks for the videos, always cool to see what skill and training can lead to. Human potential never ceases to amaze me.
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 @conv3rt: Some of the worst crashes I'm aware of are NOT from going big, they're from a lapse of concentration or judgement doing things well within the ability level of the rider, often on easier trails. Including myself, lol... so I got a Super DH too. If I'm honest it's a small pita, but worth it for me.
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 I nearly knocked out my front teeth on a small dirt jump I had hit a ton of times before. It made me reevaluate how often I wear a full face. Sure most wrecks you are fine, but it's that stupid one that rearranges your face that makes the full face seem worth it.
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 Just don't crash and it don't matter what helmet you have Wink
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 "When I'm getting bored and don't want to do it anymore, one time and I'm out...I usually do it perfect" - Remy...So casual on stuff that would make us mere mortals wet our shorts
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 For a lot of us, I would say wetting our shorts would be about the least of our worries riding that stuff. I can't imagine more than a handful of people (if that) on this planet have any business riding those lines at those speeds..
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 @kpickrell: Totally get that. Aside from my light hearted joke, thanks for summarizing in a few extra words what the camera man said.
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 Some of the rock slabs and drops are so large, that it looks like Remy and his bike were shrunk to one third normal size and is riding a trail with "normal" size drops. Such a great edit.
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 "3 2 1 baguette" is my new countdown for those times when I need a little extra confidence on the trail.
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 "How are you not scared? I am scared." Great moment.
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 One of the best RIDERS in the WORLD if NOT thee BEST!
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 @remymetailler Best edit by far in a long while! I love the steep techy gnar and you make it look so easy. Keep it up please. One question though... are you able to shine some light on the type of camera, lenses and audio kit that Rob was using? I would love try and look at getting a similar setup if it doesn’t cost the earth. Cheers
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 Good question. Can you DM him on Instagram?
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 @remymetailler: good shout. Thank you. Just DM’d him. Brapp!
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 I could watch these clips all day. It's really easy to understand the mindset and approach required to succeed. Whilst we all go through the same thoughts when riding at close to our limits, Remi can articulate it better than most. Confident, yet scared, is a good place to be.
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 Making hydration packs great again.
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 Yep, Camelbak Chase vest. Even have some for the ladies:
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 Remy, team and the sponsors who help bring this to life - thanks very much for this amazing content. Wonderful, inspiring stuff.
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 RM: "Yo my camera dude, could you just rappel over this ledge and film?"

Camera Dude: "Umm yeah sure, it's inverted, just let me....!!!??"

RM "Yeeeeeeooooowwww!!!! Shreeeeeeeddddd iiiittttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
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 That's well above my pay grade!
You have to have some Skills & Balls to do those drops, the point of no return is what gets me on the big drops:/
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 That's some next level riding... Simply awesome!
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 I recognize some of the trails that I rode in Squamish, but somehow they don't look like the trails I rode?
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 BC's best rider!
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 What a savage
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 Just love this video, but come on, wear a full face helmet !
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 eh, when you're remy metailler a fullface only slows you down, what's the point if you never crash?
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