Jill and Bryn: A Match Made In the Dirt - Video

Nov 2, 2016
by Fabric  
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We have been friends with them for over 10 years and one thing has never faltered - their love of riding bicycles. For them it’s all in the detail, be it their riding, or the bicycles that they ride. Jill’s an Olympian and Bryn’s a former world cup downhill stalwart, but despite being perfectionists, they aren’t fussy, they are as happy riding curves on a flat, grassy field as they are riding the best trails in the world.

They visited Fabric earlier this year and in this video, we get to hear about what makes them tick and travel with them to Wales for a little spin.

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 Riding in Bellingham, it's always a pleasure encountering these two on a trail. Their riding is incredibly smooth, fast, and flowy, whether they're just out for a rip or actively sessioning something, and their attitudes are friendly, classy, and approachable. Great ambassadors for the sport and their sponsors.

That bit about riding with your spouse, btw, translates to my wife's and my (magnitudes lower) level of riding as well - it's fun to get to share such a source of joy and flow in your life with your life partner.
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 I'll second that. Super friendly and approachable people. They're kind enough to put on clinics at Stevens Pass and are just as stoked running trains with the locals as they are training little kids on the Greens and Blues. Fun couple that I'm blessed to have had the opportunity to ride with. And if you think Bryn's whips are insane, imagine watching it from the front row, right behind him in a train. Just about crapped myself.
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 Uncle Bryn and Aunti Jill do it again!
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 Bryn is absolutely phenomenal to watch on a bike, my goodness!
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 Bryn's got to be one of the most natural and skilled guys on a bike. The scrubs he pulls and the speed at which he does it is just unbelievable to watch
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 And thats why he runs high pressures! LIke high 30s in rear if not mistaken
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 Have you seen the latest instagram post by Bryn at Black Mountain Centre in wales - OMFG!!!!
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 What a couple of shredders! Big Grin
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 Lovely FAST
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 Jill, you are a rock star.
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 jill's olympic podium was badass.
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 It's so fun to watch Jill shredding
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 Thanks for that. Skills, attitude, couple, cool.
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 That is the most clinical perfect fast riding I have seen
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 Great video and makes me want to ride - glad I'm going this arvo.

Katrina Miller at 2.58? Was almost unbeatable at Dual Slalom back in the day.
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 Met them at Crankworx Rotorua one night when they joined out tour group for dinner. Most Chilled out relaxed, easy going couple.... was a great night.
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 Well done Jill and Bryn!
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 Bryn's style on a bike is so sick.
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 SEAHAWKS! nice lid Bryn
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 Good video. Lovely couple. Love is beautiful
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 Fantastic edit! Great mix of amazing riding and talking. Well done!
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 So like those like trails like looked like a lot of like fun to like ride and like they both like have like a lot of like style and like speed on the like bike.
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 When it said "most talented married duo in the mountainbike world" I was thinking of Kovarik instead. But I'm not going to argue, Bryn and Jill are talented too.
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 Well, that's just like.. your opinion brah.
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 @zorba73: Of course it is, both are opinions. Just shared what I was thinking. That said, at the end of the day what you see isn't just talent. As Bearclaw said (in the Seasons video): "You need a little bit of talent and a whole lot of determination to get to where you want to be" (or something along those lines). The result comes from what they're given (talent, opportunities, luck...) and what they're putting in (work, determination, sacrifice...). In that light, talent doesn't even matter that much though it could of course motivate to push on. But back to my original post, my mind just drifted to a different couple. I could have said Steve and Adele Peat as well, but I'm not going to do that to you.
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 How did the Float X2s not blow up yet?
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 Probably because they don't just spontaneously combust! Wink
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 Great to see the personal side of life - good luck !
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 Those trails look sick!!!
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 Top Notch! Cheers mates!
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