Just The Tip: The Fest Series Aggy's Reunion

May 23, 2014
by Mark Halliday  
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When the phone rings and Brett Tippie is on the other end you never know what opportunity lies ahead of you. So, before he even asked I was already packing up. How can you say no to covering any event where the best of the best are ripping the birth place of Free Riding. That's right, we are headed to Kamloops.


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 Tippie for damn world ruler
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 there would be no more war !
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 And way more redbull!
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 More rulers here : vimeo.com/96077913
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 Every video featuring Tippie is an instant must-watch. Fact.
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 and an instant like first watch second thing Big Grin
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 Tippie is an absolute legend!
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 Way to go Aggy... You broke gravity! Wink
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 Tippie is the Mountain Bike God, he is everywhere, he can be in differents bike events at the same time, and can be riding too. All bikers have to thanks to Tippie for his creation.
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 this had me at whole lotta rosie
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 I heard that the first time tippie didn't smile, the recession started
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 Yea, no pressure huh?! Just some of the biggest gaps ever seen.
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 Nice to see mtb catching up with bmx/skateboarding when it comes to events. Could've told you a jam format is way nicer to ride 20 years ago..
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 TIPPIE!! showing us the young guns, in the same spots where he started this thing called free riding! Aggy you're a bad bad man!!! that was great, I was smiling the whole time.
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 I went out to watch it and that jump is massive. So sick!
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 Do you know how big the jumps were, how many feet they were jumpin...? From first jump to last. Very curious.........
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 I think it was something like 60 feet
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 dam,,,,,,thanks mayn.
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 loved every second of this.........
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 Tippie 4 prez
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 That's kind of power sliding that bicycles do with second smalles cog on and without momster energy strawberry flavoured drink. No seriously I haven't ever seen him being so relaxed. I mean I've really enjoyed the video. Mat Hunter was there too.
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 I want the laugh from Tippi on my Smart phone as a Ring tone
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 everybody's just like: wow yes aggys reunion = big jumps. OOOOH YESSS TIPPIEE!!
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 Tippie can not be replaced, but just saying that I believe Aggy will be a great Ambassador for us in the future.
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 holy god I'm glad its summer.
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 I was expecting, "smiles for miles" when Tippie was talking with Matty.
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 This is so much better than slopestyle, each to their own obvs but there's something about going massive that just gets the heart going
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 The fact that this has AC/DC on it just makes something awesome, even more awesome!
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 A monster sponsored event full of riders wearing Red Bull helmets. That Monster Product placement was perfect.They made tippie hold a monster can logo out while talking to Lacondeguy who was wearing his Red Bull helmet lol.
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 Just look at all that tape they put up for all those people that didnt show up.
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 Vanderham looks baked!!!
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 Well he was getting really high.
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 This is just insane!
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 There is a face in the landing of the jump @ 5:05...
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 I think it's Bob Marleys face
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 Matty "Smiles for Miles" Myles sooo stylish!
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 When Matt Hunter willing to appear in your event.
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 maaaaaaaan i wanna ride them jumps soooo badlyyy Big Grin
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 ummmmmm wait, what?
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