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Podcast Round Up: Tracy Moseley Taking on the EWS-E, Aaron Gwin's Approach to Racing, Finding a Career in MTB & More

Mar 28, 2021
by Ed Spratt  
Here are some of the podcasts that have been filling our earbuds this month when we haven't been busy recording The Pinkbike Podcast.

Charlie Murray Talks Top 10s at EWS While Holding Down a Day Job

Photo - Sven Martin

Words Chris Hall : Photo Sven Martin

Charlie Murray is a super talented up-and-comer from New Zealand. He definitely made his mark on the Enduro World Series and World Cup downhill circuit last season. Charlie even dabbled in the e-Bike World Champs. Which, despite running out of battery mid race, has paid off pretty well for him, as you’ll find out in this episode. Charlie provides great insight into what it takes to get inside the top 10 of the EWS, while still holding down a day job. We talk about training, mindset, the importance of looking after yourself and much more. Charlie has some great stories to tell, so hit play and have a listen to this episode with Charlie Murray.

Veronique Sandler on her Move from New Zealand & Becoming a Sponsored Rider

This week Duncan is joined by Mountain bike freerider Veronique Sandler where they talk about how she made the move from her native New Zealand to Wales and her rise to becoming the professional sponsored rider she is today.

They also discuss the conception and production of her very own feature-length film produced with Adidas; The Vision Movie which you can now watch here:


Jesse Melamed Talks Tech, Setup, His 2020 Season and More

Photo - Kike Abelleira

Words Chris Hall : Photo Kike Abelleira

Jesse Melamed is always a popular guest on the show, and he certainly didn’t disappoint with this detailed chat. We get stuck into his 2020 season, taking the EWS overall, and dealing with Covid. We also get pretty in-depth on getting his new bike set up, and we end up chatting about Formula 1 too. Jesse is a technically focussed athlete at the top of the sport, and has plenty of interesting things to say, so hit play and have a listen to this episode with Jesse Melamed.

Cedric Gracia the Showman with Life Lessons from a Career in MTB

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You name it and Cedric Gracia has done it in the world of MTB.  A career that spanned well over 20 years including World Cup Dh wins , 4x win and a Red Bull Rampage Win.  He did this all while entertaining the MTB world and having probably more fun than any of his competitors. CG also had 3 near death experiences while doing what he loves. He joins the show to discuss it all and holds nothing back but then again we didn't expect him to. Enjoy! 

Anna Newkirk on World Cup racing, her Superstitions and the Best Tasting Mud on the DH Circuit


We sat down with Anna Newkirk to talk about her career so far, her preparation for the coming season of racing downhill and enduro at the highest level of the sport as well as her goals for the future. With a World Cup win and medals at World Championships to her name as a junior, Anna is looking to make her mark as an elite in ’21 and beyond. Her main focus lies on the downhill, but don’t be surprised to see her at selected Enduro World Series events and, of course, Crankworx.

We cover a lot of ground in our conversation with Anna, from her growing up racing BMX in the US, to moving to Switzerland, chasing her older brother, school, training for downhill and Enduro, and of course, the marquee events in 2020, EWS Zermatt and the World Championship in Leogang. Anna also shares her perspective on overcoming obstacles and fear, women in the sport and her take on inspiring the next generation of riders and racers.

Have a listen to the episode below or find the Skids & Giggles podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any of the other platforms where you find great podcasts!

Aaron Gwin Talks Tough Seasons, Injury, Dealing With Speculation & More

Photo - Nathan Hughes

Words Chris Hall : Photo Nathan Hughes

I think it’s fair to say that Aaron Gwin has had a rough couple of seasons. A steady stream of injuries and misfortune have kept him away from where he’d like to be, at the very top of the sport. We chat about how he deals with tough times. How he feels about people saying he’s no longer got what it takes and how his approach to racing has changed over time. Can Aaron still beat Greg Minnaar’s all time wins record and when will he retire from downhill? Give this episode a listen to hear the answers from the man himself. So hit play and have a listen to this episode with Aaron Gwin.

International Women's Day Special with Industry Insiders


Words - Chris Hall

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I thought it would be good to chat to some of the awesome women who work in the industry. So today I’m joined by Emily Horridge, who runs a guiding company in the French Alps. Emily also runs a successful YouTube channel helping you to improve your riding. Rachael Wight is the Editor of offroad.cc and a guide for ProRide. She also runs her own coffee roasting business. Katie Wooster has recently joined the Nukeproof marketing team as her first role in the industry. We chat about their careers and experience. Find out what it’s like working in the industry, how they feel out on the trails, and get their thoughts on racing, media, and brands. So hit play and have a listen to this episode with Emily Horridge, Rachael Wight and Katie Wooster.

Kriss Kyle's Route Into Professional Riding

This week on the Drop In Podcast Duncan is joined by, Kriss Kyle.

Kriss Kyle is one of the most versatile and creative BMX and MTB riders around at the moment, hailing from the quiet coastal town of Stranraer in Scotland he certainly has a good story to tell...

After falling in love with riding BMX as a child, his trips up to Unit 23 Skatepark in Dumbarton became more and more frequent, he was spending less and less time at home and by the age of 14 he had made the move and was living every riders dream of staying inside his favourite skatepark.

Kriss' skill on the bike rapidly improved, and his place in the sport was firmly cemented as he achieved various competitive successes and picked up his first sponsorship deal at the age of 16 before signing with Red Bull on his 19th birthday.

Along with filmers Matty Lambert, and Dave Sowerby, Kriss has made some of the sports most unique films and edits on his BMX, including Kaleidoscope, which with the help of Red Bull saw them transform an empty warehouse in Glasgow into an ever-changing world of movement and illusion for him to pull of some never before seen tricks.

Currently Kriss has been working on a brand new film which sees him taking his skills off the streets and into nature as he rides his mountain bike on various purpose built obstacles that only he could have dreamt up. You can look forward to seeing this film later in the year.

Running a Business in the Bike Industry in 2021


We sat down with James Drew to talk about what it means to run a business in the bike industry in 2021. James runs Bike the World, a distribution company here in Switzerland that represents brands such as @Chromagbikes, Industry Nine, Pembree, and, more recently, Title. James has been involved in the bike business for the better part of two decades and also has the experience and perspective of having worked in markets outside of Switzerland.

In this episode, we cover topics such as:
* How to make a billion dollars in the bike industry?
* Key trends, highlights and surprises of 2020 and what they mean for 2021 and beyond
* What makes the Swiss market so different from other markets?
* Local production, shorter supply chains and the opportunities for smaller brands

Have a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Tracy Moseley Talks Returning to Racing, Being a Parent and More

Photo - Boris Beyer

Words Chris Hall : Photo Boris Beyer

Tracy Moseley was one of my first guests nearly 4 years ago now, and a lot has changed since then. We chat about Tracy’s current role supporting the athletes on the Trek Factory Racing programmes. Hear her thoughts about the importance of team fit and culture, as well as what she’s doing about that with Trek. We talk about her pregnancy, being a parent and getting your child into riding. Tracy also talks about her return to racing at the EWS e-series, and how she’s approached getting fit for that with the limited free time that being a parent delivers. So hit play and have a listen to this episode with Tracy Moseley.

Getting a Grip on Manufacturing with Onza Tires


@thebryson and I sat down with Robin Schaub, Design Engineer at Onza Tires, to talk about why we still get flats, the challenges of a smaller brand in the bike industry today and why Onza will not bring back bar ends any time soon. We dive deep into overseas manufacturing, the benefits of bringing production closer to home and what it really means to be Green in the bike industry today.

Robin is also very active in the local trail building community and can provide an interesting perspective on the growth in the sport in 2020 and how that data provides the basis for new trail building projects in the region.

Have a listen to our episode 6 just below or find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any other of the platforms where you find great podcasts! To find more information on the Skids & Giggles podcast, just head over to our website.

Rachel Atherton on Developing Her Mindset, the Loneliness of Winning, and More

In this episode of Looking Sideways, Rachel Atherton describes the first five months of her pregnancy, what it feels like to win World Cup races, her many injury recoveries, and more.

Looking Sideways Episode 151 Description:

Bone fide legend alert!

Yep, my guest this week is a proper icon, somebody who has achieved so much in their own discipline that they’ve crossed over into the mainstream realm as the personification of their chosen sport.

Take a look at Rachel Atherton’s record and you’ll see why. Five world champion titles. 6 UCI World Cup titles. 39 World Cup events. The ‘double double’ in 2015 and 2016 - which was, also, the only perfect season ever.

It is an absolutely extraordinary record of achievement by an athlete who has achieved genuine greatness. And yet, as I discovered during our conversation, it has also come at quite a physical and mental cost, as the lengthy list of injuries and setbacks that have complemented her victories attest.

Now, as Rachel prepares to become a Mum, we sat down to discuss her career so far and her plans for the future. I’ve met and chatted to Rachel a few times over the years and I’m always so impressed by her complete emotional honesty and levels of self-awareness. This is just a brilliantly revealing conversation with somebody at the absolute top of their field, full of peerless insights into the the nature of success, competitiveness and how to cope with failure.

I really enjoyed this one, and I have to thank Rachel for opening up fully and bringing the full range of her experience, insights and extremely impressive levels of self awareness to the conversation. Hope you enjoy it.

Trail EAffect Episode 22 with Sam Raymond of Copper Harbor

Riding at the Bell s Beer Trail Festival in Copper Harbor MI.
Rider: Sam Raymond
Location: Copper Harbor

For Episode 22 we bring you the 3rd installment of the Copper Harbor Series – Better Late than Never for this one. Sam Raymond is the owner of the Keweenaw Adventure Company, and a founding member of the Copper Harbor Trails Club. Sam has had a hand in nearly everything mountain biking and trails in Copper Harbor, MI. One thing Sam would like me to mention that we did not touch on during this show is the fact that there is a total of 4 trail networks in the Keweenaw Peninsula which include Churning Rapids in Handcock, Michigan Tech Trails in Houghton, the Swedetown Trails in Calumet and of course the extensive trail network in and around Copper Harbor. Sam truly has a wealth of knowledge on this region. If you have not had a chance, you should also check out Parts One and Two of the Copper Harbor Series with Aaron Rogers and Chris Guibert.

Trail EAffect is hosted through the Mountain Bike Radio Network via The Outdoor Route
This podcast can be found by searching "Mountain Bike Radio" on your favorite podcast player/app such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, ect...

Catching up with 'Swiss' Chris Raeber


@thebryson and I sat down with “Swiss” Chris Räber to talk about slopestyle, mastering new tricks and, of course, his appearance on Swiss national TV with the challenge to learn, and land, a Cork 720 within a month during the summer of 2017. We cover Chris’ personal journey with mountain bikes and competing in slopestyle events on the FMB World Tour, his favourite tricks over the years, mindset and how things have changed in the sport since he came on scene. We discuss what the development path and infrastructure looks like for young riders that get into the sport today, Chris’ time at Highland Mountain Bike Park and how he came to be “Swiss” Chris.

Have a listen to our episode 10 just below or find us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or any other platforms where you find great podcasts! To find more information on our podcast, just head over to the Skids & Giggles website or find us on Instagram under handle @skidsandgiggles.

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