Straight Outta Verbier with George Brannigan - Video

Aug 29, 2016
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
Once again, this time high in the Swiss Alps, George Brannigan pushes his Commencal Supreme DH V4 to the limits with his signature punchy, huck-or-die steeze we’ve all come to know and love.

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Every time George throws his leg over he lays it all on the line in the name of style and we can’t thank him enough for that.

Feast your eyes on this and get excited for World Cup Finals at home here in Vallnord.

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 Please stop using these black and white thumbnails. It makes me hold my breath every time :-O
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 Exactly the same thing! No more B&W pictures this year.
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 @karoliusz: yeah for a second something did not feel right
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 @stokedcheech420: Freaked me out too!
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 Lets start something:

Trees are padded to protect them from Brannigan.
Brannigan doesn't get arm pumped. Trails get brannipumped!
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 George Brannigan doesn't wear a helmet to protect his head from the ground, he wears it to protect the ground from his head.
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 I like trains.
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 @colincolin: HELLO! *BANG*
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 i understand that erratic zooming-in / zoomin-out everytime he rails a berm or hits a jump is supposed to liven those shots up but i think his riding is rowdy enough to speak for itself...
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 +1 It would be one thing of they were smooth zooms too. Either way, still a rad video.
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 No Vaseline.
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 For the love of God and all that is merciful, can someone please teach me how to corner that fast and slap berms into next week?
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 Ice Cube!!!
  • 8 0
 With no vaseline!
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 Is that double hard? Idk, I only triple.
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 In my 13 bike park trip this summer Verbier was one of the 3 best bike parks. The city is so beautiful, the bike park is perfect, trail lines and maintenence was perfect, jumps and turns was so well made and the hotel has an amazing view of the city and the valley. George is ripping the trails he is riding so good... next year I need to be there again...
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 Other two are?
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 @LemonadeMoney: if it's in europe I think L2A is in the list
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 Shure L2A was top 3 with Motolino and Verbier. Beautiful cities with great bike parks and great working teams. I was very disappointed with Champery, only a few trails and closed trails. The big surprise was Monte Moro Bike Park in Frabosa with only one simple chairlift but with amazing trails and terrain. Recently Marcelo Gutierres said that he prefers Morzine than Whistler so I am very happy because I rode Morzine too.
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 @mudmandhbrazil: Glad to hear that. I'm going to morzine tomorrow and i thought i will spend there at least 8 days but yesterday i saw they are closing lifts 04.09 Madder . f$@(!!
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 Verbier, La Thuile, L2a 3
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 If were talking Alps, then yes Verbier and L2A. Not been to Motolina or La Thuile. If we're talking Europe, then add Hafjell, Are and Vallnord.
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 I would be there next week after Morzine (been to Morzine at the beginning of the season there, and not returning to the end of the season). Hope it would be as good as it look in the video.
amazing riding BTW.
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 Saw this guy riding there during the shooting of this video... These trails are so nasty he makes it looks like a bobsleigh course!!! You cant imagine without having been on spot...

Spoke with locals (bike dealers etc) and its really possible that we have a WC (DH) in 2018 and beyond, because riders' opinions about lenzerheide are not good at all... Apparently a lot of them find it too easy and bikeparky...while Verbier's race track aint that!!! Hahah cant wait for that round !!!!!
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 Makes ya so proud to be a kiwi... *wipes a teary eye*...

on ya cuzz! sch-weet!
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 So loose that he looses the n an matches the musik Branniga!!! (No disrespect)
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 I'm headed to Switzerland and looking to do some downhill, but I'm Joey af. Is there decent beginner to intermediate lines in Verbier? Could you guys recommend any other parks for beginner/intermediate trails?
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 Where in switzerland will you headin` to? So i can tell you whats the closest.
i am obviously no swiss guy, but i live at the border and know it better than germany ;-)
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'Wouaiy' is a really fun track and not too difficult if you just go at your own pace. Some of George's video is shot on this track and also the recent Joe Barnes' video. You can also take an extra chair-lift up to 'Rôdze' which is also fine for intermediate riders and has a totally different character to 'Wouaiy', in that it's more open and has more jumps, plus some amazing views of the valley. It ends where 'Wouaiy' starts, so you can string them both together for a 20 min long epic run. You'll have a blast.

I've heard that Crans Montana nearby is also really good, but have never been.
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 Verbier also has a nice blue line, very flowy with smaller jumps and lots of berms. If you're going to Verbier this season, try and make sure it is on the weekend, as the top section lifts are only running weekends for the last part of the season (that includes top of Rôdze).

I haven't visited a lot of bike parks, but there are many to choose from in Switzerland. Crans Montana is nearby Verbier, small but beginner to advanced tracks. There's also Portes du Soleil and Saint-Luc near by (although I haven't been to either place to give a recommendation). If you are in the north-east of the country, in Graubünden, Lenzerheide is a must, and Chur Brambrüesch is also close by.
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 Laax has some pretty sweet and long runs too. Plenty of flow and good for all riding levels!
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 Can someone tell me why McDonalds is a sponsor of Commencal's DH Team?
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 for the fries
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 George does not make prisoners with his style
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 I agree. His style is the full 8 yards, make no prisoners, inspect no substitutes.
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 @employee7: he's making names, no molds barred
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 take no prisoners take no shit
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 the bees elbows, most of the enchilada
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 YEAAH! If you are looking for a good downhill coach in Verbier - or a mountain bike guide to show you the best single trail. Look no longer! !
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 george is an animal
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 I added that to my favorites before i hit play
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 G Brannigan is a bad nigan!
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 Someone fell asleep on the saturation button.... :/
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 that was Hucking Awesome!
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 I´m not afraid to say, that he rides prety fast..damn fast..
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 that sh*t's amazing
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 Tons of STYLE hot fuzz!!!
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 came here for some "hucking to flat [...]" but obviously hucking to flat is something else nowadays, or I missed something
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 Good shit, if you turn off the audio so you can't hear that awful shit. :/
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 yeah boi....

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