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Trailforks Tutorial: Closing Trails for the Winter

Nov 21, 2016
by Brent Hillier  
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Winter doesn't mean that Mountain Biking has to stop, many regions aren't affected by snow or some just pull out the fat bikes. For those that aren't so lucky to live in warmer environments, your local trails might be closed for the winter. Trailforks makes it easy to close an entire Riding Area using the Bulk Trail Report tool. Snow Conditions can also be reported on; Choose between Snow Packed, Snow Covered or Freeze/thaw Cycle. For those living in more Mountainous regions you can also report Conditions based on Elevation.

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If your local Riding Area doesn't close for winter but instead switches into a different mode then stay tuned for the next Trailforks Tutorial where we'll go through all the features for viewing and mapping Winter Trails.

New to Trailforks? Learn more about the App here, and more about the website here. Have a question you would like answered about Trailforks? Leave it in the comments below and stay tuned for more Trailforks Tutorials.

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 this is why I hate winter
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 5 min of proper rain leaves our local trails unrideable. yellow clay/black topsoil turns to snot. i have learned the hard way there will always be riders fool enough to ride in the wet and leave me hours of repairs and reshaping. however the bigger problem is trail-running groups. they don't care at all what conditions they run in. many heated "discussions" attempting to educate them....
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 Great idea. Keep people informed. Sometimes it's not until you get to the trailhead you realize its closed. I bet the trailbuilders are happy to see this. Good stuff PB
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 I'm busting out my Schwalbe Ice Spiker pro tires and I'm going to have at it on the trails that are still open in my local area. Nothing can stop me, not even snow and ice!
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 You'll like the next Tutorial than!
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 @brenthillier: you've got me curious now! I'll be sure to watch the next video!
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 just ride 365 no need to stop for a bit of mud
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 Maybe not in wales but in areas with a different ground composition with sculpted jump trails get ruined when ridden super wet. No one likes a booterange with a rutted takeoff.
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 This needs to be done on Strava also! Wayyyyy more riders use Strava than Trailforks!
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 Strava/Garmin integration would be an excellent feature, although I'm sure the logistics are somewhat difficult...
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 @slimboyjim: for sure! With the exception of Vermont most of the Northeast never closes there trails. The local bike club might post a closure on facebook, but few see it. Trails get trashed every spring and fall because some riders can't use good judgment.

Nothing fires me up more than seeing strava ride with titles such as "peanut butter trail rip" and a picture of a bike covered in mud. Its not hard to avoid the riding areas that don't dry out.
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 @slimboyjim: Trailforks is integrated with Strava. You can link your Trailforks account with your Strava account and it will automatically import your Strava ride logs.

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 @markholloway: Thanks buddy! My bad!
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 @birdman2447: "peanut butter trail rip" hahahaha
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 "Trails close for the winter?" -SoCal local
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 Greece here 365 days of mtb
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