Video: Bernat Guardia Previews the New Track That Kicks off the European DH Season

Apr 9, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

Words: Intense

We can’t think of any better way to christen the all-new Intense Race Track at the 4 Riders Bike Park than having some of the world’s greatest downhill stars racing head to head in the Catalan Cup this weekend.

The 4 Riders Bike Park, which is situated one hour north of Barcelona, has been open for just over a year, but it is already becoming well known and respected throughout Europe – so it’s no real surprise to see names like Loic Bruni (TBC), Loris Vergier, Amaury Pierron, Thibaut Daprela, Benoit Coulanges, Wyn Masters, Martin Maes, Ethan Craik and Marine Cabirou on the start list for this race.

With very little racing happening at the moment the top riders are desperately looking for any way to get between the tapes and against the clock in preparation for whatever this 2021 race season will throw at them. Want to know what to expect? Take a ride down with ex-World Cup downhiller (and Intense ambassador) Bernat Guardia and 4 Riders bike park trail shaper/builder Adria Cabanas.


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 It can be done on a 4X Bike though. I can see Sam Hill smiling.
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 TRUE.But honestly I missed a track like this Smile
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 Great to see Amaury Pierron's name again on a startlist.
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 It's like they want to confirm Sam Hills comment about DH tracks these days...
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 Jump, Jump, off camber, jump, 1 rock, off camber, jump, berm, jump. I think I captured the nature of this track pretty perfectly. I mean I understand differences in tracks, some will be more technical of course, others less so etc....but this does not seem up to the standard of that start list? Maybe its the go pro effect and I am completely wrong, I hope so.
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 I hear you, however, if it looks kinda mellow, go faster.
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 @Lagr1980: Fair enough...but that seems to be a 2 min or less track. Unless the course keeps going and they didn't show all or it?
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 @wilsonians: That is the weakest Euro DH track I've ever seen - pure Park. Hey, but in these times - I'll take it!
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 Maybe not super technical but it looks like a track that is hard to go fast on. So much vicious off camber sections, try to push and you're going to hit the dirt. I dig it.
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 Well, shouldn't struggling with traction that be defined as "technical", just as much or even more than dealing with obstacles or steep stuff? I think traction difficulties is what actually separates a truly technical course from a simple (regardless of how fun it might be) "rollercoaster" course.
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 @DavidGuerra: Only technical to ride rapidly. A little bit different than MSA. But when people crash on those tracks they almost die. Call me a wuss but I kind of struggle to watch the tracks where an off is not just potential but likely to result in a helicopter ride. Bikes are too good now and if you want to win you have to do truly crazy stuff.
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 @friendlyfoe: So true man !
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 Air DH?
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 Man....dh riding sure has changed over the past 2 decades...
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 That track is quite intense!
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 Tbh I only watched because I’m waiting for Friday fails to drop.
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 you can ride it on 130mm trailbike, thats not propper line for any DH competition, try Graz, old Schladming, or any French DH line...
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 Is there a link to follow this race this we?
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 Yeah that would be nice
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 I'm sure it'll be fun to ride... But it doesn't really seem like an exciting race track. Could be wrong but id imagine tight times.
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 Lets get Andreau Lacon in this race
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 That seemed lame as far as challenging the most competent riders in the world.
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 This is a DH track?? Wait maybe it's just a delayed first of April contribution?
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 Is it just me or is “trail” fast giving way to “track” when people are talking about trails?
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 Who needs corners right

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