Video: Morgane Charre & Emilie Siegenthaler Rip Through the Trails of Crans Montana

Mar 8, 2021
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesBikes. They've taken me across the world. Introduced me to people and communities. Given me health, motivation, and a way of life; they make me truly happy. It's thanks to mountain biking that I know Emilie, my friend and teammate: we share the same devotion to the sport and everything it represents. That's why we jump at any opportunity to explore new mountains and trails together. There is nothing better than pedaling, pushing and hiking up a mountain, then floating back down, turning, pumping, drifting, jumping, enjoying the moment with someone who shares your same passion.Morgane Charre

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 Valais / Wallis is a dream place in Europe for riding, and it's sunny 300 days a year Wink
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 true !..I read that before, so made plans for EWS in Zermatt last year, spent 5 beautiful days there until friday before the race..... froze my ass & hands and rode on snow/mud.. It could have been worse I guess, it was 2020..
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 It became very dry through climate change though. Trails are suffering. Also in creased frequency is to blame too.
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 I have always been a fan of Siegenthaler. And this video should have been longer!
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 Same, she and Morgane are so rad, loved the vid. Should be a great setting for an EWS.
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 Fabulous and inspiring video that... i SOOOOOO need to get back out to a mountain !!!! The feeling of excitement is just building up more and more... the hills of Berkshire, well, they're only slight blips.... being in a mountain range, it's inspiring !
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 Well, I assume that the hills of Berkshire aren’t full of snow at least? Mountains are nice, but we had a ton of snow this year, so it will take a while before everything is melted and you can actually ride there... (I don’t like skiing, so I’m rooting for an early Spring).
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 @cvoc: C'mon.. we have dry weather for the past 2 weeks. Blauen Berg is calling. Can't you hear?
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 @cvoc: you're living in the wrong part of the alps then my friend. We've been riding since mid February here in Bourg St Maurice, France. Albeit at lower altitudes and on the sunny side, but riding's riding and the trails are prime!
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Over here snow starts at 800m / 1000m depending on the side of the mountain. I live at 600m, so you don't have to go too high to end up in it... However, the stuff they ride in this video will be snow covered for quite a while this year...
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No worries, I actually hear Ticino calling ;-)... Going there for a week around eastern...
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 Makes me even more excited to race in Crans Montana. Nice one ladies!
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 Great riding, made me want to go there. Only complaint was that the clips were so short they'd frequently cut out just as things were looking interesting. My attention span may be short, but I can handle 10-15 seconds on a good day.
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 Nice video but the intro with the voice over is a bit cliche...
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 Yeah greatest respect to the riders and their skills, but that inspirational wind-up at the start of the video is cheesy-af, I get all "Aren't y'all just hocking bikes? I don't need a life coach or pep talk, show me the riding"
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 not just "a bit" cliche
but done very very nicely
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 Wonderful video! great job Aleiko Studio and amazing riding ladies, makes me want to go out and ride, too!
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 I saw that ridge line and thought.... ah ha, thats Crans Montana... its a pretty epic line, good stuff Ladies. epic riding.
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 Great video. Does anyone know which trails they were riding. Covid travel gods permitting Crans is on our holiday itinerary this summer
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 That was brilliant!
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 If your child has a talent and needs a little guidance you should help them pursue it!! The world is their oyster!!
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 That was pretty rad. Nice work ladies.
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 Geeze this was good.
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 I really liked that. One of the better filmed videos in recent memory.
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 Hell yeah ladies!

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