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Video: POV Lenzerheide World Cup Track Preview with Stefan Garlicki

Jun 28, 2022
by Stefan Garlicki  

Join Stefan Garlicki for a smooth and speedy run down the Swiss track, which will see Round 4 of the World Cup next week.

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 lol at the Swiss cows just doing their thing. Great track.
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 Missed opportunity to jump over the cow!
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 Soooo wanted him to jump the cow at 1:12.
  • 4 1
 there could have been a cow hidden behind the blind table, dangerous! Dead Horse
  • 5 0
 @RedBurn: Would've been the ultimate case of bovine intervention.
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 Udderly tough track. Looked dairy fun.
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 He was really mooooving.
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 Milking it for every bit of speed.
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 Stop with the cattle-elated punnery. We’ve herd it all before.
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 @H2o1199: Hoofing it down there
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 Track looks sick. But in regards to the previous post (Outside ad);
Why have you turned off comments? Do you fear the wrath of the commenters?
That feature is something this website was founded on. If you take that away you will just turn up the heat on yourself in the long run. Leave PB alone, go back to selling shit for Walmart and Cabella's. Please.
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 Are you really bothered about lack of page comments for a prize drawing?
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 @garrettstories: I'm just here to heckle, and if they take that away, whats the point?
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 @garrettstories: First they came for the comments section on a prize draw, and I did not speak out...
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 Going be hard to tape around the cows.
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 They'll just put crash pads on the cows, the kind that are put on trees.
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 Con: somebody dies hitting a cow at warp 9.

Pro: all the privateers eat really well for the next month.
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 @nsteele: soylent green?
  • 3 0
 @p0rtal00: Cows, mate. Cows. But yeah, I guess when you run outta beef…
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 @nsteele: like, cabalism? That weird
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 I Hope some changement maybe by the taping.... Not my taste of track
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 Mine neither. 50% of the track are switch backs on the ski slope. Haven't ridden it but seems kind of boring. It's my least favourite venue.
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 Very little tech. Bikeparky.
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 @tadabing: Yeah, strange that so many comments in last week's
article on this track were worried about riders safety? Only thing that looks unsafe is going under the bridge. The high speed sections going into switchback corners are lame but at least it has a some steep sections in the woods.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: last weeks's post was about the new Andorra track, not the lenzerheide one
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 Been there today for some riding. Section after the first fire road (old rock garden or off-camber left hander) is completely new. Currently still grass, looks hell steep, some tree stumps.
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 Great, now I'm gonna have Garlicki-breath all day
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 laughing my aglioff
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 I' ve heard rumors there's going to be a new track this year, so was kinda disappointed when I saw the video. Kinda hope we'll get surprised next week.
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 there will be a new section that is getting built this week.
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 aspects of this reminds me a bit of my local downhill track - lots of lines propagating through a trail that used to be clean - many corners being cut, high lines being ridden in, etc.
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 Its getting rather blown out in its old age
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 Perhaps a good track to determine riders cornering skills, but looks very boring in a watchers perspective. Hopefully they will tape it differently.
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 Well that is the trail that the World Cup uses, but it seems unfair to call it a World Cup track preview since there is no taping
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 I hope they tape it tight to take away some of those wide high lines. Allow the riders to use their skills to navigate awkward corners.
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 that looks fun
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 Me thinks that hitting a cow at race pace would suck.
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 This course looks faaaaaaaaast!
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 Would have a lot more interesting if he was hitting all of those jumps and drops. Race lines are often boring compared to the full potential of the track.
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 Unexpected cows! m00.
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 Great track, difficult to race.
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