Video: Test Your Fitness with this High Intensity Workout from Adam Brayton's Coach

Nov 24, 2019
by Jonny Thompson  

This week we have a Downhill and Enduro MTB workout to test the very best of your fitness and grit but can you beat Jonny and Pat?

The workout is simple but as you might know, that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Here’s how to do it:
100 Thrusters as quickly as possible. The only catch is you have to start with 1 burpee and every minute thereafter complete ascending numbers of burpees. For example, if you start with 1 burpee and complete 25 thrusters, on the start of the next minute you have to perform 2 burpees and start the thrusters at 26. On the minute after that, it’s 3 burpees and then 4 on the next. Continue in this way until you either complete all 100 thrusters or can’t continue. Comment with your scores!

You don't need a gym for this workout!
If you find it hard to do an MTB workout like this one in your gym there are options to make it easier or to do at home. We know the types of weights we use here (bumper plates) are sometimes difficult to come by, so one of those options is to use dumbbells, these aren’t necessarily an easier option though. One the contrary, dumbbells maybe even harder because of the added instability which means a great benefit for MTB riders. Failing that you can use kettlebells or a single kettlebell. For both of these options stick to regular burpees rather than jumping over a target.

We do care for your safety so before attempting any of our workouts you should familiarise yourself with the movements, what your own limits are and how to stay safe. Spend time warming up well, especially when the pace is high and the movements are testing. As a rule of thumb, the longer the workout is, the shorter the warm-up. In this case, the workout is short and so the warm-up should be long, in the region of 15-20 minutes.

Take a look at our website for more awesome free workouts for mountain bikers - Fit4Racing


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 I like that the coach is bringing up the issue of paying attention to your own mobility abilities. So important. Also, no way can I do 100 thrusters.
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 Perhaps substitute the Olympic bar for a broom handle and work your way up.
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 This workout is no joke! Thruster & burpee combo is a good test of one's aerobic capacity. Going unbroken on the thrusters on the first set is asking for trouble. You will explode! Lactic acid build up and heart rate is a max. Someone who has experience in these movements can complete this workout in under 13mins. I like this workout - it is soul crushing!
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 Nothing really gets you fit for doing long climbs other than doing long climbs. But from personal experience, this sort of stuff is amazing amazing for short sharp blasts and being able to generate energy when you're already tired. I'm the dictionary definition of a fairweather-rider. So i try to make the most of the winter by training with stuff like this. It helps loads. Burpees are the devil's excercise. The brussel sprout of exercise. But gosh-darn it they are good for your futness levels.
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 Actually, I think there's pretty good evidence that interval training can get you most of the way there for power endurance. Especially for Enduro, where climbs aren't timed, that might be sufficient. (coming from someone who does lots of interval training and hates long climbs haha)
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 So crossfit
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 As someone who likes to hate on crossfit myself, I did the Fit4Racing program for about 8 months leading up to the US Open race this year. I've been doing more traditional weight training for years and years, and while I still don't like the crossfit approach of doing semi-random stuff every week, I think crossfit-style high intensity complex movement training does translate really well to bike strength and fitness. Definitely felt a huge difference while riding up at Whistler for 2 weeks in the summer. At least for DH type riding, the Fit4Racing stuff definitely translated better than traditional weight training and sitting on a smart trainer.
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 @emarquar: I did crossfit for a long time. Hated it but was in the best shape i had ever been. It just costs way too much money for what it is. So I stopped. Also a lot of coaches will let people add weight even if their form is shit. People get hurt. Another reason why I stopped.
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 @stumphumper92: For sure. It was definitely expensive for the plan and the membership. Wouldn't recommend a program like that for anyone without a solid lifting background. Though I think Jonny does of a good job of picking things that aren't super dangerous, and demonstrates all the lifts well, for what it's worth. But I totally hear you on the poor technique coaching crossfit is prone to have.
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 @emarquar: thanks for the kind words and comments. We aim to keep it safe and give options for most if not all abilities.
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 @stumphumper92: @stumphumper92: That's why I've never tried it even though I've wanted to for about ten years. I'm a tight bastard and I can't thoyle the £80 or £100 a month my two local places charge when the gym is only £29.99. I get it, you get access to a coach all the time but it's too much for me. I think it would be worth it if Crossfit was my main sport and I was gong to go four times a week. As it is, it would only be for the purpose of helping me get faster on a bike, and helping me to look really awesome with no shirt on as opposed to plain awesome that I get from the normal gym. A mate of mine owns two Crossfit affiliates in Leeds and his body is just insanely awesome, but that's his thing.

I do watch these Fit4Racing vids though. They're really good to get ideas from.
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 @jaame: One thing I've noticed from higher cost of crossfit is that I actually go more because it's so expensive. My old gym was like $20 a month and I never went because who cares, it's only $20.
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 @stumphumper92: CrossFit definitely has its pros and cons alright,and as for coaches saying to add weight when form is shit....well that's just shit coaches,never forget to listen to yourself when training
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 @dkcove: And people who let their ego get in the way and try to lift too heavy instead of working on their form.
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 For me the time I spend running and working out makes my riding exponentially better.. riding is fun, running isn’t but intervals on foot will get you strong. I’ve transitioned to mostly body weight exercises with high reps. I’m a 40 year old professional shovel operator. Recovery from heavy lifting isn’t what it used to be. Being more fit makes bikes more fun! Burpees are they up there with bear crawls.
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 Thrusters are basically impossible for me but I am working on it. My wrist mobility is shot due to so many fractures so I can only grab the bar with my pointer and middle finger. Front squats aren't an issue but transitioning into a press with a full grip is awkward.
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 Use dumbells maybe with your wrists straight and pointing inwards facing each other. Possibly reduced weight also. The titanium plates and screws in my wrists are advising me of the same thing even without attempting this workout yet.
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 @yupstate: yeah I usually use dumbbells if I can. Good tip for anyone with the same problem though for sure, I feel like wrist injuries are common in the mtb world.
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flag Chilliwacker (Nov 25, 2019 at 8:45) (Below Threshold)
 Pointer finger ? Are you 6?
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 The cue most coaches give for proper front rack grip is "raise your elbows". This never worked for me.

I then saw a video of olympic weightlifting coach Zack Telander in YouTube saying "don't raise your elbows, try rather to open your chest, open your elbows outwards, erect your thoracic spine". This was a game changer for me
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flag Nicotrias (Nov 25, 2019 at 9:26) (Below Threshold)
 but who asked you?
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 Thrusters and burpees are both exercises that wreck me, so this looks miserable. Both of them create that gasping, exploding lung/heart feeling that sticks with you for a minute or so after you reach failure. Definitely pays to pace and not blow yourself up.
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 Did anyone tell the PB staff the majority of us drink beer and could give a rats ass about fitness unless it is glancing at a pair yoga pants that extoles a great heart shape? Ok ok old man going back to his corner of the bar!
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 Oh no. Stop it with the yoga pants!

@pinkbike more yoga pants please.
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 And here I thought sitting on the couch drinking beer all winter was all I needed to stay fit.
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 I do 100 thrusters for my warm up, this is for babies.
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 Great routine. Did my first 1hundy tonight
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 Really badass how they toss the weights around at the end of each set too.
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 We were genuinely dying towards the end. We definitely don't recommend dropping bars with bumper plates less than 10kg on each side and we have rubber matting on the floor for extra protection.
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 @fit4racing: it’s cool I’m joking. You guys are in what looks to be a private gym. So go ahead and do as you please. But in a commercial gym I have to admit people throwing around weights annoys the shit out of me.
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 @sino428: you know those are designed to do that right?
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 sounds like fun... !
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 Thrusters are easy when you don’t go past parallel...????
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 Shots fired!! the high camera angles don't help but we also worked to our mobility limits rather than forcing depth and potential injury risk. We always encourage our members to work to the same limits and not force a movement or depth that isn't possible.
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 @fit4racing: I would have told the guy on the left to drop weight and do it right then. Reinforcing bad form only leads to injury. Smile

At least that’s the way I was taught
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Injury risk with 40 kg?
Come on get down that hole and out of it
That's the main purpose of Thrusters
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