Video: The Huge Build Begins for Audi Nines 2021

Aug 6, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThat's right we are back in everyone's favourite Quarry to start the build for the 2021 Audi Nines MTB event! Where the worlds best freeride and slopestyle riders come together and send it together in a huge week long biking party at the end of August! We have 3 weeks to perfect these massive dirt jumps before we get the downhill and slope bikes out for a session! Sam Reynolds


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 Hope theres not too much media coverage, that would really take the spirit of freeride out of it.
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 Who cares these non competition events are getting a bit boring to watch to be honest, same thing every year.
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 nice that those excavator guys are also introduced. They are doing excellent job.
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 Excavator operator here. It takes a very high amount of Skill required to sculpt jumps and trails. I know for sure I am not skilled enough to be a trail/jump builder. Glad they are getting the recognition they deserve.
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 No Doubt. It is incredibly satisfying to watch a massive machine sculpt a house size jump.
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 Man. Those time lapse excavator builds are soooooooo satisfying.
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 respect to the machine operators!
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 Nice digger skills.
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 "Not freeride, we part ways"
Fest series
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 While you can't hang it on a wall, what they are doing with those jumps with the size of those diggers is straight ARTWORK.
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 Literally skipped through all the talking to watch the excavator skills. Impressive!
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 Leopold is THE MAN. Skillz!
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 and thats how its pro!
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 f**k coparate identity

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 ich liebe es
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 we all see this already on Sams channel.
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