Video: Wyn TV Finals - Maribor DH World Cup 2020 Round 1

Oct 17, 2020
by GT Bicycles  

bigquotesAfter a muddy day in Maribor, Wyn checks in with the riders to see who's ready to Krush some more racing on Sunday.

Filmed/Edited: Jules Bellot

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 Awesome. What’s with the beating around the bush with head injury concussion chat in interviews / race reports. If someone hits their head their team should be transparent and proud of handling it properly. ie, pulling their racer out to let them recover properly even if they have mild symptoms. If someone breaks a bone teams don’t hesitate to discuss that and say what a savage crash it was and share hard core photos of athletes in casts.
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 I agree man, I think there's some vulnerability in talking about this, in part for good reason, but at some level it is very objective, symptoms for a concussion are nothing to minimize or obfuscate, and you're right there does seem to be a tendency to conceal info that would be more explicit with reporting on a muscle/skeletal injury... I don't think you're asking too much for people to be more articulate and precise about this, if for no other reason than to set an example and a cultural standard in the best sport on the planet... I think things are moving in the right direction across the board, but being overly discrete about this stuff is not the right play
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 I noticed that and I don’t get it. It’s like they expect you to read between the lines.
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 Maybe legal issues. If the team manager talks about the possibility of a concussion on camera before and something happens in the race...
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 @tabletop84: I suppose the medical team may not have confirmed anything yet at the point of interview.
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 Probably out of respect for the injured individual.
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 I also agree with this. The UCI should be the ones taking the lead on this to protect the riders. Maybe having a doctor on hand to evaluate riders after major head hits, making the calls about riding. I often think a BMXer Dave Mira who shot him self, and if that was related to CTE or not.
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 It would be ignorant to believe there trying to hide a head injury from anyone considering Reece himself posted on IG that he broke his helmet and went into shock should be enough info for the masses. As well just because you hit your head doesn't mean you always get concussed. UCI has concussion protocols in place I believe, like how they do in sx and mx with baseline test prior to the season then do post crash testing to compare. On a side note, we're more at risk of CTE from sub-concussive impacts that we encounter on nearly every ride from hitting the ground or casing/over shooting a jump. Protect your noodle boys and girls
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 @49thbiker: What would suggest they don't? They have protocols like that in place, there not required to tell us a thing if they don't want to unfortunately. Check his IG, not hiding anything.
Yes, Dave had CTE and it was a major factor in his suicide. I think about him often as well.
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 @fumetsu: I agree, none of our business really. It's not much different then trying to slow down to look at a car accident on the highway. Hope all is well with Reece.
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 Why is Bernard such a whiney bint.
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 I guess it's because he got disqualified in Leogang a couple years back, where he missed a pole on the stone drop right before the finish.
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 @bashhard: I don't think he should spend time knocking another man's hustle. If he finished ahead of Angel would he care as much?
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 I think it’s important to talk about stuff like that and he is not the only one ever being DSQ for going outside the track (Tahnee in Leogang for example). They should just handle it the same way, every time.
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 Bernard 'Butthurt' Kerr
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 Pretty funny how Wyn is eyeballing Loris's prototype rear derailleur during the mechanics interview. Like how they jump cut to the mechanic completely blocking it from the camera and Wyn.
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 Loris is a treasure. I always sit up for his low-key off-the-wall interviews.
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 Get Danny on every episode. Make it happen Wyn.
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 Great job Wyn!!! Getting better and better on the interviews. Thanks again for the rider's names on screen.
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 Strange decision about the out of bounds. That ruling will get some attention now. I would feel guilty and wouldnt take it. Especially when its plain as day.
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 Was it Angel?
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 For sure, but no need for Bernard to be so salty about it. He's always been one to speak his mind, but sometimes it's better to let someone think you're a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt.
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 @acrossthec: following Bernard´s YouTube channel you can see he can be a bit of an idiot sometimes..
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 Came to the comment section right after his interview.. I mean, wtf? Everybody saw it, the UCI made the decision, end of conversation. Being salty about only makes you sound like a douche. I know in dual slalom this would be a DQ in a blink of an eye, but that was not the case, so move on. Next time, just pedal harder
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 @sadfusde: I can see where he is coming from as couple of years back he was DQ'd for a similar incident in Leogang, and the UCI need to be consistent with their rulings in order for fair racing. But it would seem the rule book needs some work to make things more clear.
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 @oskimtb: sometimes?
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 @wynmasters: that run should be DQ he literally blew the tape, went off course and didn't returned to continue from where he exited. No excuses, other riders have been DQ for similar actions.
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 @Puddings: i was trying to put it nice..
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 Mask struggle is real. Not to mention names, MARTIN. Wait, that's too obvious, MR. MAES. Jr Pierron, no cigar for you either.
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 But they all did a much better job thant after the WC. Wyn TV is the barometer of the Covid response. What can't Wyn do?
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 Why should Maes be wearing a mask? He's teammates with Wyn and will be sharing the same space/bubble with him throughout the weekend.
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 aye bernard is a fuckin whiner
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 It's good to see most of the riders wearing a mask and actually covering their nose and funny to ask about loris bike and see wyn trying to take a look at the new prototype saint der haha
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 I'd be pissed if I was kerr he got dq for doing the same thing cant change goal posts to suit
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 I am impressed how quickley they get the correct logos printed on those leader jerseys after the race. Anyone know what the secret is?
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 The UCI has these pre-done in advance of the season, for all the UCI Elite Teams
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 @captain23: Really? I always wondered this too. I thought they just printed it on site.
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 @captain23: that was my initial thought, but It seemed like to much foresite on the UCI's part to do such a thing haha
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 f*ck off Bernerd. Call it out to riders rep / UCI directly, not mouth off on Wyn TV like a little bitch.
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 Does anyone know anything about Gwin's reaction to his run? No interview here, nor on the Vital slideshow. Ive got my popcorn ready and I wanna hear it!
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 Bernard had to have been overly coddled as a child. What a wiener lol
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 minute 9:40, gotta love how the guy in the back almost loses it in some mud and then posts up like, "nothing to see here"
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 Top-quality content from Wyn and Cathro, as ever. Good luck for tomorrow.
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 wyn i want that digital camo booney hat from shimano
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 16:00 Pa said Loris is riding a " New shorty" up front
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