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sadfusde pinkbikeoriginals's article
Mar 25, 2024 at 8:59
Mar 25, 2024
Video: Do Lightweight eMTBs Enhance the Traditional Experience?
I've been riding since I was 8, I'm 32 now. Tried all the mountain bike categories through the years and, last year, I finally pulled the trigger a Turbo Levo. I've never had so much fun riding and I've never ridden so much. Climbs that took my 45 minutes to conquer, just to enjoy the way down, are now made in 15 minutes or less. I do 3x as much downhill runs in the same time. I never wished for things to be easier, but I sure wish I didn't need to spend 90% of my riding time doing what I didn't like: going up. The ebike solved all my problems. I now enjoy finding the gnarliest climbs everywhere I go e I can enjoy as many downhill runs as my body can handle. I'm overall much fitter too, because I had to build more strength to muscle the heavier bike around.I'm not saying it is for everyone, but it definitely is for me.
sadfusde commencal-bikes-skis's article
Oct 18, 2023 at 13:10
Oct 18, 2023
Video: Lost in Chile with Andreu Lacondeguy
The fork and shock are stripped because, as a pro rider, you don't want to be sponsoring brands unless there's something in it for you. Quite a few riders do this, actually. The Red Bull helmet seems to have came off some time ago. Andreu evolved as rider, got enough of competitions and pretty much only rides for fun now. He's not super out there on social media either, so Red Bull must have ditched him (just my opinion, don't quote me on this).
sadfusde brianpark's article
Sep 23, 2023 at 14:12
Sep 23, 2023
Interview: Vaea Verbeeck on Women Competing at Red Bull Rampage
@krhaack: People are not ready for this discussion...
sadfusde loganwilliams's article
Sep 8, 2023 at 0:24
Sep 8, 2023
Must Watch: Hayden Zablotny Resurrects Iconic Ord Road Gap in "My Way"
@brianpark One that's been stuck in my mind from some time, is the NWD8 Robbie Bourdon gap. Maybe someone can find it and send it again. It's one of the biggest gaps on film, I recon. 2:05min -
sadfusde dariodigiulio's article
May 24, 2023 at 8:11
May 24, 2023
Interview: Talking About Tires With Bontrager, e*thirteen, Michelin, and More
It would have been interesting to ask them what is missing to achieve the performance of the M brand you see blacked out on every team who's sponsored by them. Not that I mind it myself, in fact, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in a blind test, but something has to be missing from the other brands. IMO, seeing blacked out tyres on teams sponsored by a tyre manufacturer makes them look pretty bad...
sadfusde konaworld's article
Mar 3, 2023 at 2:32
Mar 3, 2023
Video: 'Override' With Jacob Mullen On The New Remote 160
Spec were pushing a 7k€ carbon Turbo Levo with even worse spec. Those forks are wallmart grade, the worst thing I've ever tried.
sadfusde edspratt's article
Feb 23, 2023 at 6:42
Feb 23, 2023
Porsche Takes Complete Ownership of Greyp
@scott-townes: What did I miss? Did they really say that? (car wise, obvsly)
sadfusde christinachappetta's article
Feb 22, 2023 at 10:23
Feb 22, 2023
Video: Are E-Bikes For REAL Mountain Bikers?
@Jamminator: although I get what you're saying, I don't quite agree with it. I mean, if riding an ebike is the only thing between me and having twice as much downhill time as I have on a regular bike, why not? If you shuttle up to get the same result, no one bats an eye and that's what I really can't understand. Why is jumping on an engine powered vehicle on an uphill acceptable, but sticking a motor on a bicycle not so much? The result is pretty much the same, except you put zero effort on the vehicle/gondola shuttles
sadfusde christinachappetta's article
Feb 22, 2023 at 8:38
Feb 22, 2023
Video: Are E-Bikes For REAL Mountain Bikers?
@billybobzia: That's what I've been doing.. But what if I want to do 16 downhill runs instead of 8? If I put the same effort on the ebike, as I put on the regular bike, I can enjoy more of the one thing I like on mountain biking: downhill time
sadfusde christinachappetta's article
Feb 22, 2023 at 8:03
Feb 22, 2023
Video: Are E-Bikes For REAL Mountain Bikers?
Well, not that it matters, but here are my 0.02$ I've been ridding bikes all my life and I won't be stopping anytime soon. I'm 31, I hit the gym 2/3 times a week and try to ride at least once a week. Me and my friends are all on enduro bikes, we all have kind of the same uphill and downhill performance, and have no lift assisted trails in a 3 hour ride radius. Some spots do offer shuttle service, though. On a good day, we can do 4 runs in the morning and 4 runs in the afternoon on the highest elevation spots (+1500m/4920ft elevation gain throught the day), and that's it. Recently, everyone started talking about "what if we were all on ebikes?" How many downhill runs would we be able to squeeze in a days worth of riding? No one has pulled the trigger on one so far, but I'm pretty sure that as soon as one of does, all the others will follow. It's just a tool to be able to get more of what we all crave: more downhill time. Their weight does put me back though. And I'll probably never never buy one until I can test ride it first. But the point I see most people are missing is you don't need an ebike to just to be lazy (if we all buy ebikes and keep doing the same 8 downhill runs on a full day, something's wrong), if you're willing to maintain the effort, it becomes a tool to get the most downhill time you've ever had and I have no arguments against that
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