EWS Team Focus: A Day Between Races - In Whistler with Hannah Barnes

Sep 8, 2016
by Enduro World Series  
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With week long gaps in-between the last three rounds of the Enduro World Series, often it was easier for riders to head to the next venue early. Specialized rider Hannah Barnes knows how to handle these days in-between so we joined her in Whistler to find out what she gets up to while she’s waiting for the next race.

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 Lifestyle racer.
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 @mlr428: I might be if I was Miranda Miller.
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 Don't google Miranda Miller while you are at work. There are a few of them if you know what I mean! Sorry IT dudes, don't flag me!
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 @km79: You better tell me the names of these websites so I can avoid them.
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 Was standing at the start of a marathon MTB race that Hannah was competing in, I was like "shes so lovely" then the awkward moment when I realise my wife is standing right behind Hannah, looking right at me with a deeply loving look on her face as she thought I was looking at her...... FYI I love my wife...
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 Hahaha! Nice work squire! I was just thinking after watching her ride that I could probably smash her, and nearly keep up on the trails too..... Lol
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 Nice to see such talented athletes/riders still having so much fun despite hectic schedules and constant pressure to perfrom!
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 I think HB is one rider who doesn't really have much pressure to perform to be fair!
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 Been riding Lost Lake and the Westside of the valley today. There is so much more to Whistler than just the Bike Park that people overlook.
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 stunning !
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 @WAKIdesigns: God help me, but I lol'd. Did not see that coming.
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 @WAKIdesigns: bah! Literally crying with laughter mate! :-D
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 Pure Maple Syrup ftw!
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 Wife material
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 Nice sweet touch of Hannah Barnes! This made me stoked on life. Great Video.
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 I normally hate women's riding gear but those floral gloves are rad--feminine, but not in a way that suggests the wearer's bike has all possible Disney princesses printed on the top tube.
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 Thank god the moderator removed a rather crude/inapproiate comment that was posted regarding Hannah and her abilities. It is not hard to figure why there are not more women in the sport! Jealous of your lifestyle Hannah!
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 i like her kit...have been having a hard time finding anything that won't look goofy on my gf
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 especially a ring. Don't do it.
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 @chrisingrassia: legend.
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 @cunning-linguist: =)

I did it in April. Worst decision ever.
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 Who had to eat the pancake that fell on the floor?
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 Me,it tastes better Big Grin
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 She could be my girlfriend ..
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 I really don't think she could. Sorry!
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 dream on
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 He's French, they dropped the bar for 50 shades of gray to 14. So I'm sorry Brit point of view doesn't take into account that average French kid had more sex with more partners than a whole campus in Essex...
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 @WAKIdesigns: You've not been to Essex, have you.
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 @PimpmasterJazz: the more contact I have with Brits, the more convinced I am that things like Monthy Python or Ricky Gervais are not a product of society - these are desperate attempts of nature to correct the evolution of an English man through a dramatic whacky mutation, capable of shaking things up. Also I find it very hypocritical of English to laugh at Germans for having a poor sense of humor... I guess Scottish and Irish would agree with me...
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Ricky Gervais is a cock, and definitely not funny.
And don't diss the English we'll get all jingoistic on ya ! Smile
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 Do you wuant to come back to my place bouncy bouncy
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 @WAKIdesigns: are you paying ?
And try Derek and Clive for some really moronic Brit Shit
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 Thank you, I am no longer infected, after taking advice from Black books, my nipples have been inspected by a cheezoid
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 Didn't pinkbike have story on her awhile ago when she built up a Defender 110 as a boondock vehicle of the sort?
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 Nah that's some one else, can't think of her name.
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 That would be Lauren Gregg.
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 JULIA HOFFMAN, she rides for Marin Bikes, Germany....TLD helmets.
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 @xprswy: She drives a Ford van
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 @stikmanglaspell: my bad
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 It was a Series 3 not a Defender. they look and sound totally different. A bit like women in both articles...
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 My bad it was a Series 2A...
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 @Bungalow-bikes: Do you happen to know where I could watch the vid? Been looking at these vehicles for awhile. There a few in my area for sale.
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 @Bungalow-bikes: yup, that's the one! Thanks man
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 Great video, its always nice to hear from Hannah.
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 dam trap music its so horrible. how do u say that in french?
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 simply fab
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