RazorBlade PandaBears,
if ya don't know act like ya know!
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RazorBlade PandaBears, if ya don't know act like ya know!


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 thats huge
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 that's what she said....... XD couldn't help it, but srsly that's fukin huge.
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 Thats a woefully flat landing for the size of that drop.
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 I think the gradient might go down beyond where we can see, if its as flat as it looks i dont think anybody would hit it... I love his shoes!
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 Remember that the landing is on a hill to start with, and its built up from there.... i think...
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Just what I was thinking!
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 no pussying out of that! full comitment all the way!
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 I can't imagine having that much faith in that old ass equipment, although it was revolutionary at the time. That's a hell of a case point for a "public" bike park.
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flag psyickphuk (Feb 6, 2010 at 2:23) (Below Threshold)
 What you on about? It was only 5 years ago FFS, stuff hasn't moved on that much.
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 i don't think it was public. it was for a freeride competition at snowshoe a while back, i can't remember but i'm pretty sure they tore the course down the second the comp was over.
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 This is in Marquette Michigan and they only had it up for the monster park competition. they built a smaller version of if for the general public which was super sick just not as huge.
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 cool stuff! sorry bout that i saw "monster park" and thought snowshoe, didn't realize they had it Michigan as well
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 spankthewan, I still ride an 04 scott high octane and it's just as good as a lot of modern bikes.
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 how has this got only 3 faves its sick!
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 wow... thats sick man! big drop!
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 haha,, That is no photoshop. I actually took this photo and i'm one of kevins friends. We made a deal, if you hit it i will hit it. I sure didnt want to hit that drop on my 5 inch travel heckler but i would of if he didn't blow out when he hit the landing and need to go get some stitches in his elbow. He is still bitter i never hit this drop. hahah i think they tore it down 2 days later
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 looks like hes landing flat, wheres the run out?
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 haha photo shopedd ?? haha dont tal kshit peoplemused to go big like look at josh bender 6 years ago doing the jaw drop its just under 60 foot
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 taht's sick!
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 look at the pixels by the rider ^^
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 It was taken in 2004 not yesterday, are you trying to say this is photoshopped? lol
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 ok thats right Wink
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 I 2nd the photoshopped idea. There is almost no runout and that old ass shiz would have exploded on impact killing everyone within 100 yards. Video or BUST.
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 you see the berm on the far right of the picture. that's the top of the landing and they dug out a big hole to make it steep and long enough. its definitely real.
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 watch NWD 5. Vanderham hits the drop in his section and you can see the landing a little better. this is just a wierd angle.
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 There are many videos of this. Stop saying it's Photoshop.
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 I would say photoshop is a possibility, but what else would that monster be built for?
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 big balls
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 Retro POD!!!
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 nice huck bud!! how was the landing?
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 mega props Razz

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