Morning ride.
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Morning ride.
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 took me 15 seconds to follow the trail to realize the bikers were there Big Grin great shot man! and the landscape's just beautiful
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 Wow great shot! Such an incredible landscape and were lucky enough to tear it up on bikes and experience it first hand. God is so good!
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 god sucks, bikes are better!
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flag kinggwarn (Feb 23, 2012 at 1:59) (Below Threshold)
 If the photo was taken 10 seconds later, an army of orcs would appear in the distance, chasing the riders.
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 simply incredible, I love every pixel of it!
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 Why is ZachHinton11 below the threshold? I guess using the word God isn't keeping it civil or constructive??????
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 i was wondering the same thing. there is nothing about his comment that is below threshold.
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 Apparently mountain bikers are mostly atheists
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 'jumpbikejames' no need to be derogatory man. I'm atheist myself but its stupid to make fun of other people because they have a different belief from you. accept people for who they are.
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 I believe in the Easter Bunny...
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flag Spou-Unit (Feb 23, 2012 at 9:07) (Below Threshold)
 ZachHinton11 Loves to attribute the good things in life to a fictional entitiy....enough already. Thank science and engineering for the chariots that allow them to enjoy gravity in such an awesome way.
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flag BikeTrials (Feb 23, 2012 at 9:37) (Below Threshold)
 ZachHinton11 and to all the other religion believers, Please keep it to yourself.
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flag Andrew-Cuchessi (Feb 23, 2012 at 9:53) (Below Threshold)
 To believe in God you don't have to believe in religion. If you think that humans are the greatest thing ever created, you are being quite narrow minded and very dumb, considering another earth like planet has been found, you really think we are all thats going on out there?
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 I believe in Pod.
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 Andrew-Cuchessi, Refer back to my last post.
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 Whats wrong with people speaking their mind about their beliefs? If you don't believe in Religion than that's up to you and nobody gives a shit. This is directed at you BikeTrials...
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I too credit scientific research and engineering for the construction of mtn bikes and most man made products. However, do you honestly think its a "coincidence" that all the materials (metal, rubber, oil etc.) just happen to be on earth? does it not seem completely planned that we have the perfect materials available to construct things as incredible as jets, race cars, bikes and so on....It is simply impossible for such organization to be derived from anything but the will of a creator, in this case God.
For anyone who finds comments crediting God irritating, I am not sorry and I will not apologize because they can and will change you.
Thank God, Live and Love.
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 BikeTrails, it has nothing to do with religion, its about gratitude, keep your negative daddy/mommy issues to yourself, no one wants to hear it.
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flag BikeTrials (Feb 23, 2012 at 11:50) (Below Threshold)
 You are like a 21 year old who still believes in Santa.
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 Wait there's no santa? ahaha keep them coming your funny. I'm grateful your taking time out of your day to neg prop me it makes me feel special.
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 BikeTrials, you sound like a spoiled Emo brat that never got what he wanted for xmas...
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 Obviously, "The Creator" Created those mountains 6000 years ago when man rode downhill with the dinosaurs.

Ok, I'll stop feeding the trolls. All I'm saying is keep religion and your deities off Pinkbike.

I am an atheist. I don't believe in an "All powerful, all knowing being who supposedly created the universe".

I believe in Gravity.
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flag BikeTrials (Feb 23, 2012 at 12:58) (Below Threshold)
 Yup I agree The only good religion is no religion.
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 Come on guys, stop hating on religion! I'm atheist, and disagree with what the religious people here are saying, but after reading this, I want to be religious, just because all of the atheists are just pointlessly bashing the religious people! When the religious people say that God made something, simply state that you believe in a different theory, and explain why, without bashing them. At the end of the day, there are many explanations, all of which with evidence, but none of which are fact, so believe in the one you find most convincing.
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 why so atheist?
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 Man you guys are rediculous!!! Let the man say whatever the f*ck he wants to say as long as it is not derogatory... Nobody is trying to jam religion into nobody and if you're Atheist than so be it... Whatever... You non believers or whatever you want to call yourselves are going to prohibit us from saying "FOR GOD'S SAKE" now? I don't give a rats ass if you guys are Atheists why would you be pissed at the comment that started this whole thing??? Is everyone supposed to pull off their Xmas lights just because you are driving by now? WTF? Another thing, while we are on the subject... When us "Believers" take our annual religious holidays, do you guys say, no no, I'm going to continue working cuz this holiday doesn't apply to me? My guess is no.
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 Wow, this was a good read! just by a show of reply's or postive prop's who here dosn't beleive in an all powerfull being...outside of yourself?
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 Exactly my point @ScaryGerry, some comments that atheists have been writing are ridiculous, and stupid. I'm atheist but I respect other people aren't and can see why they aren't. BikeTrails is just being an idiot, and generally giving atheists a bad name!
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 ok, ive got a question for all you atheists... how do you think the universe was formed? The big bang? well, where did the big bang come from? you cant make something out of nothing...
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 The Big Bang was created by Chuck Lorre... I had to say it sorry...
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 I like turtles
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 I, for one, would like to welcome our new overlord. ALL HAIL POD ALMIGHTY.
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flag BikeTrials (Feb 23, 2012 at 14:37) (Below Threshold)
 Are you seeing what bringing God to Pinkbike does? Exactly..
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 ok, ive got a question for all you atheists... how do you think the universe was formed? The big bang? well, where did the big bang come from? you cant make something out of nothing...
God tends to disagree with you, since he came out of nothing.
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 Amen to that..... I reckon we should all call it a day now
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 HA! When I first saw this POD I felt like I was looking through a Where's Waldo picture... took me a few seconds to spot em.
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 A painting has an artist, a book has an author, yet the entire Universe including all living things have no Creator... think about it
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flag Session603 (Feb 23, 2012 at 16:08) (Below Threshold)
 All praise be to Allah.
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 Can we please just leave belief out of Pinkbike? Pinkbike is one of the only sites that I can cruise around with out stumbling across a "bible thumpers vs. liberals who want everyone to know how liberal they are" argument and I like it that way. Keep religion and religion bashing out of Pinkbike.
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 As salamu alaikum, my friend Big Grin
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 yea, well what created the big bang? if there ever was one... and if you think about it, how could a single-celled organism transform into us 50 trillion celled organisms?
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 ^ you still on this?? Seriously?

I guess if you really want,
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 Keep arguing. This is a lot of fun to read.
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 trololololololo who gives a shat what the guy said!!!!! hahahaha just let it goooo
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 I agree, everyone please take this conversation to

awwweeh yeah back to biking!
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 No, you guys don't understand.. If they make just one more argument then everyone will realize they are right.
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 just saying, but isn't this a site for everyone who loves bikes?
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 I'm pretty sure they all love bikes, but some of them REALLY love/hate god. Enjoy... it's going to be showing up on your dash for days.
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 Session603, you sound like a quitter. Would you have told MLK some bs sarcastic statement like that?
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 Religious war in the comments...........really
What is this , YouTube?
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 Can't we all just get along and keep it civil because on topic relations gives construction a below normal threshold.
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 well....God isn't *that* good when he fails to stop disease , war , famine and everything else that's not so nice on wonderful planet Earth
Just sayin'
*braces for impact
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 no kidding, I'm 19 and i'm getting hip surgery tomarrow, God is a (in my current state of mind) relentless being. why blame MTB, when I can blame "something" els !

(for you haters out there, Dont take this to heart)
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 i believe i'll have a beer, spark a bowl and look at some internet porn...god is indeed good Big Grin
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 It appears people don't like it when someone has an opposite opinion. Oh well what you gonna do
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Ive seen so many people make the same remark that "if theres a God, why would he let so and so die, or let a tsunami wipe out a village, or my father get cancer..."

the truth is that all these seemingly terrible things are put into our lives so that we learn to appreciate the gift of life we have. If there was no death, life would suck on earth. Biking would be stupid cause u could huck off anything with no sense of accomplishment. No doubt disease is terrible but is sure as heck makes us appreciate good health and long to help those who arent as fortunate.
God designed our lives on earth to be shifty and uncomfortable because he wants us to turn to him once we recognize how helpless we are on our own. He makes life so much better and less "shifty". A relationship with Him is the most real and long-lasting thing there is.
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 Yup she seems to agree with you!
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 Well sorry I don't believe in any of that , but I respect others opinions so I didn't make it to offend anyone at all. Merely myself thinking out loud I guess. But I don't get why people attack your harmless comment when it's just someones beliefs. No one has the right to force people into what they can or can't believe , and obviously it goes both ways. I think some of the atheists in here need to tone it down...a tad
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 technically the bible doesnt work, since when is there a jewish carpenter???
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 If there is a God, even he is rolling his eyes at the lot of you debating his existence on Pinkbike... We get it; some of you believe in a higher power, some of you are offended that anyone believes in anything... the rest of us don't really care, please just shut up and let it go already.
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 uuuuuuhhhhasdfjkasfd my brain hurts from all this off topic nonsense.

"God is so good!"

4 words started a 20 millionzillion page conversation about this.
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 hence why the rest of us ....want to let it go
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 Im really not the best reader, quit making this harder for me!!! its a lot of crap to read through.
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 Zach Hinton.. What is it I am giving up on? Don't get me wrong, I love reading internet arguments. BUT... Comparing your pinkbike Jesus fight to Civil Rights is a joke, and if I were capable of being offended I probably would be.
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 Fuck guys! Stop it and move on! Go out and ride you bunch of losers!
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 I respect your opinion milo, but I must respectfully disagree. Do not stop, and do not move on. Argue about Jesus forever.
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 or until SOPA finds a way to assfuck you
  • 2 1
 Is god or science responsible for SOPA? discuss.
  • 2 0
 whoever invented assholes is responsible for SOPA
  • 1 0
 what about PIPA , ACTA , Bill C-30 and the NDAA?
a*sholes as well
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 Do that ting an make a booty go... I like it when a booty go. Blap blap blap
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 finnrambo and epvichthesavage you are both correct.
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 giant crater in backround caused by cam mccaul
  • 10 0
 Thanks a bunch for choosing my photo! Big Grin

This trail had been the reward for an early morning hike up to a double summit, connected by this photogenic ridge.

Here you can find some more photos from a slightly different angle:
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 thanks for the other photos- excellent work!
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 l think l can see my house from here...
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 To all of us stuck in an office, this is where we *should* be right now!
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 Dam straight
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 Amen Brother! We need to instate Freeride Fridays!
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 Boss - why are you 2 hours late from lunch?!?! Me - Freeride Fridays boss. Boss - WHAT?! Freeride Friday, Draggon from Pinkbike started it. Boss - Oh, Draggon from Pinkbike, no problem then, you may as well take the rest of the day off, the weather is too nice to be in the office anyway. Wait, dont forget your GoPro camera, it was on your desk...
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 Hahaha, that was awesome! I see that there is a desire requiring action and if needed I will take it upon myself to fight for the right to freeride on the fifth day of every workweek, which will from here on out be known as Freeride Friday. I vow to fight like the tenacious honey badger until we defeat the cobra of oppression. We must unite and act as one to achieve this lofty goal and preserve our liberty to freeride freedom. This is Draggon, Ambassador of freeride affairs, and I approve this message.
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 Sir Draggon (yes, you are a knight as far as I am concerned)

I would like to formally apply for a Czar position in your administration. I feel I have a lot to offer the organization as a whole. I bring a plethora of knowledge in important subjects such as under water gymnastics, thumb wrestling, and the martial art of cheese wiz fighting. I would serve with honor and dignity, and will honestly manage all financial contributions from undisclosed sources via my new Super PAC that of course you would have no influence over what so ever. I look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss my role in your new and prestigious administration.

Sincerely yours,

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 Me gusta
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 Beautiful landscape. We have been seeing a lot of POD's coming out of Europe and the Alps lately. I love that big mountain style!
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 Oh, here we go with religion.... annnnnd back to the beautiful landscape with what we've only DREAMPT of doing. Props to all of this.
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 Currently sat in college staring at this photo wishing I was there riding it
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 No wonder this country has gone to the dogs ! ......... you should be studying not looking at awesome pics of amazing scenery and lucky bikers :O)
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 Seriously , what's up with Pinkbike lately I keep getting an error message
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 Soooo.....who's going to be the first one to make a Mordor comment?
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  • 1 0
 Oops... Fail... Lars
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 probably someone who needs to lose their virginity.
  • 2 0
 I think they are on their way to Hogwarts
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 That is pretty narrow. And where does it start?
Awesome photo, thanks for letting me (or probably all of us) enjoy it.
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 Nice pic! The only thing better would be to see how big that drop is at the end of that stretch of trail.
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 I don't think I'll ever get enough of these knife ridge shots in Europe.
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 took forever for me to see the riders in this shot... landscape is beautiful.. riders might as well not even be in the shot
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 I don't like one thing : i don't see riders , they are to small , to far. But trail is perfect
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 I would love to ride that.....
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 thats what she said
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 Hahaha, perfect!
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 everything funny that can be said about this picture seems to have been said alread Frown ....The Picture is SWEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!
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 im sure last time i checked it was "pink bike" not "pink scenary"
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 cool trail!
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 Looks awesome!
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 this looks crazy!
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 Awesome! Big Grin
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 contrats dude
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 would love to ride this
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 Esa fot ono tiene nada de espectacular, solo el paisaje!
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