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 I'm getting dejavu from a photo that almost made POY a couple of years ago....
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 Exactly, I've got the same on my mind. It was photo from Wisla DH Contest as I remember...
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 Yeah, but this one was much better: a href=˝˝>
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 I messed up the link! Big Grin
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 Upon review I decided they aren't actually that alike at all.
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 No. The 'original' one by Sterling was much better. This one was just plain average.
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 I agree, the first one is great because it stands out, this seems like a copy if not a very similar one.
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 nice shot. great intersection of line bringing our eye right to the riders. the other mentioned photo has great mood and color treatment. this one is more geometric, and appeals to me as a photog for sure.
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 I think both are great as photographs regardless of similarity, its a little unfair that this one gets ragged on for being second. Both are beautiful. Like how many blown up berms have we seen? I just think that this deserves its props regardless of the fact that it has a similarly memorable predecessor.
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 I like this one, it just reminds me of its predecessor, which I like more.
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 Certainly not going to happen at mont-st-anne this summer...
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 this should not have gotten pod
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 Those 2 on the chair must hate each other...?
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 I'd rather sit next to my bike than most people......
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 I'd rather have sex with my bike than most girls. Ok that was a bit too far. Sorry about that, won't happen again.
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 Hey a bike you can ride as long as you want, it won't get sore, and best of all it never bitches and complains!
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 The problem is that I get sore...
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 @uglyguy judging by your name bikes are probably all you get anyways
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 looks like a typical British summertime Wink
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 Is it black and white or natural colors?
  • + 6
 definitely natural!
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flag reece1066 (Jun 3, 2013 at 0:37) (Below Threshold)
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 Not the greatest pic agreed but when I saw this my brain went ahh. It was a mean 90 degrees by noon on the trail yesterday for me. I soaked my head in a creek just bit of relief. Next week it's due to be over 100. The forest is so dry here, if you hang our tongue out our mouth too far you're likely to get ripped right off your bike as the forest attempts grab the smallest amount of moisture.
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 I know for Europeans, Canadians and USA people this might be normal but for us that doesnt exist(chair lifts)
This picture reminds me of me going up for training during the world championships in Bromont in 2003 with the same weather.........very exciting to say the least.

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 Definitely DEJA VU! I remember that similar photo was the runner up of last year's (or the year before?) POY contest.
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 Soon to be my home town. Can't wait
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 I love chair lifts.
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 You might want to consider skiing in that weather... nice pic
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 The calm before you rip your favorite trail.
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 Why are they taking the lift down the hill? ;P
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 It may look like that but it's actually at the top of that chairlift. It's a small crest that it has to pass.
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 great photo and the weather is much the same as here right now this afternoon the rain was going up
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 Ahhh thee life!
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 I knew they would invent hovering bikes someday!
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