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Dangerous-Dan TrustPerformance's article
May 6, 2019 at 14:09
May 6, 2019
Trust Chops $725 Off Their Linkage Fork
@ccolagio: Dentist...
Dangerous-Dan danielsapp's article
May 2, 2019 at 11:07
May 2, 2019
Review: Specialized S-Works Recon Shoe
@litany: I find this comment a bit odd. I wear SIDI Dominator 7s because they come in a 49 wide and because I had many years of positive experience with their Motocross boots in the early 1970's. So I wonder why someone would consider them to be "idiot roadies". Also, my Sidi shoes have soft urethane on top of the nylon sole plate, which is not "actual rubber" but in my opinion it does have acceptable traction on wet hard surfaces. As far as the Specialized soles go, I do wonder if they plan on suing the "Slip Not" flooring company. I have no experience with Specialized's shoes. For the right rider I am sure they are acceptable. I have found their tires a bit fragile for those of us in the 100kg+ group. And I have also broken a different brand of carbon fiber soles which were also aimed at supporting much less mass. So I will stick with the Sidi nylon soles, which seem to be holding up just fine.
Dangerous-Dan TRPCyclingComponents's article
Apr 25, 2019 at 17:18
Apr 25, 2019
TRP Announces Sponsorship Roster & Expansion of Product Range (Including HUGE Rotors)
@mph51: The documentation for Hope vented rotors says that the minimum thickness "for any vented disc, 2.90mm minimum." So on a Hope V4 caliper, 2.3 mm is not very thick.
Dangerous-Dan mikekazimer's article
Apr 21, 2019 at 15:07
Apr 21, 2019
Starling Cycles' Prototype is a Steel High-Pivot 29er With 5 Speeds
@tom666: @won-sean-animal-chin: Oh my, you are so right! The forces played into a 150 mm travel bicycle are so wild that one couldn't possibly be built of steel. That's why my 300 mm travel MXer was made out of .......steel??? That's why KTM still makes theirs with a steel main frame? I never said it would be "lighter", but my steel roadie is the same weight as my Ti roadie, and comparable to a similar priced composite. My adventure tandem is 2.5 stone. With a rack. Made of steel. So it can be repaired almost anywhere in the world. And stiff enough to be stable at 80 km/hr fully laden with about 30 stone. Let's say that a good composite Enduro weighs in at 2 stone. How much more do you really think a steel frame would weigh? If it weighed a stone the all up weight would still be 2.5 stone. Much lighter than the 40 lb figure given. Honda made stamped steel motorcycles in the 1960's. No they were not ultra light weight, but those frames were not made from round tubing. We beat them senseless riding off road and they seemed to run forever. Pole makes two halves and glues them together. It could be done with glued, welded, or brazed steel as well, but the production volumes would need to be much higher to pay for the stamping dies. Most modern automobiles are made from stamped steel. My Aluminium Jaguar weighs about the same as a comparable steel BMW. Steel does not mean gas pipe.
Dangerous-Dan mikekazimer's article
Apr 21, 2019 at 9:24
Apr 21, 2019
Starling Cycles' Prototype is a Steel High-Pivot 29er With 5 Speeds
@won-sean-animal-chin: I have a steel Ritchey Breakaway roadie that weighs in at 17 lbs on a 60 cm top tube. With alloy wheels. And the solid steel 11 speed cluster weighs 200 grams. A steel frame, properly engineered, can be fairly light. And those cranks are gorgeous. With a thin wall oval tube they wouldn't have to be all that heavy.
Dangerous-Dan RichardCunningham's article
Apr 18, 2019 at 14:17
Apr 18, 2019
Mountain Bike Access Issues Flaring Up in San Diego County
I completely agree. We were able to ride our tandem across pastures and down trails in the Outer Hebrides because it is assumed that you know enough to close the expletive> gate!!! Unfortunately, in the US one person forgets to close the gate, and it is the least well connected group that gets the blame. But our land use laws and rules are based in English common law, which is very different from Scottish, which is more like Norway. Lucky you. The problem with the Scottish system is when people start walking up to my house and being a pain. Or leaving gates open and my sheep run away. Or camp in my driveway. Or...
Dangerous-Dan sarahmoore's article
Apr 14, 2019 at 8:57
Apr 14, 2019
Sarah's Friday Randoms - Sea Otter 2019
@seraph: The small city of Fargo ND (yes, THAT Fargo) currently has 6 small breweries in the metro area with a seventh being built. And where did the early settlers of the little town on the prairie come from? Mostly from Norway, Sweden, Germany, and Scotland. Then from the US. The lack of old breweries in the US has two causes. The relative youth of the US and the draconian measures taken to "eliminate the scourge of alcohol". But we grow a lot of barley in the region, and InBev has a large malt producing facility in the area in Moorhead MN. I believe that China is the number one market for beer and the US is second. The US produces about 40X as much beer as Germany. That said the beer I have liked best of the few I have tried was brewed on the Isle of Skye. I think it is the flavor of the peat in the water. And lastly, let it be known that nobody in their right mind makes anything out of "eucalyptus starch".
Dangerous-Dan jamessmurthwaite's article
Apr 5, 2019 at 10:21
Apr 5, 2019
UCI Threatens to Impose 'Disciplinary Measures' on Licensed Riders Who Compete in FIM eMTB Series
@zoobab2: If you are a UCI enrolled racer who lives in the EU you can file the complaint. The link you posted has links to pages to file the complaint anonymously. Go for it! Because ultimately this is entirely and only about money and control.
Dangerous-Dan mikelevy's article
Mar 28, 2019 at 11:21
Mar 28, 2019
Suspension, Anti-Lock Brakes, and a Dropper Post Cable Kit - Taipei Cycle Show 2019
@Willie1: I suspect that you are correct about this being something you learn riding motorcycles. On my old Norton road bike I was replacing front brake pads maybe every 5K miles. Never replaced the rear drum shoes. On the motocross bike it was the same thing. If you need to slide the rear you use the engine. On the bicycles, front pads are an annual replacement item. The rear go when they get so badly contaminated that they don't work at all. On the road bike, It is maybe 4 front pads to each rear. On the tandem, Both seem to go every other year. I use the rear as a speed limiter, which is not a bad idea on a touring tandem. As for the gizmo in question? Why not just install smaller brakes?
Dangerous-Dan jamessmurthwaite's article
Mar 21, 2019 at 14:16
Mar 21, 2019
MIPS Says WaveCel Helmet Technology Falls 'Far Below' Bontrager's Injury Prevention Claims
@djbutcher13: Can you point to a source for your claim that VA Tech has a monetary incentive to find one way or the other? I found this on the NIH web site ( which is a 2012 response to a claim by a single Football (Hand Egg?) helmet manufacturer that VA Tech was biased in their testing. If the claims made by VA Tech are still true, then I will accept them as the best source of independent testing of helmets. ====================================================================== Virginia Tech is Independent We have no financial interest whatsoever with the HIT System or Riddell. We have never received any funding or royalties or promise of payment in any form from any helmet manufacturer. We submit that we are one of the only truly independent helmet research laboratories in the world. Our funding is unbiased and comes from the NIH, DOT, DOD, Toyota Central Research and Development Laboratories, and Virginia Tech, all of which have no interest in any helmet company.
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