Slovak National Champion Charges Hard - Video

Aug 9, 2017 at 13:55
by EwiaProduction  
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Do you also go mad when your buddies just look at their phones all the time, get stuck in traffic or in an overcrowded shopping center? Adam Rojcek, fresh Slovak National Champion will show where to target your explosiveness...


Filming new project. everyweekisawesome

MENTIONS: @EwiaProduction


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 pretty sick edit and all but what is that bike? never heard of ctm I'm assuming it's a smaller brand out of eastern europe?
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flag lebikeman (Aug 9, 2017 at 19:52) (Below Threshold)
 The brand is KTM, as in the pretty big motorcycle brand from Australia.
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 @lebikeman: Austria mate. Slightly different.
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 @dontlament: I can't stop laughing at this one.
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a) KTM is from Austria, not Australia
b) it's a CTM from Slovakia, not a KTM
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 It's Slovakian brand using Astro frames (if I'm not mistaken).
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 @lebikeman: Jeremy Clarkson FTW!
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 @BornToGo: I think KHS uses that frame too
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 Hi guys, looks like I'm going to live in SK soon for a while, so I have a couple of questions
1) Could you recommend a nice MTB community / forum so I could find local bikeshops, events & so on (no problem to read Slovak, writing & talking is more of an issue)
2) Are there guys training hard in Bratislava area, for local enduro races? Are tracks in small karpats tough enough, or it's XC like stuff (you can never judge by gopro videos :-/ )
3) In general, in Europe, is there a reason to own a 4 x 4 car for getting to trails and making uphill rides? Or maybe everything is nature parks and protected areas, so plain station wagon is good enough?
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 1) try
2) I dont live in Bratislava, but I reccomend you, is not far from Bratislava.
3) plain station wagon is definitely good enoughBig Grin
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 @Zdochliak: ďakujem pekne!
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 @eugen-fried: Hey there, some technical trails can be found in small karpats even within 30km from Bratislava. Actually, just above the city, there is a small bikepark-thingy (oddly even with ski lift in some days) with an old school DH track, jumpy-bermy trail and a flow trail. Overall, the trails are rather on the short side and not very rocky, but some very steep places can be found. Also, about 15km from the city there are two really nicely built AM trails, I'd say nearly perfect for enduro races. Then there is a northern part of the mountains (around Smolenice) with somewhat higher hills and more rocky trails. Driving a car on the forest roads is usually prohibited around here (you can really get only under the mountain), but all mountains are zig-zagged with plethora of logging roads and hiking trails.
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 1. mtbiker forum is probably best place to start, there are plenty of people wiling to show local and not so local stuff Smile
2.Plenty of XC stuff, but some AM/EN/FR/DH natural and man made trails are available too.
3. Maybe in Romania, here in Slovakia is 4x4 quite useless for the reasons you've mentioned.
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 @kyytaM: @BornToGo : Thanks guys!
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 Hi, Bratislava have a small bike-park on "Kamzík-Koliba"...It is very near, by bus 15-20 minutes, by bike 20-40 minutes. In there are 3 diffrent difficulities tracks, and very soon will be 4th track, old steep track with many roots and rocks (Kameňák). Gondola prices are 5euro for 3 ride. Oh, yes here is webpage .
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 Please excuse my ignorance if this is a stupid question, but Slovak is a language. Adam is driving a Polish registered wagon, so would assume he's living in Poland. Although Slovak is a minority language in Poland I'm confused as to what 'Slovak champion' actually is... my best guess would be he's the champion of the group of countries containing Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Hungary and Czechia?
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 I realise someone from Slovakia could be called a Slovak, as a Brit is someone from Britain... Maybe it's just the Polish van that is confusing me -.-
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 You're wrong, that van is registered in Slovakia as you can clearly see (SK letters and Slovak national sign on the plate). Anyway, great riding, footage and editing. Good job guys Wink
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 @Bersekr: Opticians: Booked
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 Didn't know people get mad when their buddies stucked in a traffic. It's their choice too for being stucked in a shopping mall.
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 Sick edit! Well done nasi bratri! Parada!
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 Sick Video and Track. Does anybody know where this was Filmed ?
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 Jasná in Low Tatras / Slovakia
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 Great edit, love the 'mundane life' clips. Unfortunately that is the norm' for many people, great dh track too;
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 The van's steering wheel looks upside down...
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 nice !
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 jasna is my fav dh trail and ive been to whistler
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 looks like the most well maintained trail ever
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 @graeme187: its steep, fast and flowy
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 Nice work!
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