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Someoldfart jessiemaymorgan's article
Apr 8, 2024 at 10:15
Apr 8, 2024
First Look: Fair Bicycle's Drop Best Offset Saddle Clamp is Universally Compatible
The only thing surprising to me is that this solution to fit issues hasn’t come out sooner. I have issues with the steeper seat tube angle bikes fitting properly. Feet are too far back which creates more lean on the bars. I’ve ordered mine and look forward to a better fit.
Someoldfart christinachappetta's article
Mar 28, 2024 at 9:36
Mar 28, 2024
Video: The Riders Overlooked By Modern Geometry
I’m 5’4, 164 cm tall. The struggle for good sizing is real. I think the reach measurement has been overstated to some extent. It seems like it has become one the most important sizing parameters but it shouldn’t be the only one. Often times steep seat tubes come at the expense of top tube lengths. Last season I bought a Fuel Ex in medium to get the tt length I wanted. 585 I think. The small was 3cm shorter. As it is I sometimes bump my pad encased knees in to the grips on tight uphills so a shorter tt would make that worse. Standing to accelerate on a short bike would be a problem too. I’m not sure if the 78° seat tube angle and subsequent forward seat placement is better or worse. Where I live I can be on trails before I’m properly warmed up and I’ve started getting hamstring cramps on the first short steep climbs. Never happen with a further back seat position. But it might be an age thing too being 66 now. Mt take on a further forward seating position is that it helps tall riders not loop out when climbing a bike with short rear centre. It just puts their centre of mass a bit ahead of the rear contact patch. While that may be more efficient in one sense, it might be less efficient in an ergonomic sense because if the seat is further forward, one will be sitting more upright. I also prefer dual 29 wheels for the better rolling. I did a short experiment with a mullet on my hardtail. Back to back on a 30 minute loop that climbed and descended. Twice. I couldn’t tell the difference. Sure I scuff my butt sometimes but it’s never caused a problem. I do have long legs for my height though. Crotch to floor is 31 inches. It took me a bit to adapt to the longer bike climbing the Legacy Climb in Squamish. I had no issues with my old Chameleon hardtail or my medium 2019 Remedy but I was having issues on tight corners with the longer more slack Fuel ex. But I have adapted now. And the new bike descends a bit better too. The best quote I heard about bike fit and this would apply to geometry as well, "It’s a spider web. You pull here and it changes somewhere else."
Someoldfart seb-stott's article
Mar 8, 2024 at 16:42
Mar 8, 2024
Pinkbike Poll: Do You Need Downtube Storage?
My Fuel ex has it. I have a tube and small zip lock full of spare bolts and such in it. A Oneup pump and EDC are attached to the water bottle mount. My old hardtail with no storage has the same except the tube is strapped to the frame and no extra bits. But I also have bits in all my packs that I might carry. If a glove box is there I’ll use it but it is not part of my buying decision.
Someoldfart pinkbikeoriginals's article
Feb 21, 2024 at 15:28
Feb 21, 2024
Video: How Long Should a Wheel Last? | Pinkbike Weekly Show Ep. 15
Back when we used rim brakes, and I was racing xc, I’d wear out the brake track of four rims a year. I’d build myself a set of training wheels and a set of race wheels in spring. By the fall or early winter the training wheels would crack, collapse or dent because they were so thin. Then I’d use the race wheels until they suffered the same fate. Now with carbon wheels I might rebuild with new spokes after quite a few seasons. But I don’t ride as much anymore and ride like the old man that I am.
Someoldfart seb-stott's article
Feb 1, 2024 at 13:09
Feb 1, 2024
Review: The New 2024 Scott Ransom 900 RC Has All The Integration
One thing Scott should hide is all those control levers on the left. Just remove them and place in recycling. I would also like to see that ugly fork hidden. I mean, you see it moving and stuff. And hide those brakes too. Fully enclosed everything like a car. Imagine the funky paint jobs you can have with a full body. I had a Scott road bike once. Poorly designed geometry that only figured out later. I required a 35 mm set back seat post to get the saddle in the correct spot for my build. And they used the same fork offset for all frames but the small size I was on he a slacker head angle which increased the trail enough to feel a bit heavy.
Someoldfart MTB-Strength-Factory's article
Jan 20, 2024 at 8:06
Jan 20, 2024
Video: How To Ride Until You're 70 & Beyond with Ben Plenge from the Strength Factory
All tips I try and follow. 66 now. I rode around 175 times last season. Some rides were to the gym and back. Last winter I cross country skied 65 days and alpine skied 25. Not to mention shovelling snow from my driveway. The most important thing for me is rest and recovery. I bought a fitness watch to help monitor that and it seems to help. Aging is inevitable. You will get slower. Injuries will be worse and take longer to heal from similar falls.
Someoldfart sarahmoore's article
Jan 11, 2024 at 18:27
Jan 11, 2024
Mondraker Opens a New Base in the USA
It’s a transportation hub I think. If they are selling online it’s a g-old place to be.
Someoldfart henryquinney's article
Dec 11, 2023 at 15:29
Dec 11, 2023
Opinion: Your Next Bike Will Be Steeper
Really what we want, all of us, no personal preference allowed, is a 60 degree head angle, plus 5 degree seat tube angle with the seat mounted backwards to support our huge testicles, and a 24 inch rear wheel with a five inch wide tire and 300 mm rear centre so we can manual all they way down the trail rendering front end geometry irrelevant.
Someoldfart ForbiddenBike's article
Dec 7, 2023 at 10:08
Dec 7, 2023
Forbidden Announces Details for New Supernought DH Bike They hinted the song.
Someoldfart mattbeer's article
Nov 16, 2023 at 16:08
Nov 16, 2023
Review: Five Ten Trailcross XT Shoes
Anyone else find it a bit odd that reviewers talk about how well biking shoes are to walk in? Biking shoes? Any walking I do in riding shoes is pretty short distance to maybe clear a deadfall or to hang a rat. The first rule of hike a bike is we never hike a bike. Hiking and riding require very different things from a shoe. To me, if the shoe hikes well, it will suck for riding.
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