Video: Greg Callaghan Races to Third After a 110km Day in the Epic Enduro

Apr 9, 2024 at 5:29
by Thomas Theunissen  

Come along with Greg Callaghan for what may just be the world's hardest enduro race, the Epic Enduro in Olargues, France.

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 Great vid. Local area there is awesome to just go ride too. Wild, steep and not touristy. Lots of WC DH frenchies go there
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 Congrats Greg! It was great to see you there! Awesome race, did it back in 2017, is a hell of a suffer fest. And just in case you guys missed, here is the race report
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 This is the Spirit of Enduro! - More events like this, with post event coverage like this.
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 "for what may just be the world's hardest enduro race" - wrong!
The world's hardest enduro race is officially whatever race Matt Fairbrother decides to enter Big Grin
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 Done this in 2015 , it was the hardest event I’ve ever done
Absolutely the best blind riding , Got 71km in & was completely f*cked
It’s a must do for anybody who loves a challenge
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 Go on the Greg!
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 Great event and video. Love it
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 Thanks for sharing that and congrats to Greg and to all the other participants for attempting such a tough race.
See you next year! Wink
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 @danstonQ out of interest, other than here, where do you find your european mountain bike news, articles etc?
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 @oatkinso: on for the frenchies
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 @oatkinso: vojo magazine as well
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 @danstonQ @Clemounet: cheers. I know this sounds a bit Brexit but I wish they did English language versions of their sites!
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 @oatkinso: two thirds of your language comes from french actually.
Aren't confortable with french lines?! Wink
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 And this is real enduro format . Scenic Views , tough stages, wild terrains. Awesome Video as well.
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 Epic Enduro is the hardest enduro race!
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 Great Vlog!
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 The cover photo for the video makes Greg look like an amputee.
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 What is up with the Fisherman's Friend cough drops?

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