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dzenyy VorsprungSuspension's article
Nov 15, 2017 at 1:19
Nov 15, 2017
The Tuesday Tune Ep 20: Preload Adjustment - Video
@Drover: Yes, it's one of my points. Plus, shaft in air shocks is wider than in coil. Second thing: vectors of forces in frames cause some issues, as forces aren't parallel (or perpendicular) to them, so is there a way to avoid it? (bearings are being worn-out, stress on frame members etc.) Didn't know that pull shocks are ridden because of counteracting a shaft flex, but it seems very clever (more than rail- based suspension designs
dzenyy VorsprungSuspension's article
Nov 14, 2017 at 22:56
Nov 14, 2017
The Tuesday Tune Ep 20: Preload Adjustment - Video
Well first of all, I absolutely love the tuesday tune! Great work guys, keep it goin'! I'm totally a bike nerd. mostly in suspesion- not only produts, but also philosophies behind linkage systems etc. However, and that is weird, i'm kind of every bike except mine kinda nerd, so I'm running 2006 26" XC bike, with full XT group and air shock. I even like my Avid SD V-brakes! (maybe cause i'm 125Ib guy, so almost everything locks my wheels and is powrful enough for the type of flat terrain i live in- Poland, 12 miles below the beaches of the Baltic sea). I switched to them from Hayes Nine and Simano deore brakes, that was too powerful in my opinion, and, as a poor engineering student I don't have money enough to buy some modern brakes with a proper modulation. Getting to the point, I'd like to suggest You a topic, that is barely touched: shock stiffness/flex and how do links deal with unwanted forces, that are applied to the bearings/ Let me explain what i'm thinking about for some time now, and what i can only imagine, how works (i quit being a bike mechanic two years ago, when i found a job in automatics/teaching/programming and machine vision systems- I was at a hospital for two months, so i'm unemployed now, but i work on my engineer degree, so after few months i'll b bak on trail, probably with my wallets not so empty as now :P) We can see a whole sea of coplicated linkage systems, and the forces on links are being transmitted on the frame mostly through the shock. Thats right. But what we can see is that those links are in some angles, that varies, as shock goes through its travel, sometimes changes at those angles are about quarter of a turn, so that is rather much. As the back whel is sucked by roots etc it creates forces that not only alter suspension action, but also create stress on bearings, and of course, shock itself. What gives me some headache in comparison between those two above is this, that link, that compresses the shock almost never compresses it exactly in the straight line that can be drawn between eyelets, it almost always compresses the shock, with a force, that's vector is slightly (or more often not so slightly) rotated basing on this line. This causes stress on bearings, bushings, frame elements, and ofc shock itself. I know that we can alter some kinematics by making use of this, but it's a comromise between desired characteristics and material stress. And last: as we know, shocks are being compressed, but those frame elements, that links, that pushes them, are also kinda try to bend them in some way, cause forces go in a lot of directions. Air shocks have almost always wide shaft, while coil shocks has that few milimetres thin shafts. Im almostust sure, that it can be bent to some point (alloys are rather elastic, so it comes back to it's original form after compression). Is it true? How this can alter suspension performance/ I saw some old Yeti DH models, that compressed shocks in straight line with a weird kind of rail or sth. What can You say about this problem?
dzenyy ride100percent's article
Nov 9, 2017 at 7:03
Nov 9, 2017
Introducing the 100% Racecraft+ Goggle
Oh man, it started in 1980 with some guy from Norway, that took one of the most popular programming languages to the level, that it could support object-oriented programming and called this C++, what basically means C + 1, (++ is used in loops for incrementing loop counter by one). So prepare to Super Boost++, and then Super Boost# (# was added some two decades later as object only language, so we'll have to wait some time)
dzenyy COMMENCALbicycles's article
Nov 2, 2017 at 12:53
Nov 2, 2017
How To Get a Banger Shot with JB Liautard - Video
@vinay: What means word 'cellphone'? I'm '90 kid, so understand pretty well, but its kinda outdated, or you're type of a guy, who still uses 3310 (however, there's 'new' 3310, release about a year ago)
dzenyy pinkbikeaudience's article
Feb 7, 2017 at 15:27
Feb 7, 2017
Intense Launch Second Generation Tracer
this build, that build... I'll get Elite, true black on every-single-component is just a pleasure for my mind on screen, so much I'd like to look at it personally
dzenyy pinkbikeaudience's article
Feb 7, 2017 at 15:20
Feb 7, 2017
Ask Pinkbike - BoXXers, Which Santa Cruz, and Preventing Tire Buzz
OMG, stupidest questions i've ever read here. Like 'my car cant stop. Is it brakes, or clutch? I did a lot of flinstone brankin/acceleratin suff, cause the floor have some holes. Can I peel my feet with a scholl gear, or buy some shoes? And, wchich of them do you think are best? I've 100$, plz halp'
dzenyy paulaston's article
Feb 7, 2017 at 15:04
Feb 7, 2017
Huck Norris Tire Insert - Review
TRIALS? Yes, they all use 29' wheels. 19'/20'/24' please?
dzenyy rossbellphoto's article
Feb 7, 2017 at 14:51
Feb 7, 2017
Inside Hope Technology: Following The Manufacturing Process
Rebuild Hope hub, add some anti-noise piece of anything on the pawls. Should be fun! Love this hub sound. Even people going to the forest to collect some mushrooms remember it and just get outta way (heard it's banned in the UK, true?)
dzenyy paulaston's article
Feb 1, 2017 at 20:42
Feb 1, 2017
Ancillotti Scarab Evo Prototype
One of the most beautiful bikes i've seen. Low COG, nice linkage (however i prefer four-bar systems, but this is really cool), made to suit a person, not masses, just.. a beautiful aluminium tubes, crafted to make a bike, that suits a Person. It's not common nowadays. Dunno 'bout their shock, but I'm impressed. Ability to fine tune geo in incremental, low as possible, stages is awesome, and should be common. Just pure genius (dunno 'bout reliability, but it shouldn't be a problem in this particular case). Not less, than with this 16'(?) high-pivot-whatthafck-awesome-linkage bike,
dzenyy paulaston's article
Feb 1, 2017 at 20:31
Feb 1, 2017
Ancillotti Scarab Evo Prototype
This bikes COG is just... perfect. Doesn't remember anything with a similar shock position, maybe DeVinci and Antidote, but not in this kind of bike-, i mean not supaenduro, but a downhill bike.
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