Video: Improve Your Climbing With Fit4Racing

Mar 10, 2022 at 7:29
by Fit4Racing  

Making Climbing Easier! Work Smarter not Harder.

In this video we look at ways how fitness can make a difference to your climbing and what you can do to perform better and ride longer.

If you found this useful, check out our channel for more helpful fitness videos! - Fit4Racing

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 Wow....really.....if I get fitter.....I'll be better at physical exertion? Well i never.....who'd have thought it. What will they think of next?
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 I came straight to the comments for the real pro tip
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 If you improve your cornering ... you'll be able to keep your momentum betterer.
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 At least everybody kept their shirts on.
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 waiting for someone to make a parody account called unfit for racing showing you how to maximise beer chugging on the climbs.
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 Haha, needs doing! Don't forget the top off, beer belly swinging, attack bike panning action shot
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 1. Install a beer cage, @jankcomponents makes a nice one

2. Shotgun your beer using your favorite Park tool. I prefer a tire lever carved into a shank (there's meth in them thar hills), or an Allen key.

See, New York riders know things
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 Ha, this is it. Just need to change the title lol
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 @Svinyard: this is gold. where has this been all my life.
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 @Svinyard: How has this gone under the radar?!? Fischy's the man!
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 @Svinyard: Best Mtn bike video I’ve seen this year. If all e-bike commercials were like this the whole world would buy one. The berm to berm transfers were awesome and so was the hood tap and bag smash.
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 Buying an E-bike. Check!
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 People will like you better if you just get a cable car or a pick up truck instead.
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 @vinay: sadly true..
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flag SterlingArcher (Mar 14, 2022 at 11:13) (Below Threshold)
 @vinay: f*ck them, if someone hates on my ebike, i'll just keep showing it to them and ride circles around them just to piss them off. jealous idiots.
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flag SterlingArcher (Mar 15, 2022 at 0:09) (Below Threshold)
 @Tuna-Flapjack: f*ck yeah!!! Ebikes for life!!!
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 @Tuna-Flapjack: I LOVE that people can’t stand ebikes. As trump would say, just makes them look WEAK. #MAGA
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 @SterlingArcher: i have always loved #Ebikes people just wanna hate, the truth is you have more fun and can go further. Pinkbike is just going through a change thats all. Once all the Libtards leave Outside+/Beta will be such a better place.
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 @konamat: honestly just goes to show the state of the world. We live amongst the dumb, unfortunately
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 @Tuna-Flapjack: also it’s both libtards and trumpers. The libtards dislike the environmental impacts while the crazy conservatives can’t afford them and are jealous of the rich
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 This wasn't about "hey, if you're in better shape you'll ride better". I appreciated the breakdown and it jives with what I'm discovering on the trainer. By far the biggest, best takeaway is "having a word with your ego". There's too many riders with better technique and better fitness than me, so being comfortable with the cliché "ride your own ride" is key. I don't like being last up stuff but I like finishing, and if you've picked the right group it won't matter.
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 I dont ride that new fancy discipline called uphill, Im bit more old fashionway, I ride downhill……
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 I’ve been doing the Enduro program since January and really enjoy it so far - I get bored easy and fall off the wagon with repetitive programs or when I’m scrambling every day to sort out what I’m going to do and find WODs that align with the equipment I have. This program uses everything I have already and can substitute pretty easy for things I am missing.

Based on this video I’m expecting a 6 month refund if I get out on the bike when the snow melts and am just as shit as last year!
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 I like to put my bike on shuttle mode. This means yelling at wife to drive me around all day. Significant others are great they help you avoid exercise, no need to get better shape, just drink more beers…
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 Good stuff. Thanks for the informative video. It is easy to leave any number of these pieces of the puzzle out without even realizing it. Good to have it all broken down by category like that.
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 “Libtard this” and “Trumpe that”….even in a stupid forum about bikes. JFC…
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 You sound like a Glutard that cant eat bread.
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 @Tuna-Flapjack: Ahh…a millenial. Makes sense…
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 This year Bosch is going to improve my climbing.
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 Definitely going to look into this. Great info!
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 If you want to improve your climbing just buy an eMTB .
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 surprising really....

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