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jackalope KNOLLYBIKES's article
Oct 22, 2019 at 4:25
1 days
jackalope briceshirbach's article
Oct 21, 2019 at 7:00
2 days
jackalope jamessmurthwaite's article
Oct 17, 2019 at 6:02
Oct 17, 2019
Interview: Loic Bruni - "I Felt Like I F*cked Up"
As a spectator and armchair drinking specialist, all I can say is the after race pit party was one of the best ever. Seriously, I can attest to the fact that the Frenchies do not screw around when it comes to making booze disappear (Amaury in particular) and the Commencal guys were super generous with handing out cheap beer. What a season, what a final race and what a wonderful sport.
jackalope jamessmurthwaite's article
Oct 9, 2019 at 5:28
Oct 9, 2019
Interview: Tracey Hannah - "Whether For the Good or Bad, I Needed to Change"
^^ The correct answer. I had the chance to meet her at Snowshoe after she won, and she was great. You could tell she super relieved and just wanted to chill, versus Loic and the most of the other dudes who making vast quantities of booze disappear. If shes not playing the points game, she can still beat anyone on any given day imo.
jackalope jamessmurthwaite's article
Oct 8, 2019 at 15:20
Oct 8, 2019
Update: Brook Macdonald Rides Bike for First Time Since Mont-Sainte-Anne Injury
@laxguy: not trying to argue, but just posit a question about athletes and insurance: if a player for Real Madrid suffers a similar injury, who pays for the medical treatment? Maybe Real Madrid handles the initial treatment at the stadium, then you're basically on your own? I honestly don't know. My understanding for professional American football is that team is handling the medical expenses while you're on the team. Here's what their benefits package says: " These benefits provide financial payouts and assistance to players who are rendered disabled by injuries suffered as a result of football-related and even non-football related activities while an NFL player. " "With regards to medical coverage, 100% of all in-network medical costs are covered for a player and his dependents. The annual deductible for medical insurance is $600 per player and $1200 per family and coverage will extend beyond a player’s playing career with extended post-career medical and dental benefits up to a maximum of $500,000 annually per NFL team. " Now of course the financial model for American professional football is substantially different than most sports, especially something like WC DH, but its interesting to me that the players aren't expected to need their own individual insurance policies (although I'm sure some add on supplemental coverage as well on their own dime). Imo, I think if you're on a factory team, UCI should require said team to put the rider on a baller insurance policy given what is expected of them. Of course that may mean a little less salary for the rider or even the lack of sponsorship for some riders, but it sucks they're not covering things like this. FWIW, Oakley picked a huge part of Lances medical tab when he was battling cancer, so perhaps theres hope that Redbull or a similarly deep pocketed sponsor will help out.
jackalope Hazzard-Racing's article
Oct 8, 2019 at 8:25
Oct 8, 2019
Video: Joe Barnes' New Bike Passes the Sloppy Rut Test
Cue the preemptive cue comment... And yes, I always appreciate an opportunity to use the traditional and wonderfully descriptive phrase "sounds like a skeleton beating off in a biscuit tin"
jackalope jamessmurthwaite's article
Sep 30, 2019 at 14:17
Sep 30, 2019
jackalope jamessmurthwaite's article
Sep 30, 2019 at 14:17
Sep 30, 2019
Bottle Company in Hot Water With Facebook Due to Parody Product
Maybe offer it in Yeti bleu and call it "Bidon du Faux"
jackalope jamessmurthwaite's article
Sep 5, 2019 at 16:03
Sep 5, 2019
Results: Timed Training - Snowshoe World Cup DH 2019
Same. With Vali coming up, Marine getting up to winning pace plus the prospects of a p!ssed of Rach and healthy Pom Pom & Tahnee looking for redemption, its probably her last and best shot. Regardless, I'm a Hannah fan 4 Lyfe!
jackalope danielsapp's article
Sep 5, 2019 at 15:56
Sep 5, 2019
Neko Mulally Out With Broken Leg - Snowshoe DH World Cup 2019
I do think some of the jump features are becoming pretty damn big, especially for some of the lady riders, but it seems like riders are just pushing the edge more than ever, and that leads to more bad crashes. I think Brook, Kate, Reece and Lucas all crashed in sections of MSA that had been there in some form or another for several years, it wasn't like they were brand new features. Gwin blew off a bridge at Ft. Bill that has been there since scotch was invented...just sh!t luck and probably pushing extremely hard. Bikes are undoubtedly faster too now, with bigger wheels, better suspension, better geometry, etc...Plus, riders are in better physical shape than their predecessors IMO. But ultimately, I think the respective fields are a lot deeper and there is just tremendous competition to go super fast. Personally, I love the strong competition, as I personally can't recall the lady's field being this deep in a long, long time (ever?). Some might argue about the historical depth of the mens field, but the current top 30 guys are freaking savants (OK, basically anybody who can qualify for a WC is a savant). Regardless, super sucks for Neko, as I think he was in for a super good result here, but he is a strong som'b!tch, so he'll be back on it sooner rather than later. [pours out a 3 oz of Dales in his honor]
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