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Oct 15, 2013 at 21:25
by Jack Anderson  
Such a fun time

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Every season has its special beauty and autumn is no exception. Watching the trees turn from a uniform green to all varieties of gold, yellow and red is a spectacular experience. One can almost be blinded by the fiery brilliance. How can it be that all this beauty is sign of death and decay? With all this beauty there is a certain sadness in knowing that the changing colors foreshadow the arrival of a long cold winter.

The mountainous zone known as Leavenworth.

Colorful trees



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 Not trying to be a dick but when you make a video that is called colors than try to make all of the colors pop so it's not so gloomy.
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 Yeah, looks a little washed out.
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 It also doesn't help that the foliage where you shot this video is pretty least compared to what it's like here in New England right now. All in all, sick riding and great edit! Those trails look fun, even without all the maples and birches.
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 Welcome to Eastern Washington, thats about as colorful as it gets.
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 Agreed. Sick riding, but all the trees had lost their color already
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 It sucks being color blind... Sounds like I'm not missing much
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 I didnt know dogs can type!
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 maybe its supposed to be ironic?
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 Welcome to pinkbike where your opinion can be top comment or -57 because you say your opinion ( which is ussualy the same as the top comment)
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 Awesome riding. But yeah, the video might have been more accurately titled, Lack of Color. ;-)
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 Well done boys... Well done
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 Anybody else notice the two hunters at 0:48?
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 "Git yur gun Billy! I just seen a pair a cheetahs! They was goin like 500 miles an hour!"
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 all right enough, the video was filmed in the states by someone from the states, therefore Colors is grammatically correct, face it grammatics change from land to land, it is the same in spanish and in german


ps: dont reply saying this is a Canadian page, please
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 It's obviously spelled kulurs.
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 Huh, I didn't know pine trees changed color in the fall. Different shade of gloom?
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 We know where this vid was made cause of the title spelling
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 The first cablecam shot was sick and that last air was huge!
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 sweet video amazing style great song nice track Smile Smile Smile
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 Best yet jack, great job
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 Awesome video! What software are you using?
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 So sweet to see a banger vid so close to home
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 that was rad
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 Well...guess I need to make a trip to Leavenworth.
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 nice edit, good riding.
however it was filmed a little late in the fall season. It should have been called "The Color Brown"
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 Really great video!
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 Song ?
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 Figured it out. Phantogram " Black out days"
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 Sweet! I love Phantogram. I knew I liked this song
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 Wow! Very nice!
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 While the west coast may have better riding, the East Coast kicks your ass in fall colors! you guys kidding, that brown, green, tan, and grey...
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 great vid! fuck the rest!
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 Anyone know what the song is?
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 Sick edit where is this spot
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 spot in Leavenworth....lets just call it "3 guys"....if you talk with a local they will know what you're talking about...but its not actually called 3 guys....something similar. good luck finding and shreding it
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flag coletownsend22 (Oct 16, 2013 at 22:41) (Below Threshold)
 So it is tres om... thats wat i thought
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 Nice to see Tres like this, thanks!
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 I like the American spelling "color".
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 i prefer the right one Smile
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 get over it. it was made in the states. i spell it right too, but you can't knock their spelling on their own turf.
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 Hey England: the world called. You're not in charge anymore.
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 Great video. Loved the riding! Thanks. Who cares about spelling or how much colour/color is in the edit? Maybe when it's sunny out the colours/colors pop more. The riding was more important to me, good stuff. That trail looks sick!

Oops. I meant to "post a comment" not "reply". Whatever.

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