Crankworx Innsbruck's Slopestyle Promises Big Tricks & Massive Air

Jun 14, 2018 at 0:34
by Official Crankworx  
GOTiT Shootings photo
The best five minutes of final runs, ever? Photo: Moris Lauinger


Flashback to June of 2017. A near-perfect first run saw Rheeder flow through the gargantuan features at the base of Bikepark Innsbruck, landing him in the hot seat with a 94.33, but only for a hot minute. Feeling the heat, Nicholi Rogatkin went all-in for his second run, throwing down a cashroll tail-whip, never before seen in competition. He squeaked into the lead. The seemingly impossible ahead of him, Rheeder dropped in. Minutes later, it was all over. He achieved his objective, improving on his score. But not by enough. His final 95.66 fell short of Rogatkin’s 96, and the American triumphed. It was a showdown for the mountain bike history books.

How do you follow up one of the best Slopestyle contests, ever? You bring the course back, and let the professionals take care of the rest.

“I’ve been practising and getting ready for this, pretty much since last year in Innsbruck,” says five-time Crankworx Slopestyle winner Rheeder, the most successful athlete currently competing on the circuit. “I had some tricks I wanted to do but I wasn’t ready yet. I think I’m ready now. Crankworx Innsbruck might be the first time.”

Fans eager to see what Rheeder is bringing to the table can tune in to the Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle presented by Kenda, the first of two back-to-back weekend Crankworx Slopestyle contests, LIVE on Red Bull TV and this Saturday, June 16. Full webcast schedule details HERE.

While Rheeder’s riding a high after coming out of Rotorua with a win in the first Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Championship contest of the year, he’s kept a relatively low profile since, working on his backyard course in B.C. and getting things dialed behind the scenes.

“I’m so ready to push my riding and the sport to the next level,” he said upon arrival in Innsbruck. “And it’s not just new tricks...My goal is always to link together my best tricks back-to-back-to-back which, to me, is the most impressive thing to watch another rider do. So that’s my goal.”

Others, meanwhile, have been pounding the pavement on the international circuit.

Credit Fraser Britton Crankworx 2018
After a disappointing fifth-place finish in Rotorua, Rogatkin is flying high once again after winning at FISE Montpellier. Photo: Fraser Britton

Rogatkin, who finished fifth in Rotorua, got back into his winning flow in May, taking the top step at FISE Montpellier. Next to him, the rest of the event’s podium closely mirrored Rotorua’s. Diego Caverzasi, who earned his first Crankworx Slopestyle podium in New Zealand, matched his performance, coming in third in Montpellier. Tomas Lemoine, who landed just off the podium in Rotorua in fourth place, moved up to second in the Gold level contest. Like Rheeder, Slopestyle veteran Thomas Genon, whose Rotorua run earned him second place, didn’t compete in the French event.

Credit Fraser Britton Crankworx 2018
Rheeder, Genon and Caverzasi celebrate after the first Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle Championship contest of 2018.

Heading into Innsbruck, it’s all hands on deck, with the discipline’s elite coming together to compete at the highest level of Slopestyle competition.

The full list of invited riders for the Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle presented by Kenda includes:

Alex Alanko (SWE)
Anthony Messere (CAN)
Brett Rheeder (CAN)
Diego Caverzasi (ITA)
Erik Fedko (GER)
Jakub Vencl (CZE)
Lukas Knopf (GER)
Matt Jones (GBR)
Nicholi Rogatkin (USA)
Ryan Nyquist (USA)
Simon Pages (FRA)
Szymon Godziek (POL)
Thomas Genon (BEL)
Tomas Lemoine (FRA)

The course that awaits the world’s current top 14 Slopestyle riders is ready.

Head builder Tom Hey with Elevate Trail Building has been on site for the past two weeks with his crew, getting all eight features reshaped and buffed to perfection after the wear of winter.

Earlier this week, Tom Hey and crew took to the dirt to get the courses ready for both the Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle presented by Kenda (background) and Mons Royale Dual Speed & Style (foreground).

“We kept it exactly the same because it worked so well last year and it’s only the second year,” says Hey. “Last year was so good. Hopefully, this year will be even better.”

Will 2018 see a rerun of the Rheeder/Rogatkin show? Riding the wave of solid results he’s brought in so far in 2018, will Lemoine push for podium once again in Innsbruck? As he did in Rotorua, will Genon show he’s still got what it takes? Or will Caverzasi, the star on the rise, unzip his bag of tricks and dig deep when it matters most?

The riders, the course, the pressure of training, the secrecy of preparation, the anticipation of go time - it’s all about to come together in the Austrian Alps as the Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle presented by Kenda goes LIVE to the world on Red Bull TV and, Saturday, June 16. Tune in to watch best in the world battle to be named the Crankworx FMBA Slopestyle World Champion.

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Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx


  • + 9
 oh judges, please recognise the difficulty and perfection of the stylish riders out there, who throw down beautiful flowy and high technical runs ( oppo tricks included ) instead of giving it away to just a few bangers in a run somehow put together. Like you did in Rotorua. That was the first time ever i completely agree with you so keep on doing it as you did there in new zealand!!
  • + 9
 style & flow > spins
  • - 9
flag youknowitsus (Jun 14, 2018 at 7:40) (Below Threshold)
 @Patrick584: At least someone gets its. Stupid f*cking BMX'ers invading MTB not getting it
  • - 6
flag Nathan-MTB (Jun 14, 2018 at 8:10) (Below Threshold)
  • + 10
 Diego for the win! I want Rogatkin to unlock more tricks, he's the one who brings the excitement to the slopestyle
  • + 6
 Last year's contest was so amazing. Those last 2 runs from Rheeder and Rogatkin were so good. I'm rooting for Lemoine this year.
  • + 6
 Does anybody watched rheeder flat drop flipwhip?
  • + 2
 opposite tricks are cool and all but i dont think it should be rewarded so highly, after getting an oppo trick dialed to me its not exciting anymore, is it not just muscle memory to them? if i learned to throw a ball with my left hand and not look like a doofus, cool, but still cool for years to come? over it. would wayyy rather watch some crazy rogatkin tricks than a guy doing opposite stuff that looks the same as regular stuff.
  • - 1
 Ignorance is bliss
  • + 4
 Rogatkin got robbed in Rotorua. Hope the judges learned their lesson from everybody hating them after that contest
  • + 3
 I hope they have new judges for Innsbruck. Rotorua judging was terrible. I'm rooting for all frenchies and Rogatkin
  • + 2
 The judging was spot on IMO. No one got robbed.
  • + 3
 It's called slopeSTYLE, respect the flow and smooth style, not just spins and bangers sloppily put together.
  • - 3
 I think 'style' aspect is going out the window, in favor of sloppy video game tricks.
  • + 4
 Leave flow and style for trails. we want to see bangers and progression
  • + 10
 USA vs European vision I guess.
  • + 4
 Matt Jones ftw
  • - 1
 These contests will not be complete without Semenuk anyway hope to see that flat drop flip whip from Brett and other bangers from guys
  • + 1
 Where's Semenuk?
  • + 4
 only competes at whistler crankworx usually
  • + 1
 Who cares, Rheeder is the new king of slopestyle. I watched almost everyday of practice at Redbull Joyride for the last two years and I honestly believe Rheeder is better, even though I'm a bigger fan of Semenuk. Not to mention he also just landed a flat-drop flip whip to dirt.
  • + 0
 Where’s Emil Johansson?????? Frown Frown
  • + 6
 injured still, hurt his back
  • - 3
 I wouldn't spend a minute watching boring stylish 360s over and over. I want to see Twisters 1440s and all other bangers I can't even imagine are possible
  • + 7
 I'd play Rogatkin on my xbox over Rheeder and Genon any time.
  • + 6
 i second that rogatkin brings excitement to the sport
  • - 2
 I summon you to watch building the underground, then let me know. Style wins over tricks any day. That’s why kids that are about 7 can flip, whip, bar etc, but how many truly stylish riders do you know? It’s much harder to be mint on the bike than learn tricks. It’s all about overall difficulty and execution of the moves.

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