Red Bull Joyride: Full Video Highlights - Crankworx Whistler 2017

Aug 21, 2017 at 1:42
by Pinkbike Staff  
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 lol rheeder ripping semenuk AGAIN, this time with the half-cab
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 every year lolol
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 Truth. That added bar spin was sick though.
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 Semenuk ripping Rheeder this year (oppo cork 7)
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 But Rheeder did a half cab bar, sooo I'd say that's a one up
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 @Jackers: No doubt Semenuk would have added a half cab bar for his second run.
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 @Jackers: You can see Brandon stick his arms out like he's extending for a barspin, probably scouting it out for the second run that he didn't have to take. Has also already done that and half cab tailwhip in a video part...
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 @Jackers: Bradon actually did cab bar during last year Joyride practice
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 True although I'm sure Semenuk would've stepped it up on his second run if he had to. I doubt he was expecting Rheeder to one up him!
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 @Hyperx: dream on @ssh0le!
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 That is poor edit, FULL Highlights NOT!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Yeah it's more like a montage you'd expect to see at the end of the coverage rather than a highlights video. I thought watching the highlights would avoid having to watch the full replay but somehow I feel I have even more questions about what happened after watching it :-) haha.
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 @gavlaa: Yes drone would have been better than a really big drone called a helicopter
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 Anyone else find the TV coverage not as good as at the other events, Rotorua for instance? Those drone shots were too far away and the riders were hard to spot against the background beige.
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 Felt the same. Just because you can doesn't mean you should. Get rid of the helicopter too. I am sure it doesn't help with rider nerves either.
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 Yeah the helicopter shots really killed it for me, for example on Godzieks seat grabs, or Genons clicked table 3, it was the helicopter shot. Not being able to see the true extension really took away from the trick. There were also some shots where you couldn't see the landing, so you didn't know if the rider had made it or not
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 I feel pissed off about the fact that neither Rogatkin or Rheeder completed one run. Like semenuk had no direct rivals.
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 Do you think Rogatkin could of beat that run? Just curious.
Does he have 12 different tricks to match the variety and difficulty of Semenuks?
Not being a dick, but i think the course might of been too long for him unf.
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 @trickland: I'm sure there was a new trick in there somewhere for him. another cashroll variation or a twister variation
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: ya for sure, I've actually grown to like fire that Rogatkin has for sure. But he almost finished his run, with just the final move, and it wouldn't of happened there I don't think!?!
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 @trickland: he only had a few more jumps to make after that barspin crash so yeah he can score higher especially with that cashroll and twister. And yeah he has more tricks in the bag.
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 I mean Emil Johansson gave him a run for his money. Definitely a direct rival.
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 Is Semenuk's victory lap post-crash bar straightening in the highlight reel?
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 Read Semenuk's lips @2:31
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 fun yay!
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 "You might've dropped in cold turkey, but you flew like an eagle."

Way to go Tippie!
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 The coverage of the highlights might not of been that good but that was by far the best shot I saw of Semenuks Candy Rail or whatever that sick trick was. Love that guy! no homo
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 Such a bummer so many riders crashed. Never seen anything like it before. Its gotta be the course right?
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 Even if Nicholi had completed his run, he would not have gotten a better score than Brandon. Brandon was better in almost every jump without counting Nicholi's 1080. But you can not win the Joyride for one trick.
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 One trick? Really now. I didn't know cashroll and triple tailwhip, 360 tailwhip, double tailwhip, front flip tuck were so simple tricks.
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 Semenuk backflip candybar was fucking insane, you can see his foot touched the bar, scary as fuck
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 That's the most I've ever seen seminuk excited.
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 Respect to Nyquist. Showing the kids how to get it done. Makes ya pee a little.
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 All this production value and they can't export in 16:9 resolution. Come on guys, it's not 2010.
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 more like crashfest it is
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 Nyquist, WOW
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