Video: The Biggest Week In Product Launches...Maybe Ever?! | Pinkbike Weekly Show Ep 21

Apr 10, 2024 at 10:22
by Pinkbike Originals  

Welcome back to the Pinkbike Weekly Show! The past week has been absolutely hectic with the launch of MANY new and updated products. Christina and Henry get you up to speed quickly before Dario takes us into 2 Min of Tech, featuring the Rocky Mountain Altitude. The Devil's Avocado segment is pretty heated this week and we're stoked to have Jessie-May give us another 2 Min of Tech featuring the Mondraker Dune. And of course, we share the latest Pinkbike Podcast episode.

0:22 - Latest News + Product Launches
2:07 - 2 Minutes of Tech
4:54 - Devil's Avocado
8:36 - 2 MORE Minutes of Tech
11:00 - Latest Podcast Episode

Let us know your thoughts on downhill bikes. Do we need them? Do you have one? Why or why not?

Which product launch or review are you MOST excited about in the last week?

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 whether dh bikes are useful or not depends entirely on your mountain. I went to highland bike park couple of times and couldn't understand why some people were riding dh bikes there...they are not useful at that place. I ride in mont saint anne and the tracks are steep and very chunky. Sure you can ride an enduro but a dh bike gives you more comfort and reliability. Dh for the win
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 Waiting on new ATAC pedals. They've been on super-sale since SRAM bought them, so hoping there's new on the way. I half expect SRAM to just bury them because I have a VEEERRRRY low opinion of SRAM.
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 No reason to own a DH bike…except they fun as shit!
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 When people say you can't buy happiness, that's because they don't know about downhill bikes!
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 @christinachappetta: true I hated mine until I made it single speed and durable now it’s fun as hell.
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 I live next to a bike park in Christchurch plus I ride in Qtown heaps-a dh bike(actually park bike) is a no brainer-(Devinci Chainsaw dh mullet but with Fox 38 180mm,12 speed and dropper put on for this years trip to sea to sky so I can pedal and dont have to fly with two bikes)
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 Great episode! (that Rocky Mountain is soooo good looking)
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 My downhill bike weighs less than my enduro bike. I love that I can trust it so much and it makes me insanely happy.
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 Why did you made me hear 2 min. ebike review, so so cruel!
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 i take it you don't like 'loser cruisers' either? i don't hate e-bikers, just e-bikes.
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 It's cool that sea otter is still huge since so many trade shows died you-know-when
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 I’m only here for Christina…keep up the good work girl! ✌✌✌
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 I knew I wasn't the only one taking my bird along for a ride in my S.W.A.T.
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 You didn't mention Intend?

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 There was so much tech my head was hurting by the end. I need a break before Sea Otter
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 Intend doesn’t line PB pockets…
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 I was hoping to see the GrimDonut v3.2
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 Stoked to here about the updated Knolly Fugitive and the new RAWW bike
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 Its like Pond Beaver without the fun Taj graphics.
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 I think that's a compliment?? There was at least one great Taj drawing in there though!
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 Did Levy see the schedule for this week and decide to peace out immediately?
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 Knolly Fugitive 140
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