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Movies For Your Monday - Thomas Vanderham, Mike Hopkins, Tahnée Seagrave, Ryan Sheckler, A Race Horse, & More

Jul 28, 2023 at 17:36
by Scott Secco  
Quit Your Job: Since the dawn of time we've been seekers of advice and knowledge. We look to the stars, to those that came before us, or to the spirit world for guidance. This week why not look to a crew of inspired, creative, dirtbags that posses exceptional bicycle skills. The Baylis, Siggers, Perrault, and Mouseau bunch are back with this week’s piece of life advice: quit your job. If you were looking for a sign, this could be it. Join the crew for a week-long stint exploring the beautiful coal town of Fernie, BC. Fernie hosts some of the most spectacular mountain vistas in the province and is home to a wide variety of mtb trails. The area is also littered with some legendary freeride gems. The crew unlocked a few gems of their own with the help of a trusty sidekick(er). Building and hitting sketchy jumps and shaping small hills and ditches into tracks and trails while hanging with a crew of friends is how a lot of us first got exposed to mountain biking. Turns out that stuff never gets old.

Mike Hopkins - Timeless: Timeless.Everlasting stoke, unaffected by the passage of time. Mike has been one of the legends of the sport and. after 30 years, is still doing the same thing. It does not feel like getting old for him. Get a view on his journey and the timeless joy, since day one, for spending time on the bike.

Honouring Stevie Smith With Whistler's Newest Downhill Race Track, 1199: The excitement this years' RockShox Canadian Open Downhill brought to Whistler was really special. The race featured an all-new track called "1199," which was built and named in honour of Stevie Smith, paying homage to the total World Cup points he accumulated in 2013, the year he took the World Cup overall title. Stevie was an inspiration for many riders, but was particularly idolized by the younger, up and coming racers. His accomplishments on the track and overall passion for riding launched a momentum in Canadian downhill racing, and helped the next generation to realize that they could one day compete at the World Cup level.

Thomas Vanderham & Lucy Van Eesteren - Hidden Peak: With the completion of their new upper trail, AlpX invited Rocky Mountain riders Thomas Vanderham & Lucy Van Eesteren to open up the new terrain. This black diamond rated descent flows through 3km of high alpine descending before switching over to a 1km (100m elev.) climb trail to connect to the existing 9km advanced intermediate descent.

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Shires - A British Bicycle Film Trailer: Shires is a British bicycle film encompassing everything that's best about riding in the UK – the riders, locations, landscapes, iconic brands, and shite weather of the British Isles. Plus, it's narrated by Rob Warner.

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Left Beef: Left Beef is an internet video created by Derek McCuiston based on the idea of traveling to Vancouver Island to film and document the Akta MTB team riding their bikes. It is being described as “corporate yet tasteful,” a “perfect bike film,” and a “monument to Atka’s brand and hubris.” Join us as we explore the revered trails of south Vancouver Island.

Dan Liedahl - The Adaptable Adventure Artisan: Dan Liedahl is an unencumbered snowboarder whose mindset is driven, confident, and precise. Dan's snowboarding is unbound by environment and strikes a mindful balance between measure and madness.​ In the winters Dan paints a beautiful picture with his board, using the snow-covered mountains as his canvas. When the season turns, Liedahl uses the Jekyll as his tool of choice to create a loam-riddled
mountain masterpiece.​

The Women Sending Red Bull Hardline 2023: Red Bull Hardline is known for putting 30 of the world’s best and bravest male riders to the test, as they bid to tame the world’s hardest downhill mountain bike track. Before the main event was unfortunately cancelled due to extreme weather conditions in the Dyfi Valley, the ninth edition of Red Bull Hardline saw six of the best women mountain bikers push new frontiers on a course deserving of its intimidating reputation. Initiated by Red Bull athlete Tahnée Seagrave and Jess Blewitt - the first ever female to take to the Red Bull Hardline track in 2022 - the days leading up to the 2023 event saw some of the most talented and fearless female riders including Cami Nogueira, Hannah Bergemann, Vinny Armstrong, Louise Ferguson, and of course Tahnée Seagrave and Jess Blewitt take on sections of the notorious course for the first time.

Jakob Hartman: I linked up with the very talented Jakob Hartman to capture some footage of him riding some of his favourite trails in Squamish. If he isn't out riding his bike you can catch Jakob working on his beloved 81' Toyota pickup camper or working at Ride Hub Cafe.

Miguel Sousa - 24 Hour MTB Short Film: Today I took the challenge of making a mountain bike short film in 24 hours. To make it even harder, it had to be self-shot, meaning I recorded and rode my bike. Creating an idea that would be possible to make in 24 hours, together with the limited resources I had on hand, was very tough. The iPhone 11 Pro is a good quality camera, but nothing that could ever be compared with a real one. Getting the shot the way you want is much harder than usual.

Freak: "Freak" features the elite and hyper-talented Jordan Godwin, Alex Donnachie, Lewis Mills, and Felix Prangenberg, as they unleash mind-melting creativity, power, and futuristic tech magic on the streets of Amsterdam, Vienna, Seville, Bangkok, Cologne, Mallorca, and more. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Video: Rich Forne.

Marcel Andersen - CultCrew 2023: Marcel Andersen has been on a rampage all year from LA to NY. He is killing everything in from of him, all with a smile on his face...

Matt Nordstrom & Jacob Cable - Big Tech: Two of our tech-iest riders on the road together for a week. Can you compute? Guest clips from Mikey Andrew and Ryan Mills. Video: Zach Krejmas.

Ryan Sheckler - Lifer: Three years and multiple injuries later, Ryan Sheckler releases LIFER, his best video part to date. In true Sheckler fashion, he dedicated 100% of his energy to put together this video part - and it shows. Kick back and watch Ryan do what he does best at spots all over the world.

Jenkem Goes To Latvia With Madars Apse: We checked out old statues, sketchy abandoned DIYs, breakdancing locals, and other oddities that make Latvia such a fascinating place.

This Old Ledge - Embarcadero: There’s more to the spot than meets the eye. Follow Ted Barrow into the world where skateboarding, architecture, and the concrete jungle collide to spark the magic of modern street skateboarding. We start at EMB.

Under Your Nose: Often, we dream too far away to appreciate what is in our backyard. Sometimes, the simplest way to start exploring is by looking outside your home’s door. Tapping into an intimate journey of two Arc'teryx athletes, 'Under Your Nose' follows Norwegian rock climbers Thilo Schröter and Tina Johnsen Hafsaas on their adventures exploring the fjords around their new home in Flatanger. Norway has never been a home for Thilo, he was born in the Netherlands and lived in Sweden before moving to Oslo when he was 8 years old. Nevertheless, he was able to create a deep inner connection with this land, understanding the true potential of these areas and bringing to life a lot of new boulders to climb on. Tina, instead, was born and raised in Oslo, and one of the first things she learned as a kid was to live “leaving no trace." A way of life that is stuck to the culture of this country, a way of life that keeps Norwegian nature pristine. Now that are part of the community in Flatanger, it’s also their responsibility to preserve those amazing places. A story driven by the passion for climbing, that brings us visions of the Earth seldom seen.

Primitive: Gisele Bruhwiler moved to Tofino when the now renowned Canadian surf town was nothing more than a small fishing village. Since then, she has raised an entire family of pro-surfers, but did so the old way, showing them how to sail and live off the land. Despite speaking a different language and being generations apart, Gisele and her grandson Kalum share an unconditional love for the ocean and this primitive lifestyle that's been lost with changing times.

Sky Migrations: Each fall our skies fill with the wings of migrating raptors. This ancient migration spans two hemispheres, binding our backyards to the forests of the far north and the wildest corners of South America. A network of volunteers and biologists stand ready to document each pulse of the migration by collecting data that may arm us with the means to better understand the health and wellbeing of these wayward fliers and the landscapes that sustain them. Sky Migrations is a film about a journey that embeds us in this epic migration for a brief moment, telling the stories of those who, with eyes cast skyward, tuck themselves atop mountains to help ensure that October skies may continue to flood with raptors, and that wilderness itself lives on.

The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere: In 2003, Japan was plunged into economic darkness, and its people needed a ray of hope. They found one in Haru Urara, a racehorse with a pink Hello Kitty mask and a career-long losing streak.

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 Fair play to Sheckler that was crazy good
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 For real!
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 skateboard crashes are always the worst...
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 Just like Nyjah, he has absolutely no reason besides pure love of the sport to be pushing this hard this far into his career. Legends.
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 That ender and the back 3 over the spillway run off was pretty damn good.
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flag nevertoofast (Aug 1, 2023 at 7:05) (Below Threshold)
 He found Christ my dude. That's the only play
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 Great clip but the Song was dampening
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 @michaelheinrich: Downvoted by haters who are jealous of Shecklers connection with Christ. Wow. Go case a jump
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 @nevertoofast: WWJTTC (Who Would Jesus Tell To Crash)?
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 @nevertoofast: Follow up question: WWJD (Who Would Jesus Downvote)? "I like your Christ; I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." -Gandhi
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 @barp: @barp: Being a Christian, this statement is still true. I personally strive to be more like Christ, and I'm saddened when people claiming to be christians act in a non Christ honoring way.
Anyway, an athlete finding peace in something should be honored, even you don't agree with it.
(obviously assuming it doesn't infringe on others rights,)
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 Bring on Shires! Got my tickets for the prem in Fort Bill. A day of racing to watch and then this... Perfect! Big Grin
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 As a skater kid in the early 90s, that Embarcadero piece holds a special place. Thrasher also did a separate piece on Hubba Hideout about a week later.
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 If I went into racing I would for sure be MTB's version of Haru Urara.
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 Anyone else see: "Miguel Sousa - 24 Hour MTB Short Film", and at first glance think it's a 24 hour long youtube video?
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 Dang how incredible is FREAK..... BMX is so cool.
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 women are badass

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