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Jan 15, 2023 at 23:29
by Scott Secco  
Caleb Holonko - Welcome To NF: Caleb Holonko ripping North Vancouver. Welcome to the pack. Video: Matthew Tongue.

Carson Storch - Electric Beaver: "Electric Beaver" is a project that stemmed from our collected passion for moving dirt. It was a challenging build, I had a lot of help along the way, and it is so rewarding now that it's finished and this video is out! The long term goal of this project is to have it live on, so keep your eyes peeled for future endeavours that include this line. Thank you to the partners who helped make this a reality: 10 Barrel Brewing, RedBull, SR Suntour, Ride Concepts, Can Am Off-Road, and Bros & Hoes Landscaping. Video: Christian Rigal.

The World's Toughest Mountain Bike Race: Santa Cruz Stone King Rally is the evolution of backcountry MTB enduro competition. Containing the same blend of wild adventure and gravity racing excitement that Trans-Provence introduced in 2009 and refined over the course of a decade, we now take things to new levels on a 100% original itinerary from the High Alps to the Mediterranean. Stone King’s truly transalpine itinerary - crossing the Alps’ central watershed not once but twice - will take in two countries and four distinct regional areas: the majestic Queyras Regional Park (France), the mystical Occitan Valleys of Piemonte (Italy), the wild Roya Valley (France) and, last but not least, the revered coastal mountains of Liguria (Italy). Each of these zones contains its own brand of mind-blowing descents and incredible journey-style trails. The inextricable link between these trails, the cultural heritage and the agricultural or industrial history of each valley is critical to the spirit of a backcountry adventure like Stone King; riders will experience in a variety of formats a thread of associated stories throughout the race and tour versions of the itinerary.

Lost Paradise 2 - Making Of: Behind the scenes on Elliot Laptore's latest edit.Full video here.

Bernard Kerr - A Week in Whistler: When you're feeling fit and riding at a World Cup pace, there's no better place to ride than Whistler. Step beyond Bernard Kerr's LSD's for a week at Crankworx Whistler.

Fabio Wibmer - Street Life: Freeride and street trials extraordinaire Fabio Wibmer is back with another action-packed edit, filmed in and around the French city of Nice.

Reason To Ride: An MTB film featuring riders from across the UK hitting the trails and sharing their Reason to Ride. Video: Robert Montandon. Featuring: Matt Simmonds, Sian Dillon, Seth Barrett, Becci Skelly, KJ Sharp, Luca Thurlow, Leith Rowe, and Henrik Jensen.

Offline - Cece: The sport documentary series Offline will allow spectators to discover the Specialized athletes through the eyes of an individual, the one who knows them best. For this first episode, we met Cecce, a Corsican Enduro mountain biker. His father, Alain, told us the great story of an overflowing life, full of energy and desire to live in harmony with nature. Through the landscapes of his native island, Cecce takes us in his contrasting land, between sea and rocks, between action and contemplation.

Lion Hirsch - Home, Sweet Home: There is no bad weather, there is only time to ride! Lion Hirsch shows you how to have fun at winter time. Video: Lex Averyanov.

Gary Young - 20 Years & Counting: Surprise! Gary Young has been on Odyssey for twenty years now, and so we wanted to create something special to celebrate the man. We even managed to keep it a secret from him until now! Sit back, relax, and enjoy this documentary style piece that gives a look into what makes Gary such an extraordinary human on and off the bike. Thank you Gary! Video: Zach Krejmas.

Killian Limousin - To Lose Your Mind: Pedal sliding into the new year with Killian Limousin's new video part, filmed on the streets of Toulouse, France for BSD - To Lose Your Mind.

Julian Molina - Can You Film This? CYFT highlights GT’s up and coming generation of riders. Initially a project to not let the typically bro-cam footage that was stacking up go to waste from those “Hey dude, Can You Film This?” moments. In time, the project gained momentum and evolved into a full-length we couldn’t be more proud of.

Lizzie Armanto - Followed:Join our day with Lizzie as we start at her and Axel's home. After a thorough house tour, we get lunch at her favorite restaurant. Then we kick it at her ramp, where Lizzie gets a session going with her friends. A fun and mellow day giving you an insight into a day in Lizzie's life. Enjoy.

Tiago Lemos 808 Video Part: Join Tiago Lemos from start to finish. SF - Oslo - NY - SP. Video: Kyle Camarillo.

Walker Ryan's "Textures" Part: After wrangling every spot on Wilshire, Walker launches an international tour de force, weaving well-versed lines in the Mediterranean with an unreal assault on NYC’s iconic steps. This one is loaded from start to finish.

The High Life: What's it like running an over 100-year-old alpine refuge in the mountains near Chamonix, France, with two young children? For Sarah Cartier, the hutkeeper at Le Refuge de la Charpoua and mama of two, it's exactly what she needs it to be—a feeling of freedom that's kept her coming back for eight summers and counting. Magnetic and mystical with its towering granite walls and alpine light, Charpoua is a refuge from the speed and sounds of the world below. It's a place to revel in cooking, cleaning, raising children, climbing and supporting visiting climbers, too—to breathe in the high life while the rest falls away. Director: Pierre Cadot.

David Carson - All For A Few Good Waves: David Carson is arguably the world’s most well known graphic designer. All For a Few Good Waves is a short documentary portrait offering a raw glimpse into the life and work of David, an uncompromising genius, who refuses to be anyone but himself. After a career as a top ranked pro surfer and high school sociology teacher, he rose to prominence in the 90’s after art directing Transworld, Beach Culture and Ray Gun Magazines before going on to start his studio. With no formal design training, Carson took the design world by storm, upending conventions, and breaking traditional rules he didn’t even know existed.

Logan Pehota - Anywhere From Here: Logan Pehota had a season to remember while filming last winter. The big mountain legend put together a few incredible lines for Anywhere From Here! This exclusive full movie segment was the film's opener and it certainly kicked things off with a bang!

Mattias Frederiksson - A Photographer's Track: In this black crows doc, we follow the Swedish crow Mattias Fredriksson, who now lives deep in British Columbia, in his daily life as a ski photographer. Mattias is one of the most published photographers of his generation. Whether it's with his husky dog Tikaani, who completed more than 40 days of ski touring last season, or with his partner Elle, a Canadian by birth, Mattias is always outside, camera in hand and often with skis on his feet (or a mountain bike when summer comes). A living legend in a profession that has changed since he started in 1998 with the young Henrik Windsted, who was to become his friend, Mattias has taken some of the most beautiful photos of a sport that still drives him with a consuming passion. And as he says himself, "It's one thing to take good pictures, it's another to be a good photographer."

The Happiest Guy In The World: What kind of person takes a cruise not for a week or a month - but for the rest of his life?

Carson Storch

Photo: Tyler Roemer


  • 16 0
 If you have to keep telling everyone you're The Happiest Guy in the World, are you really? Seemed kind of sad to me.
  • 29 1
 It does reflect the human condition though. We tell ourselves we enjoy all sorts of activities when deep down there is no possible way. Take gravel biking for instance. . . Wink
  • 2 1
 @rrolly: unless you are a former roadie who lacks you know what
  • 17 0
 Advent calendar winners for your Monday?
  • 6 0
 Literally thinking the same thing. Or even the win it Wednesday from sdg and we are one. Hell any of the contest winners would be nice to see.
  • 1 0
 I can kind of understand how busy they are right now, I mean between the cave diving coverage to that dam climbing, everyone is super busy this time of year!
  • 3 0
 @aguirre184: SDG came by yesterday and we are working with their winner do get the custom bike rolling.
  • 2 0
 @WeAreOne: alright, alright, alright!!!! No envy here just wanna see the name of the lucky guy or girl who got this sweet ride; that’s part of why I’m eager/ excited about that contest. As is everyone else who signed up to hopefully win it.
  • 15 0
 Lifelong Cruising? If it works for him - great!
To me it would be living hell on groundhog day.
  • 12 0
 There is literally nothing appealing about going on a cruise, let alone living on a cruise ship.
  • 5 0
 That Lost Paradise death drop is not something you want to see on Friday Fails.
  • 2 0
 Really enjoyed High Life … would be great to see a follow up with Sarah and the new shelter …. Or a video of the new shelter being built. …..
  • 2 0
 What's this about LSD now?
  • 1 0
 I often wondered about people going on cruises every year, and with the same people.
  • 5 0
 I don't get it, but I know people who that's their thing, and they don't understand us either ("You wanna go sleep on the ground, in the woods, and shit in a hole? For fun?!").

My wife is like the black sheep of her family. Her parents and sister's family, go on cruises at least once a year and keep trying to talk us into going along. Her parents have even tried the guilt route, saying stuff like we're depriving our kids by not going (Depriving them of what? COVID? Food poisoning? Hours and hours with their screens 'cause there's f*ck-all else to do that they're not already bored of by day 2?). They can't understand that we have less than 0 interest in burning what precious little vacation time we get stuck on a plague boat with a couple thousand strangers, and would rather go camping/hiking/riding with our kids, who actually enjoy being outside.
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 I don’t think we’ll ever see the advent winners, OR the grim donut, OR an acknowledgment of Alicia. Come on, ya’ll - be better!
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 808 kick drum, 808 clap.

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