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Video: WynTV Track Walk - Bielsko-Biała DH World Cup 2024

May 16, 2024 at 11:41
by Wyn Masters  

Wyn hits the all new World Cup track here in Szczyrk, Poland for track walk day to see how everyone is feeling coming in to World Cup Round 2 this weekend.

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 Come on warriors, tell us all how much of a bikepark track it is now. Looks mint to be fair.
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 If Windrock is your bike park Wink
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 The problem is that it looked sh*t on the video, people always forget that cameras have really hard time capturing stepness. When I walked it I felt like someone cheated on me, even my dog got tired walking this uphill...
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 Pros love it - looks sick.. can we delete all PB comments from yesterday? ..who owes Dak $20?
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 @pisgahgnar: Assuming TommyNunchuck is from the UK, I would guess it is not.
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 Pros themselves (not just pinkers) said they were unsure after seeing the first go pros some time ago.
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 Track is the new BMX background! Awesome seeing Gloria doing so well in DH. It must help that it’s actually fun.
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 dannys part had me cracking, hes getting funnier with every interview Big Grin
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 Agreed, such a laugh. Bring on the weekend
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 What do you want to know?
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 the best part of every wyntv!
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 Win TV rules! It is by far the best thing about mountian biking reportage and also cultural education! Mainly because Wyn is the Man!
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 The Devil's lettuce, lmao
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 My young kids just think snowshoe has a problem with skunks. My ten year old put 2+2 together recently for the first time.
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 Love Wyn TV. Puts some perspective on things.

Pinkbike warriors.... Track looks lame, BMX track, faster on an enduro bike, DH has gone soft, I want slow janky corners off steep chutes coz that's what I ride
World cup racers.... Track looks sick, bit of everything, it's gonna be wild.

The steep bit of the track is probably steeper than those steep jank trails, it's just that world cup racers make it look so much easier than it actually is.

Can't wait for this one. My money is on AP for the win and Asa for fastest time of the day. (But I wouldn't bet on that, it's just what I want to happen) And Greg Wil to be on the podium.
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 So quiet here. Wonder why...
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 Danny looks like Les Claypool with those glasses.
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 Amaury Pierron is getting back into the flow after Fort Bill… He’s gonna be flying at this track.-
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 fck Wyn 54min! I need more beers...
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 So good to see not only a new track but a new destination on the calendar, more of this please!
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 Yak sheh mahs? Smile ) Wyn is killing it every time

Hopefully Poland will be something more for him than vodka and Borat like quotes Wink
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 I've heard lots of positives already. Talking up the cuisine a bunch. The area looks beautiful.
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 What a show but the Fabian was the best one ,what a real amazing one ,I laughed out loud ,I’m still laughing,the best for “shore “,I bet even all the friends of fabien show them that ,what a moment :-)))),the best ,what a show
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 After watching 30 times ,it is the best one ,of any other thing I have seen in a long time ,it is probably the best impersonating thing my very far ,what a piece of art ,well done wyn,it might seam easy but it was brilliant,the real fabien,it is really him :-)))
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 Someone better pay Dak his money!
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 I’m sorry but the 3 one was another big laugh ,what the F is happening wyn ? You must really love the man cause you only joke with the ones you love ,what a fantastic track walk :-))))
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 Loïc is looking good!
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 ... and Danny is sounding fun, as always Smile
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 @danstonQ: "wouldn't even be able to smell you" :-)
Nice loopback to 800 Episodes ago, when he asked Wyn to take a shower.
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 Hyped. This is going to be sick—they like it!
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 I wonder how rough/developed the track will be come Sunday when they have to go fast.
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 I’m sorry,,watch it like 20 times that Fabien part and I can’t help it ,laugh every time ,Fabian should be proud he made a mark on people ,great rider ,great person
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 A brilliant mix of riders, well done Wyn.
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 Soo good Wyn! Gets me fired up to go visit a world cup and just be cheering an all weekend
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 LOVING THE LONG FORMAT WYN! Forever a grey haired fan ! Cheers
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 Danny Hart is the Ozzy of WCDH
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 The Luka part was a laugh,and then the real part of fabien one was what the real deal ,what a person,the best fabien
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 Another winning long run time from one of the Old Dogs.
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 Damn is more entertaining than WB broadcast... just flight this hour...
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 Gonna be a good weekend.

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