5 Bikes from the North American Enduro Cup

Jun 18, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  
Amy Morrison and her Fuji Rakan LT. Amy battled all weekend for the top pro women's spot, eventually finishing second by just 7 seconds.

Photos: Cam Sloan

Porsha Murdock and her Specialized Enduro. Porsha took the third step of the pro women's podium.

XTR, PNW, and a tire plug.

Nifty storage.

Bryce Oxley and his Cannondale Jekyll 29.

Bryce is a fan of this OneUp and Rev Grips cockpit with moto handguards.

The stem tool plus these extras should be enough to tackle most bike problems that would likely arise during the race.

Hannah Bergemann and her Transition Sentinel.

Flat brakes and robot shifting for Hannah.

Aaron Bradford and his Transition Spire.

This long-travel Spire looks like it would be a lot of fun over all the rough stuff at Silver Mountain.


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 Really though- is this all the press this event is getting on Pinkbike?

Silver is fantastic, and you should go there. Drink beer on the Gondola and enjoy 3500’ descents. Get in the River when you’re done.
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 Agreed. I've never been there but hope to visit once borders open. My beef is that this this is a big North American event and we've seen better coverage for races in Asia and South America. EWS is cool, but Pinkbike needs to help the sport grow by bringing more attention to national level racing.
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 @zacjob: But at the same time you have the Crankworks in Austria, that are imo more interesting
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 You might want to stay out of the river...

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 @adrianjensen84: that’s just down stream.
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 @samdeatley: Damn! Some river time would have made the weekend a lot better.
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 Gangavator FTW
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 O common there were like 5 new Jekyll's there. The course was amazing! Go visit Kellog and stop by Radio Brewing company when you're done!
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 I feel like all these photos could have been compiled into some sort of sequence of moving pictures.
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 DM me your address and I will mail you the print version....you cut out the pictures and flip from one to the other really fast.
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 Barely any NAEC coverage, and zero coverage of The Dirty Sanchez Enduro??? BLOWING IT.
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 that Transition Sentinel is bad as
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 Beautiful lines, but that babyshit brown color is not for me. Seen enough of the real thing in life.
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 @RayDolor: if it was gangrene and all XT I would be even deeper in debt
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 @RayDolor: its yellow tho
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 That red/yellow hub combo really works for me, too. Not usually into the mismatchy mismatchy.
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 Yeah very nice looking bikes from transition atm. I’d honestly like some feedback on Hannah running the Zeb - my impression with both the Zeb and the 38 was that these larger stanchion forks would be rider weight related choices… as in if your sub 65kg run a 180mm Lyrik and if your over 85kg much better of on the Zeb… in between those and it’s a give and take etc. is this the case or what?
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 Some sweet rides! I love seeing tires other than maxxis in these photos. There are so many great tires available nowadays and people are figuring it out!
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 Can't wait for the full write up on this one. Need a bike check on the Stage 4 drunk interference Smile

So many S-Works in the field, that purple looks pretty dope.
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 @Rigidjunkie I've seen one in my LBS and the Raspberry/Copper color way is a beautiful thing.
These pictures don't do it justice. The Copper really pops in person.
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 You keep tools in your SWAT? Noobs
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 A fuji, specialized, cannondale and two transitions cool.
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 I never see Fujis, but somehow I want one. A remnant of some hazy childhood memory, I suppose.
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 Anyone know what tool wrap that is on Bryce's Cannondale seat?
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 Scratch that, looks like a Spesh mountain swat, screwed to the Spesh saddle.
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 Anyone know what handguards are om Bryce’s Bike?

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