Aaron Gwin's Off-Season, Episode 2 - Video

Mar 28, 2017
by Red Bull Bike  

Fans are used to seeing Aaron Gwin take the top step of the podium weekend after weekend, but what we don't get to see is what goes on behind the scenes in the making of a World Cup winner.

In this second episode of our Off-season series with Gwin, he introduces us to his friend and long-time mechanic, John Hall.

We see the two working together on the trails at Lake Elsinore, California, showing us exactly what a winning duo looks like. And once he's done tearing up the trails, there's always time for some fun with his friends.

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 I used to like Aaron Gwin until I realized he likes pineapple on his pizza.
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 So good to watch him in the climbing gym and know there is one thing I am better than him at...barely
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 Totally, first thing i thought.
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 When I grow up I want to be just like Aaron.....*looks up his age and realizes we are the same age.* Goes back to being depressed.
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 get on my level, when I grow up I want to be like Jackson Goldstone
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 Onza: Hey Gwin, we feel like we're not getting much out of this sponsorship lately. Maybe you should consider mention us in a sentence down the road in your next video.
Gwin: done.
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 subtle tire plug
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 If I designed some tires, I'd be mentioning them too any time a camera turned on me.
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 "I appreciate you" Sounds like a very healthy working relationship. Nice to see. Good stuff guys.

Also...that berm to berm trani was sick. Looks so rad!
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 he was quoting DJ Khaled, however, I'm sure he DOES appreciate his mechanic lol
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 That was much better than "I'll tell you what," which is one of the stupidest phrases in the English language.
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 @rrolly: Aren't Canadians supposed to be nice?
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 @Thustlewhumber: sorry Wink That phrase drives me crazy, though.

I'll tell you . . . . . "what?" Seriously? That makes no sense.
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 @rrolly: How about "I'm fixin to tell you what for, yall."
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 The ability to ride and decide in a split second (or less) what can be ignored and just smashed and what you have to actually physically react to, seems to be a skill the pros have dialed. . . Watching him at speed is something worth doing - and all the pros. You learn so much from line selection and position on the bike and attitude while riding.
Love it.
I got to race against his bike at Mammoth this last summer. How's that? A super awesome dude in my age category was riding Aaron's bike, and chatting with the dude and Aaron was the highlight of my week.
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 Aaron needs a sidekick
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 "Troy Brosnan perks his ears in anticipation"
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 Angel Suarez?
  • 4 0
 Neko unchained Mullally
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 @JoseBravo: Brothers Unchained
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 Canadian bacon with pineapple?... Dafuk?
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 Canadian Bacon is ham. It's a hawaiian pizza.
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flag HpSauce (Mar 28, 2017 at 22:37) (Below Threshold)
 @Dethphist: Pineapple does not belong on any type of pizza, ever.
Especially not when ruining perfectly good meat...
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 @HpSauce: don't let it ruin your day, sweetheart xo
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 @HpSauce: Then don't come to NZ haha pineapple is the shizzzzzzzle ma nizzle down here
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 "hawaiian pizza" is a staple of every SoCal native's diet, good sir.
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flag HpSauce (Mar 28, 2017 at 23:11) (Below Threshold)
 Actually, Pineapple isn't even food. It should all be killed with fire!
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 @HpSauce: In a 100-gram serving, raw pineapple is an excellent source of manganese (44% Daily Value [DV]) and vitamin C (58% DV), put your silly sauce on it and you will love it
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 @glenno: Maybe I was just too traumatized in my childhood by the horrible Pineapple Puppet from the Telefrancais TV show!

(I much preferred the meat pies when I was in NZ last... MMmmmm... Om nom nom...)
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 No Pineapple on Pizza, sounds like no milk in the coffee after 8am or no meat on Friday. Enjoy your abstinence - in mute solitude. What else? No E-bikes on MTB trails?
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 @HpSauce: haha that show was hilarious
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 love it, reminds me go going up to Whistler ....mmmm so good!
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 Battle it out with the Bros
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 You can say whatever you want about the Gwinner but everytime I see him ride I want to hop on my bike and shred! Just pure joy on two wheels!
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 Its always a good time seeing pro athletes just being humans.
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 how many takes on that no-look?
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 he had me at Canadian bacon
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 I can't be alone thinking that this guy should be a on the Hardline invite list (and that RedBull should suggest he attend).
Gwin's got the style that track deserves.
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 I like the look into Gwin's life. Finding out that he has some personality. I've been a fan since his Trek days and this just solidifies it.

That said, why isn't there a YT mob dh team video series? Do these guys not train together?
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 So if Gwin forsees even more good results I dosent bode well for everyone else! Seems like a really nice dude and a good ambassador for the sport.
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 Id back that up... Gwins got an attitude thatll keep him above the rest no matter the results. One of the only pros Ive known to strike up random convos with am racers about courses, etc. Pushes a positive vibe every time Ive seen him at a local race
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 Mr efficient. That hill looks awesome.
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 great vid ! really enjoy these vids see pro riders being just so cool about everything, and looking smooth too, best of luck to him for the season !
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 John's a bro
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 He's so friggin good! Crazy how much speed he carries through everything
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 Just good vibes from this. Seems like he's got it just the way he likes it. Cannot wait for the season to start!
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 Nice Volkswagen .
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 Rockclimbing in jeans? He's a hero
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 He takes up so much space on his bike in corners...its amazing to watch this guy
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 YEAH JOHN BOY!!!!! You're my boy blue!!!
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 Love everyhing about Gwinny just inspires me me to ride.
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 Does anyone know the name of the song while he is riding?
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 I want my own trail repairer now as I ride done the trail.
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 how many people are going to try to beat gwins 56 pushups ;D
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 He sure knows how to have fun
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 Gwin drives a GT3? f*ck my life
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