Endura's New MT500 Full Face Trail Helmet and MT500 Knee Pads - Garda Trentino 2019

May 5, 2019
by Daniel Sapp  

A few months back, we had a brief look at Endura's new full-face helmet with Ross Bell's factory tour but we didn't have any details at that time. This weekend, at the Riva Bike Festival, Endura launched that helmet along with some new pads. Several athletes including the Athertons and their new bicycles were in attendance. Check out the details below.

MT500 Full Face Helmet

The new MT500 full face helmet is Endura's full coverage but lightweight helmet, weighing in at a claimed 640 grams with padding on the M/L size. It features Koroyd's energy absorption technology to help dissipate impact forces and is designed around the needs of enduro, dh, and bike park riders. It is fully DH certified and meets ASTM F1952 and CE Standard EN1078:2012 + 1 A1:2012.

The Koroyd system uses many copolymer extruded tubes that are thermally welded into an engineered core. On impact, Koroyd claims the tubes are designed to crumple instantly and consistently to absorb more force with greater predictability than other helmet technologies, thus reducing injuries.

The full face helmet has quite a bit of ventilation with huge vents in the face guard and is designed to breathe well enough that riders don't feel the need to remove it on climbs. Why no removable face guard? Endura claims that in their research, riders preferred either having it or not, most of the time and that when they had to transition to using it or not using it, they ended up leaving it off, riding without face protection, more often than not after the first few transitions.

The helmet also has antibacterial padding that is designed to wick moisture away and a fully adjustable retention system that can be dialed in with a micro-adjust fit system.

The chin bar is built around an internal skeleton and is designed to provide strength without producing too much extra weight. It's available in three sizes and comes in forest green and black colors. The MT500 full face will sell for 229.99 EUR.

MT500 Hard Shell Knee Pads

The MT500 Hard Shell knee pad is designed to deliver more protection in more demanding situations. They have a custom molded hard-shell front designed to ward off harder hits from pointy rocks. Under that, there is a D3O insert to give protection and shock absorption. On the sides, there is a PU foam padding for lateral protection.

The pad is secured via a loop strap system and is available in two sizes, Small-Medium and Large-Extra Large. It's certified to meet CE EN 1621/1 standards. The pad will sell for 89.99 EUR.

MT500 Lite Knee Pad

The MT500 Lite knee pads, or LP1, are Endura's lightweight and more ventilated pad. Endura claims that the flexible D3O pad increases the insert's breathability by 45%. It is made to be minimalist enough to ride in all day while still providing ample protection and it is ENTH1612-1:2012 level 1 certified. The pad is held in place with a Jacquard loop system. The MT500 Lite will sell for 79.99 EUR.

I had the chance to very briefly check out the MT500 full face helmet and hard shell kneepads at Riva. The helmet is indeed extremely lightweight and appears to be very well constructed. The pads are also well constructed and seem as if they would offer a large amount of comfort along with protection. Stay tuned for more impressions once we have time on the trail with this gear.

More info at www.endurasport.com

Photos courtesy of Endura


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 "Engineered for safety" ...well I mean, yeah. Right? I would hope so, it's a helmet after all.
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 A Swedish architecture critic and authot has been lecturing on a multi day course I attended to. He gave us a question to answer: “how to tell whether description of a product is full of crap”. He then said, one of prime signs is: advertiser/ author uses a higher virtue to describe the product, now try to replace it with the opposite. If it comes out hilarious, it means it is Pure BS.

Engineered for Danger.

Not that bad but actually makes more sense in this version.
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 @WAKIdesigns: should read engineered for legs. What's the opposite of legs? Gels? Eels? Eels up inside ya
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 @browner: my hovercraft is full of eels!
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 @WAKIdesigns: For an odd moment I had Austin Powers pop into my mind " Engineered for daaanger baby"... I think I need more coffee...
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 Is Artherton riding in a prototype pair or are production models really part mesh overlaying D30 insert? Seems like it wouldn't take much of a tear to loss the insert.
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 Or get it full of mud.
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 Tried these on in my LBS over the weekend, can confirm they are mesh but only on half the pad, maybe the other side of my knee doesn't need to breathe?
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 I heard those koroyd helmets tend to run hotter than normal ones despite the claims. It'll be interesting if it's the case here aswell. Lightweight is useless if it runs hot.
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 Yeah, the original Smith Forefront was a bit hot. The 2nd version is better.
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 Yes, I can't believe another cycling helmet maker has adopted this deeply-flawed technology: Koroyd obstructs airflow, plain & simple. I own a Smith Koroyd ski helmet, and on warm spring days, it doesn't breathe anywhere near as well as the non-Koroyd version my wife uses. As much as I like the idea of additional puncture-protection, orienting those little straws perpendicular to incoming air flow is just plain stupid. Did I mention they clog like crazy as soon as the snow flies? I'd hate to have to clean all that honeycomb after a muddy ride on a rainy day.
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 It's very difficult for the consumer to know whose marketing hype to believe. It would be good to see some really detailed comparison between all the different technology to show what features/technology we should be looking for in helmets. Better still an improved industry rating system which allows consumers to make informed decisions. A lot of people will be sold on the "lightest in its class" claim, but I'd gladly take on some extra weight if it means a reduction of risk of TBI.
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 It's a nice looking lid at a solid weight, but I think they missed out in not offering MIPS or some other such slip plane/rotational impact reduction technology. I can't really see buying a lid that doesn't have it these days.
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 The frog is boiled.
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 @WAKIdesigns: ha, I never hear that idiom.
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 @Svinyard: you mean throw a frog into boiling water vs throw a frog into cold water and then turn the heat on? Throw it inot boiling water and it will jump out, Increase the temperature slowly and you will boil the frog.
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 @WAKIdesigns: If you boil a frog slowly, it'll never jump outta da pot
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 @WAKIdesigns: why are you boiling frogs in the first place!?
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 @Milko3D: You boil frogs to sell more MIPS, obviously.
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 @Milko3D: protein
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 @Milko3D: Coz nobody likes to eat it raw.
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 @Milko3D: As a french, I'd say it's for a delicious frog-and-chocolate cake.
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 “Chin bar with Internal exoskeleton”?
Say what? It’s either internal or external. It can’t be both.
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 It's like an egg. There is an inside, an outside, and a shell. The outside of the egg is a chicken. The inside of the egg is also a chicken, with is the outside. So an egg is a shell between two outsides.
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 Did PB miss the release of the Atherton trail bike that's in the first picture....? Google only results in one bike site with news on it:
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Nope, we've seen it and will provide some more updates whenever there is actual information on it. It's all mostly speculation at this point still.

I didn't get fancy photos because on the same day the Athertons were around, I was off checking out something else new and exciting that I'll share the full details on soon. And, I haven't figured out how to clone myself yet.
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 Interesting to see the bike Gee has in that article is a 27.5, I would've thought for sure they'd all be 29. I'm now a bit more interested in this bike as it's not a bad looker...
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 Worlds first: “looks like an Atherton”
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 They hire the guy from Fox? Endura FullMT500Frame?

Koroyd in neat.
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 Nice DH rated helmet with advanced tech AND it's ultralight. Great lid for the groms out there.
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 Rach did not go goggles/Half shell, right?
Also, don't they wear BELL helmets, not endura?
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 Got the Mt 500 lite knee pads, they work very well.
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 That's good to hear - they look to be exactly what I'm looking for so I ordered them on a whim. Can always return but hoping they work out!
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 Please update on durability at some point. That designerish net looks weak. Even if it was made of steel wires I’d still be skeptical
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 I ordered these but now I think i should have got the hard shell version. :/
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 Looks awesome, I'd totally ride with that.
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 beefy helm
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 @JackStephen: nie pas et helm
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