Enduro World Series Round 4 Full Highlights Video

May 29, 2017
by UCI Mountain Bike World Series  

6 grueling stages in the Irish town of Wicklow was home to the Enduro World Series over the weekend and the racing was fierce. This video will give you a complete recap of what happened.

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 Sam Hill is really enjoying the @EnduroWorldSeries
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 well pedaling was never his strong suit. i think that's really why he switched to enduro.
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 @pieters: He is known as one of the best sprinters in the WC. Check the times at the bottom of Fort William and let me know
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 Its been a long time since people could say that Sam wasn't a strong sprinter and be right. He saw it as his biggest weakness and worked hard on it (trained by Sharples?) and even went to win the '06 world cup in Rotorua on a very pedally course.
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 @simaopdsousa: got the some of the times from the bottom of fort bill (aka last split when i could find it).

2016 21st at last split - finished 21st
2014 2nd at last split - finished 2nd
2013 2nd at last split - finished 6th
2012 3rd at last split - finished 4th
2011 6th at last split - finished 7th

the split times i bothered to find (your so welcome) confirm what you said.

panaphonic- you are right but, it has been said he doesn't excel on longer flatter tracks with more pedaling. also it was said he wasn't consistent.


but i think the most convincing proof that sam is a good peddler is when cipollini said "if i was any better at sprinting i would be sam hill"
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 Yeh, so good to see him really enjoying himself and being at the sharp end again!
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 The coverage has truly reached a highly professional level! Hats off to the whole media team!
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 Best covfefe out there for sure.
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 I want to buy a beer to everyone that puts together this videos. Thank you very much!
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 Great vid'. France is happy to offer you the two "greatest english speaking people with marvelous accent" Adrien and Cecile Smile Thumbs up !

PS : Sry for my english, I'm french you know...
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 Their English is awesome! Certainly better than my French.... Smile

It's turning out to be a great season for the French this year!
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 3000k of mtb trails on 260 locations, i think somebody's telling a few porky pies
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 Haha me too. That's an absurd over exaggeration. 260km of trails would be closer to the mark.
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 @humoroususername: that would only be 1km of trail per location?
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 @leftCoastBurn: there are definitely not 260 locations. There are 5 official ones that I know of. The rest are all secret/unofficial so I've no idea how they would even begin to quantify them. They certainly don't know the whereabouts of any trails I ride.
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 It's me or Dailly Lapierre looks visibly smoother than the rest on the field?
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 Yeah, maybe. The footage from the last round showed that Callaghan was super smooth too; almost looked like he was taking it easy.

Everyone looked ragged on the last stage in this race though.
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 Dailly is a bosssss... he will win the overall this year for sure!
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 @Trailstunter:*laughs in Sam Hill*
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 @NicoBoshoff: I don't think so...


Look at all years and before results... it was pure due to mechanical/flats that he wasn't winning most races this year.... Wink
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 @Trailstunter: Christ lad, you're some bandwagon hopper. Last time it was Maes, now Dailly. Do us all a favour and lay off the caffeine, or better yet stay away from the internet. There's enough drivel already without you adding to the mix.
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Stats don't lie huh, that is why you make it personal... just to try to make a point...

Your info is outdated.... My answer on first post... www.pinkbike.com/news/enduro-world-series-round-4-wicklow-results-2017.html#cid1701073

Facts Razz And stop talking as if you are the voice of others...

You are just another Hill lover... go lick his ankles Wink
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 I noticed the exact same thing -- if you don't look at the bike it looks like he's riding a world cup DH
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 Irish crowds look so rad! So sick to see!
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 My second year volunteering as stage Marshall for this even an it really is a cracker of a day out. After spending so much time watching the Pros on this it's crazy to get so see them do their thing on Carrick Mountain. What a day.
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 Great vid. That bloody music though.... christ.
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 euro trash is what we call it here in the UK
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 Well, I beg to disagree. I loved the music.
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 @PeteNoble13: Interesting, in the U.S. we simply call it trash.
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 Haha brilliant, in no way does that music convey the EWS properly @scott-townes:
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 Anyone know what happened to the 25 minute TV show that was supposed to be happening this year? Loving the coverage, particularly there with T-Mo/
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 Well I dont know is it just me or these coverage is getting worse? You get a quick shots of top 5 rider m/f on single location per stage and then some interview on how the winners feel, all covered by some shitty music. Come on! Give us footage of some other riders, maybe ask a random rider how his day was! All respect to Cecille but we all know that her days was great if she won! Show some fails and bails! Show us some trashed bikes! So what if a certain rider trashes a tire of certain brand! Show us so we know what happened to him!
Last race - Thomas Lapeyrie was on fire first few stages than had a mechanical - doesn`t he deserve to be interviewed?!
I understand that it is tough to fit everything in one video but I think that intro and rankings are taking too much time in there. Maybe do a seperate montage of "action" or interviews... And I miss bikechecks!
I think that this sport is sadly getting more into "mainstream" mode, showing just the champs and "super epic" shots. Something that avarage people wants to see but I dont think thats enough for us bike enthusiasts!
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 Agreed. The locations & scenery have been awesome this year!
But all of the videos have been the same this year.
Seizury action shots, followed by Rick talking about the stage results that we can read for our selves on the results page, followed by Cecile telling us about how she didn't think she would win, but then she won.
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 EWS is pretty exciting.
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 The coverage is fine for those who know the format but newcomers wont understand how the race works. A short bit explaining that and the timing system would help. That and a better description of each stage and the notable features on it and what makes it tricky.
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 At the start of the season maybe but not needed half way through. It would be like the bloody copyright message at the start of DVDs if they did it every time, super annoying.
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 I'm just wondering when Rick is going to give his little sister those jeans back he borrowed?
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 *spend all day thinking how the hell i gonna get 16min free time at work to watch this*
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 Amazing coverage! This is the best so far. So many different location shots and the aerial footage. I was late for work watching this - Brilliant edit! :-)
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 So awesome to see Ireland stay on the EWS circuit since the first one (that I was at) 3 years ago. Loved the highlight video. Made me feel better about not being there Smile
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 Haven't had a dry race yet this year, it seems.
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 Enduro Wet Season at the moment
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 Really great coverage. Loved the chopper shots.
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 How many 29ers in the top ten? (cos we all know they are faster...)
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 Soooo much faster and better in every way. And faster too. And better rollover and bigger contact patch. And faster.
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 @leftCoastBurn: Exactly, their lack of representation in the top ten must just be down to bad luck...
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 Any idea of the song title starting at 8:37? Thanks!
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 So jazzed after watching this. Love your work team!
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 I'm absolutely loving the drone shots.

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