Full Film: Classic New Zealand Riding from 2009 in 'Local Knowledge 2'

Apr 13, 2020
by Jono Drew  

The Classic New Zealand Downhill/Freeride Mountain bike video from 2009

DVD Front LK2

Shot during the Summer of 2009 LK2 take us all over New Zealand From Auckland to Queenstown.


Sam Blenkinsop
Brook Macdonald
Wyn Masters
Cameron Cole
Kieran Bennett
Kelly Mcgarry (RIP)
Brett Frew
Karl Bensemann
Luke McCombie
Matt Scoles
Mike Davis
Sam Baker
Zach Baker
Daniel Franks
Jimmy WIlson

and Internationals
Ben Cathro
Joe Barnes
and Gary Forest

All before they made it at the Big Time (or Retired)


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 how can they do that stuff on 26" wheels! how is that possible! The industry tells me i have to have 29!
  • 7 0
 haha was gonna post the same thing.....oh and without modern geo... and boost...sorry i mean superboost
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 Haha!!! Same thought. The vintage guy I am still rides his good old Slayer from 2008 in bike parks and I love the way kids look at me when I show up. I`m a rolling museum for them Smile
  • 9 3
 I lived in NZ for 3 years (2014 -17) and watching this movie makes me realise how much of the good vibe and culture of NZ is being lost for the benefit of tourism. Queenstown changed so much just over the 3 years I was there.
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 Riding is arguably better but the local club/ show up & dig trails on the weekend vibe has been lost for pay to ride trail centres
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 The local club scene and vibe in QT is as strong as ever. Weekly dig nights (which there wasn't back then), Club races held by local shops. Heaps of fundraisers an lots of GC"s having a sick time every day. Not to mention mcgazza fest which is the most homegrown non commercial event going in Mcgazza style. Sure there are more commercial builds but they are generally volunteer led by the club or trails trust. Small jobs are done by vollies and bigger ones that viollies couldn't do are done by contractors (disclaimer - we are one).
More trails here now and more riders. Be nice if more people dug and chipped in but thats all good
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 small wheels, coil forks and a lot of skills
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 For sure, bikes took a lot more skill to ride back then
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 I was riding my 2009 gambler up until 2018. Doing the same stuff I do now. To be honest it wasn't massively different. That bike actually took bigger hits better than my new gambler but it also had 230mm travel and it was very plush and linear.
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 Please make another DH Yeti! Or DJ... Or 4X
  • 2 0
 Agreed! I think the Yeti 303DH was one of the best DH bikes ever made!
  • 2 0
 @rpb10276: it was a totally awesome bike. I regret selling mine. If yeti makes a new DH I’ll be all over it
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 Was that really only 2009?
Could have sworn it was way earlier @LKTV ??
Like Pre Lahar imploding earlier..... Those shots with the Lahar were sick BTW you could see the rear wheel wobbling all over the show in the corner!
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 Lk1 which is also on the YouTube channel btw was in 06. Lahar winning worlds under Cam Cole time. Lk2 was 3 years later.
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 damn, someone would know the song at 3:50? since no credit appears, and it's not on the list shwon in the description on youtube, impossible to find out... even with the lyrics or shazam... thanks for the help. Wink
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 Wow that brought back so many memories. Sh&t I'm old ????
DH bikes are still the best.
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 Braaaaap! That has the old school Moto video vibe. Crazy how drones have changed the game!
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 Yep still find it sad I spent half a day helping rigging up a cable cam just for 10 seconds of Mike Davis going over a big drop.
  • 3 0
 @mudcycles: it's an important 10 seconds. That shot gets repeated for Sam Baker to. That was the biggest jump we put that thing off.

Longest run was the woodhill dirt jumps and we learnt a lot from your climbing efforts. That tree you climbed was scetch
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 That sure makes me miss my ‘09 Blindside with Marz coil on both ends! Most fun I’ve ever had on a bike.
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 Wynyard DH hasn't changed much! That was so sick to see Wynn and Bulldog rip it up!
  • 1 0
 I had to laugh Wynn looks like such a grom!....Was it filmed on a Wednesday?
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 Ben Cathro looks absolutely hilarious on that tiny bike!!
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 i felt like i was watching a sam pilgrim kids bike challenge lol
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 looks like they are riding on pitbikes :-D
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 How did those guys have any fun on those, short, steep, horrible small wheeled bikes?!
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 Such a good watch!

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