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Aug 25, 2016
by Pinkbike Originals  
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During Crankworx, A-Line was shut down for 3 hours while LIV held Women's only camps to help riders get comfortable on the world's most famous trail and its features.

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 Whoops, I'm in this video! Getting totally rad around the second corner, haha.
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 This is a father of 2 little girls this makes me smile.
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 This is nothing but good for the sport.
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 That was a super fun morning and I really enjoyed connecting with all the women I've met over the years in mountain biking as well as making new friends! That 10 year old, Brooke has inspired me to learn how to whip to my awkward side as she's a rad ambi-whipper. The only bummer thing was finding out that I had won the draw for the free bike but wasn't at the apres party to claim it! Doh!
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 Lesson learned. Don't ever skip the party
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 This makes me happy but also a tad bittersweet. Happy obviously anything that get's people enjoy riding and progressing more is a good thing. The sad thing is that there is apparently something intimidating with having guys around. Really, I'd be just as humble (being a guy) attending a bike clinic by Rachel Atherton than I would if I'd be attending one of her brothers'. I can learn loads from any of them and I suppose this goes for all of us. With the women I've had along on a ride is that they initially expect something different than what it really is. Most of them start out road cycling and get frustrated as the guys are often faster climbers. They do wait at the top of the hill but then start rolling right when the last one has arrived. Imo the worst thing you can possibly do. When we've convinced them to ride with us they find out that nothing really matters. Who's faster just rides more silly/stupid lines. There is no waiting, just more messing about. In my experience the new recruits soon are comfortable with that.

What is really important is that there is proper communication and that everyone accepts each others motives. Doing something tricky or skillful isn't showing off, there is fun taking on challenges. I recall one day I was going for an XC marathon in the Belgian Ardennes (just for the ride, not racing) we signed up for months before. I just happened to be pretty knackered that day (new girlfriend) so I was never going to be fast. So I decided to ride along with a new girl in the group (not the girlfriend). We rode with an equal mellow pace, I just bombed down the descends because that's what I like. Then left the bike at the bottom, walked back up to coach her through the tricky sections. We both had a fun ride. If she'd have considered my quicker riding a show-off it would have killed the fun for both of us. If I would only have waited at the end of the faster sections only to start rolling right when she'd arrive, she might feel like a miserable burden and would have dismissed me to just go ahead and ride the whole thing at my own pace.

I really welcome any comment from a lady here to get some insight into what's so intimidating about riding with guys. It is not supposed to be like that so hopefully we can fix that. The only thing I've heard so far (mostly from girls riding with XC racers and roadies) is that they feel like a burden. It is a social skill. Don't just wait, staring at the last rider in the group only to take off right when (s)he's arrived. Have fun, chat, practice your hops, trackstands, there's enough Macaskil can do that you can't yet so there is no such thing as just waiting. And when the last rider arrives, share the fun. Yet at the same time, accept that riders want to challenge themselves. There is fun in riding fast and going big. It is not to initimidate anyone, it is what people ride these bikes for. We've always had this approach on our rides and I've only seen smiles with new riders (no need to single out the ladies), heard them say how much fun they had, never noticed them being intimidated.

Don't get me wrong. This video shows people riding there bikes and clearly loving it. It is what it is all about, it is good.
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 Riding with guys is all fun and good, but one thing i've learned from riding with mostly guys is that its hard to progress the basics, like proper form, etc... because guys never really know what to tell women and often times chics just understand each other better so its easier to learn from one another.
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 @CalCod: Thanks for shedding some light on it. Seems valid and I'm glad it is not rooted in intimidation which, I thought, was mentioned somewhere in the video.
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 Thats awesome!

Good job ladies, nice to see stoke level at MAXIMUM Smile
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 Thank you ladies. All this inspiration to for my wife please keep it up!
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 Awesomeness, good to see such events with more women in the sport in all disciplines.
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 Love this, want to eventually take my now 5yo Daughter t this one day........but c'mon, only 3 hours?? Surely at least a full day is worthy of these lady rippers!!
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 Good job making a rad trail accessible!
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 I can tell you without asking my wife first. She is super jealous!
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 Those girls are killing that drop!!! Booooom
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 Great idea and glad to see it come together. Keep it up Giant/Liv and Whistler.
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 Keep breaking barriers, keep on rolling!
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 Speechless ...
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 That's awesome!
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 Girl power!
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 Great initiative.
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 Brilliant cant wait to visit with my Little girl
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 I wish my female siblings would get into biking!
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 So cool.
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 Hell yeah, Ladies!
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 I'm literally quoting the Liv instructor from the last climbing video. Lirl. Such internet chivalry!
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 @ICAS: If you're climbing A-line, you're riding in the wrong direction.
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