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Dec 23, 2019
by Scott Secco  
Ian Morrison, Meet Steve Smith: Ian Morrison needed some training for the Whistler beer league this summer, so he met the fastest man around, Steve Smith, for a day of training in Pemberton.

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Whistler 2012 - A Local's Guide: A few months ago Ian Morrison needed some training for beer league, so he called up none other than Steve Smith. Now, the tables have turned and Ian shows Steve the best of Whistler in preparation for Crankworx.

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Steve Ian 3 - The Saga Continues: "Spending copious amounts of time with Steve this summer I really noticed a few weak spots in his training program, so Mikey and I headed to Vancouver Island to guide him to further World Cup wins." - Ian Morrison.

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Kirt Voreis - 2019 Insta Jam Sandwich: Clips from my year on Instagram! Looking forward to 2020, turning 46, acting a fool, and shredding everything in my path! Thanks to all my filmers, Djambor, Fox digital media, Caleb Ely, Matt Collins, Metis Creative, and Russ Risdon.

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Breathe: We start this project at the beginning of this year. The idea was to create art through speed, jumps, and flowy trails. After many hours, many days, and many weeks, the track was reborn from the ashes.

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Joey Gough's Mixtape 2019: Put your headphones on and take a ride with me through some fun times in 2019.

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Equinox: Watch as Dylan Crane rides throughout the later seasons of the year and into the winter across Colorado! This has been a passion project between the two of us for a while, I wanted to create the music along with the video itself to capture a more relaxing, self-made bike film.

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Madness: Rider: @Sooczek Edited by: @nikifor88. Filmed by @adamparuchpl.

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Baxter Maiwald - Break An Ankle: I recently broke my ankle, and all this sitting around has me pretty bored. I've been riding for Canyon for a few years now and have filmed some pretty cool stuff with friends during that period. I decided to rip off all my friends videos, cut em up, and put together a few of my favourite clips. Credit goes to: RF Photographics, Dominic Hook Photo & Video, Flinders Johnsten, and friends.

(Password protected)
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This video is password protected.

Dark Corner: A mountain biking development project in the Pyrenees in the Aure Valley led by Mountain Lines. A real pleasure to have filmed on this spot, freshly built with a mechanical shovel in the mountains. Many means are used to develop our sport and here is the result of several weeks of work and a motivated team.

Kriss Kyle - Denmark: Getting creative at some of Denmark's most stunning locations.

Behind The Scenes With Kriss Kyle: Kriss Kyle tricks and styles his way through Denmark like never before, effortlessly flowing through the beautiful Danish landscape, riding in places other people can only dream of. See it all come together by going behind the scenes.

Sunland: School days with the New Balance Numeric team.

Keep On Pushin' Keep On Pushin' represents what skateboarding means to me, it is my way of thanking skateboarding for all that it has given me.

Form: Featuring legendary skateboarders: Kenny Anderson, Ray Barbee, Mike Carroll, Danny Garcia, Scott Johnston, Eric Koston, Brian Lotti, Daewon Song, and Jeremy Wray.

Pretty Strong - Official Trailer: From 5.13 big walls in Yosemite to 5.14 sport climbs in Mexico to V14 boulder problems in Colorado, Pretty Strong follows 10 of the world’s strongest female climbers as they explore new climbing areas, send hard projects, and push the boundaries of the sport and themselves. Putting badass ladies front and center, this film isn't about gender imbalance, or the sexualization of women, or what it’s like to have your period at the crag. This is a film about some of the best climbers in the world - some you know, some you don’t - doing what they do best: crushing hard rock climbs. The climbers featured include Nina Williams, Katie Lambert, Daila Ojeda, Hazel Findlay, Fernanda Rodriguez, and more. Pretty Strong is a climbing film about women, by women, and for everyone.

Freezr: Fly along and travel the world with this talented group of professional skiers through all aspects of the sport. Filmed entirely with FPV drones to create the most unique angles ever captured of skiing.

Tatum Monod - Bad Guy: Tatum Monod’s 2019 season edit follows her as she explores her backyard of Pemberton BC ,and its surrounding areas. Tatum returns to the big lines and hard charging style that has made her one of the best backcountry skiers in the world. With a mix of backflips, insane POV shots, and lots of smiles and laughs, Tatum proves once again that there is no one you would rather spend a day in the mountains with.

Fire On The Mountain - Official Grateful Dead & Chris Benchetler Film: From the mind of Chris Benchetler comes TGR's latest short film collaboration. Improvisation is the silver thread that weaves this crew together. Just as the Grateful Dead did not fit their music into an established category, this short film finds a cast of some of the world’s best athletes on a spontaneous journey of skiing, snowboarding, surfing, and music, complete with a soundtrack comprised of only Grateful Dead music. Narrated by Hall of Fame basketball player and television sportscaster Bill Walton with music supervision by David Lemieux, audiovisual archivist and legacy manager for the Grateful Dead, Fire On The Mountain features some of action sports’ most legendary athletes: snowboarding’s Jeremy Jones, Danny Davis, Kimmy Fasani, surfing icon Rob Machado, and skiers Michelle Parker and Chris Benchetler. Captured over the course of the winter by cinematographer Tyler Hamlet with the help of Sweetgrass Productions, the visual journey features never seen before visual effects within nature and original artwork by Benchetler and Skye Walker.

Thomas Deininger - Trash Artist: Early in 2019, we were searching for stories about interesting people in our area so that we could create some client-free creative profiles in our down time. Thanks to the infinite scroll of twitter, we were turned on to the work of this amazing artist named Thomas Deininger. It was actually a random tweet from the actor that plays Boba Fett in the Star Wars prequels that claimed Tom was one of the most inspiring creators he had come across lately. We were intrigued by the amazing artwork in the low quality GIF that he posted, and then, following the internet rabbit hole, we realized that he was from RI. His studio was less than an hour away, like everything in Rhode Island is, so our producer Kyle King made contact. Tom welcomed us into his world and shared his perspectives on some big themes and how his anxieties and fears about human consumption and plastic waste create the foundation of his medium for artistic expression. His art has so many layers of social commentary and with a super futuristic macro probe lens we were able to enter these microcosmic hot-glued havens of hedonism in order to confront this perverse plastic waste challenge that humanity *us included* needs to stop ignoring.

Sharkfin Soup - Jordan Tieszen Photo

Photo: Matt Boltz

To check out videos submitted by fellow Pinkbike members that didn't quite make Movie Mondays here.


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 Thomas Deininger's edit should be watched by all, I see the plastic flotsam daily on my front door (yes i am a privileged prick that lives on the shore with the ocean as my doorstep) As i have been living on my island for forty plus years & the amount of plastic has increased every year. My family and i take at least 1,000lbs of crap from our yard that is less that 100ft of shore in Alaska every year
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 The world needs some sort of WINDMILL EXPERT on the case !
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 "this film isn't about gender imbalance, or the sexualization of women, or what it’s like to have your period at the crag."

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 Kirt Voreis has always been and will always been one of my favorites, keep crushing it Voreis!
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 Thanks for the stoke!
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 Kirt Voreis: "this thing got a bar - i'm gonna spin it!"
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 Baxter Maiwald - Break An Ankle Is password protected.
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 The level of drone footage is pretty amazing in freezer. Video game like angles
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 Holy Smokes! Camera work, angles, and continuous shots were amazing on Freezr, amazing job!
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 This list is sponsored by Cycles Devinci
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 Voreis is too good.
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 These vids are making work a lil more tolerable today

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