Santa Cruz Syndicate welcomes new partners!

Feb 8, 2010
by Tyler Maine  
Source: Santa Cruz Bikes

The crowning of Steve Peat as 2009 World Champion put an exclamation point on the Santa Cruz Syndicate’s domination of the downhill arena for the past few years. Peat’s 2009 season put him in the history books - 17 career World Cup downhill wins, 50 World Cup career downhill podiums and finally the elusive championship - and he alongside teammate Greg Minnaar pushed the Syndicate to the pinnacle of success. Minnaar won three World Cup downhills in his first season aboard the Santa Cruz V-10 and captured the UCI World Cup overall in 2008. He continued his charge in 2009, winning three more World Cup races, thus scoring 6 of his 11-career World Cup wins during his two-year stint with the Syndicate. Young gun Josh Bryceland’s contributions to the squad with his Junior World Championship title in 2008 and 13th overall World Cup performance in ’09 has made the Syndicate the UCI #1 Downhill Team for two years in a row. More details inside,This success is only possible with the best products, riders and support out there. We would like to welcome our new sponsors to the Syndicate for 2010 and thank continuing sponsors for their commitment to the program. Our new partners are Edge Composite carbon wheels, Chris King for headsets and hubs and we are back on board with Maxxis Tires. Muc-Off has added their top of the line lubes and cleaners for Syndicate use and we greatly appreciate the continued support from SRAM, RockShox, Truvativ, Avid, WTB, Crankbrothers, Lizard Skins and Clif Bar.

The Syndicate roster remains stacked with reigning World Champion Steve Peat, Greg Minnaar and Josh Bryceland pinning it in the downhill arena, Jamie Goldman rocking the freeride world, and John Waddell is down under racing XC and endurance races.

Rob Roskopp, owner and CEO of Santa Cruz Bicycles, says, “I’m excited to see the Syndicate continue on for the coming years. It’s been a huge source for R&D, allowing us to come out with so many advanced products in such a short time. Having such a dynamic group of people has contributed to the overall success of Santa Cruz Bicycles.”

“Syndicate represents some of the best racers in the world, so what better program to show off our range of SRAM, RockShox, Avid and Truvativ product? SRAM is proud to be part of the fun that is mountain bike racing. SRAM loves racing, and of course winning so the Syndicate is an ideal fit. We’re looking forward to another great season!” ~ Eric Schutt, SRAM

“We at EDGE are very excited to be working with the Syndicate, we are excited to see the result of great product paired with great performance. We feel the DH environment and extreme capabilities of the riders will be the most defining way to demonstrate what sets the EDGE branded products apart from all others.” ~ Jason Schiers , EDGE Composites

“Maxxis is delighted to be back working with the Santa Cruz Syndicate. We have long admired their quest for perfection and with riders such as Peaty, Greg and Josh on board we are not only looking forward to more podium success but also the R+D feedback that such an experienced team can provide." ~ Leo Liao, Maxxis

“I've had 2 great years with the Syndicate, so why change something that works? We have a couple new changes to our Santa Cruz V-10 for 2010. We're going to be rolling on carbon with EDGE Composite rims, we will continue to be Powered by SRAM/RockShox and would like to welcome back the best rubber in the business, Maxxis. With a V-10 set up with such amazing equipment, I can't wait for the season to kick off!” ~ Greg Minnaar

“Its great to be part of the Syndicate family again. We have built up a pretty special group over the years and I feel we have the best support from Santa Cruz Bicycles and all our affiliate sponsors. Whether I am out riding my V-10 or one of the many great bikes Santa Cruz makes, I am always happy and having fun because I know I’m on the right equipment. The Syndicate program has gone from strength to strength over the years and 2010 is no exception. We have had test sessions on new equipment that I think will raise our game considerably for the coming season.” ~ Steve Peat

“I’m Superstoked to be spanking some shred with the raddest savages in the settlement!” ~ Josh Bryceland


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 How many of you spotted the fact that the boys' V10's will be rolling on carbon Edge rims? I like it!

"We're going to be rolling on carbon with EDGE Composite rims..."
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 hmmm this is def going to the extremes of race specific
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flag stryke (Feb 9, 2010 at 3:47) (Below Threshold)
 not really..
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 $ $ $ $. DH wheels aren't even listed on their site year, but a pair of AM rated wheels runs $2300 to $2700 depending on hub choice. YIKES!
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 it says they will be on king hubs...^^^^
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 Bisk, I don't think you read my comment correctly. I wasn't talking about the Sydicate team at all.
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 i wonder how those rims will hold up.
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 We'll find out soon enough. My guess is that they will be fine, it's what they're made for.
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 don't expect for the team to be running the AM or even the XC rims. Edge will probably use the team as guinea pigs to test some FR/DH rims. Expect to see Edge components expand into the DH and maybe even freeride scene soon.
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 They'll be fine. I spoke to Ropelato about them and he ran them all last season without a hitch.
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 i love it when fools think they know there shit and shove it on here!!! For fooks sake...the Sessler even knows what Peaty,Minnaar and Miami have on their sarnies as well as all the Syndicate mechanics probably so she should know where they finished over all!!!! Lookin good Ricky Bobby!!!!
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 those rims are expensive! like $700 and up. I wonder how many they're gonna taco during the world cups...
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 I don't think that EDGE as a relatively small business selling hightech super expensive, somewhat luxury stuff that just got itself a contract with one of the best teams in the Dh racing world, can afford providing a weak but hype'ish product.
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 Sean I don't think carbon "tacos"
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 Nice, Ratboy Bryceland sure knows some swanky slang
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 Seeing peaty's xc style on a nomad pushed me to get one.
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 lol it looks so strange to see him ride a non huge frame (v-10, or orange)
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 If you really love biking and buying the bike makes you feel like you will perform better with its new technology and backed by quality and winning titles than why not?
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 I believe Steve Smith was 13th over all Bryceland was 15. This is straight from the UCI page. am I missing something?

Rank Name Nation Age* Points
1 (1) Samuel HILL Australia 24 1,703
2 (2) Steve PEAT Great Britain 35 1,642
3 (3) Greg MINNAAR South Africa 28 1,604
4 (4) Gee ATHERTON Great Britain 24 1,499
5 (5) Michael HANNAH Australia 26 1,315
6 (6) Justin LEOV New Zealand 25 1,098
7 (7) Fabien BAREL France 29 1,056
8 (Cool Nick BEER Switzerland 22 1,045
9 (9) Samuel BLENKINSOP New Zealand 21 988
10 (10) Aaron Holmes GWIN United States 22 932
11 (11) Brendan FAIRCLOUGH Great Britain 21 877
12 (12) Mickael PASCAL France 30 770
13 (13) Steve SMITH Canada 20 634
14 (14) Marc BEAUMONT Great Britain 25 632
15 (15) Josh BRYCELAND Great Britain 19 622

and the link
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 You are looking at the current UCI world rankings, which is not the UCI World Cup DH Series overall standings.
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 dude, dont worry about who's got 13th or 15th place, get out and ride!!!
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 Nice to see an American in the top 10 in the rankings.
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 yea they like to keep it fresh
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 Ya Peaty, one of my favorite racers to watch. LEGEND
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 Nice to see John Wadell on the squad still. Seems like a class move by Santa Cruz.
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 Kurt Vories on the team? or not this year? They mentioned Jamie but not Kurt
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 That's what I asked earlier and everyone was going on about the carbon bs.
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 On the Santa Cruz website it says Kurt Voreis is with Syndicate for 2010.
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 F*ck That!!! One imperfection in carbon and you have a fiber explosion! Not worth the minimal weight shed.
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 WTF “fiber explosion”? Do you see many F1 chassis or body panels exploding do you?
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 No i dont! But i also don"t see F1 cars barreling ass down a mountian at 30 - 40mph. I had carbon handle bars on my Cannondale Moto Rise and crashed, the bars looked fine. Small 3' drop-in later the shattered at the stem like brittle cany! Carbon for lightweight road applications is perfect. IMO i don't care for it on my DH bike.
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 f1 car can produce around 6000N/m (around 600kg/m) of downforce at 100mph let alone any of the other forces to consider, which I’m sure on its own is equal to if not more than any force exerted on a bike in "normal" race conditions, but as with most "race" oriented components you wouldn’t want to use them again after a crash, certainly not without specialist inspection. Such components are designs to take nominal working loads and stresses that accure in normal race conditions. A crash isn’t taken into consideration with these types of components unless it is absolutely necessary as it adds weight and hampers performance.

For an average rider these types of components are not suitable, but for the pro's, every little bit of an advantage helps.

i wont be out getting myself any carbon fibre parts any time soon either, not for general use any way.

Sorry if I sounded blunt in my previous comment, it was the "One imperfection in carbon and you have a fibre explosion!” part that got me,(plus i was tired and in a stress lol)
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 Wasn’t doubting the author just looking for some clarification.
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 holy crap these guys are going to be unstopable!
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 What happened to Kurt?
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1. Carbon doesn't explode
2. Watch before further reading:
3. Every CF element is pretty imperfect. In every industry, including aerospace, there are no Nasa scientists laying every nanosize carbon fibers in an perfect place for months, and then when one of them fail "explosion" occurs... they use the whole damn filaments, take a brush for 20cents to apply the resin, then put it to form and then to the oven.
3. The Edge AM rim weigh 400g, and Singletrack MAg guys call it bombproof. Taking into account that the DH rim will weigh max 500g - it is a huge weight saving. Furthermore in many races I am sure they will use AM ones (as they used DT enduro wheels) which means their wheels are a ton lighter than Deemax Ultimates. In short words: better acceleration, better braking.
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 Well said. It annoys me how some people diss carbon fibre with no actual knowledge of what they are talking about.
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 Yea what is the first thing he says in the video after hitting the carbon fork "YOU WILL NOT WANT TO RIDE THIS FORK AFTER" Also the steel shows visible dents....of course!! the problem with carbon is you dont know what could have happend to it till it just goes.

WAKIdesigns you ever crash a DH rig with any carbon components then put it to work a short while after? I wish i had pictures of the accident bc that would end this convo. Like i said carbon is a great material for certain apps. IMO IMO leave it off my wheels, bars, and frames. (DH Only)
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 The explosion was an exaggeration as well. It snaapped, but the edges looked like it exploded. Just to clarify.
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 Well, this is the stuff for PROs, real PROs, so well U might be right in some way. Keeping this stuff from weekend warriors or weekend racers until it helps to develop a more affordable components. But without such a research as Edge does, we would still ride doublewides...
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 Edge wheels sweeet! I guess with that light rims they will run 160 rotors Smile

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