Video: 50 to 01 Build & Ride a Dream Dirt Bowl

Jul 2, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Revolution Bike Park's Quarry has seen some impressive build projects from the Atherton Line through to Seb Keep's humongous Quarter Pipe and the latest crew to get their hands on it are 50 to 01. They've been sculpting and shaping the bottom of the quarry into a dirt bowl and today released this unreal video of its debut session.

bigquotesWe slapped and shaped it until it was ripe. Friends once from different areas and different backgrounds - on a path now brotherly, enjoying sinking their teeth into this fruit of their labour together… lost in the rhythm of repetition, the fruit will drive you crazy - heavily invested in this space physically and mentally, the feeling of disconnection in this fruit bowl is a special thing: you, your bike, your friends… swimming in fruit.

The bowl contains flavours that won’t let you go, succulent and the sweetest - if it was any sweeter, we’d have no teeth. A heartfelt thank you to the whole Revolution bike park crew for being with us since day 1 - let’s continue growing fruit together, its so fun to share. James, Baz, Danny and Dave - what you’ve created has had a sublime effect on us all. Anyone who lays eyes on the line is left speechless, the way it ribbons it’s way through the quarry is a thing of beauty and an honour to have being involved. It’s people like this that our sport has to thank for it’s growth and expansion behind the scenes in the right places. Thanks to Alex for his passion throughout the shoot, shooting with the guru will always be a pleasure. Thanks to Sven for making it out to Wales to shoot with us, was awesome to see you away from the tape. Thanks finally to RockShox for entrusting our crew with this shoot, it means a lot. We hope you enjoy the video, remember to eat your fruit.


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 Finally, we get a sick edit to help us forget about all those pro riders on drugs.....oh wait.
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flag Miguelangel780 (Jul 2, 2019 at 1:06) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah, I don't understand why people are still rooting to rude he is a cheater
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 Sure. That 'Citius, altius, fortius' thing does not appeals much for me. And that bowl deserves the pritzker prize, btw
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 leafs are no drugs ;-)
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 @Miguelangel780: All humans try to achieve a mental, physical, or spiritual advantage by any means they can personally justify so get off your high horse.
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flag scott-townes (Jul 3, 2019 at 0:05) (Below Threshold)
 Finally we get a reasonably timed 50:01 edit but they blow it by making it seem more epic than what it is. "They've been sculpting and shaping the bottom of the quarry into a dirt bowl and today released this unreal video of its debut session."

So unreal... although its a much smaller version of the Red Bull Dirt Pipe comp. from 8 years ago and a less impressive inspiration of the dirt pipe built at Highland for NWD from 10 years ago... this is just a glorified pump track with a banked wall. Good lord. What a joke. I do love the screams for both ways 270's, LOLOL
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 @scott-townes: @scott-townes: lol, this dirt bowl BLOWS those ones out of the water for the sheer choice of lines and jibs that are possible. Plus, it's not always a contest about who builds the best thing. This is a good times video, with killer riding, a killer spot that most can only dream of riding at that level, and everyone is having a blast. That's what truly makes this, and most of the 50:01 videos great.
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flag scott-townes (Jul 3, 2019 at 13:46) (Below Threshold)
 @leon-forfar: I was wondering when a fanboy would come in with terrible logic. Yeah man, a bowl with less and smaller hits and a fraction of the size really offers many more options... Also I didn't make it a contest, I was pointing out the absurdity in the description of this tiny bowl as "unreal". Its a micro copy of shit that's been going on for years.
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 When you can 270 and oppo 270 a trail bike, I’ll take your opinion seriously. Until then, maybe you should spend more time riding and less time shit talking on the internet. @scott-townes:
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 @scott-townes I think most of the PB and proper riding community would agree that you have the terrible logic lol. I think that goes to show with how many of your comments are hidden and negative propped to oblivion. It may not have jumps "as big" but definitely has more line options, some of which require more skill to hit. I would consider it a pretty unreal build. Ok, it doesn't take up as much space as two other movie caliber builds, but it's up there as far as they go... Paul Bas' NWD9 dirt pipe seggy had NOTHING as cool as this (yes it was sick for the day, and still is), and the Highland dirt bowl had some good coverage with the Adam Hauck/ Aaron Chase seggys, but this edit was on a different level (and style) riding/ creativity wise. You're obviously just being a troll if you say otherwise.
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 @leon-forfar: Hahaha, you care about props. Isn't that cute.
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 I bet that aint the only bowl they were blazin'.
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 its rad for sure, but its more impressive that they found a sunny day in whales
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 It's spelt Waylz.
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 @Thisguy4 ...Is that you Mr President?
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 Does anybody know what YPM that edit was? (yews per minute).
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 About 69 per minute!
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 Yes lad!
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 Outstanding. Just mind blowing bike handling skills. It would be cool to see edits like this presented like most bmx/skate vids with each riders name introducing their part. We all know Rat and maybe another name or two but after that. I can’t really keep track.
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 That's an awesome idea. Has me thinking hard now, have the perfect spot on private land and clay to match. Still an enormous amount of work, kudos to the builders, thoroughly inspired. You will see me on my street bike is the only difference.
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 Never seen a wack edit from dem. Tricks style music vibe always on point. A+ shit is crack good
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 Nice jumps and creativity. I need to get off my ass and build some jumps
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 well.. that was fantastic !
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 Nicely packed bowl. Lines whisping upwards like smoke. The invite jam is going to go off, too!
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 Cant help but wonder what a few slope guys ( and slope bikes) would do with that terrain.

Sick nonetheless.
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 Never get bored watching 50 to 01 edits, so sick! Could watch it all day and now Kade's got in on the act..
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 paley is absolutely killing it on the mtb, waaaay to good
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 I suck
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 ten minutes of reconsidering what it means to ride a mountain bike...
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 Fantastic riding! Alex Rankin, you're a genius! Thank you for such a brilliant edit!
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 50 to 01 always has the best soundtrack and some great riding #DamnSon
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 You guy know why Pinkbike doesn't mention the Mountain Of Hell Huge Crash during the start on ice this Sunday.
It is an Epic Moment of our sport and I've never seen somethink like this before!!!
Did you watch it?
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 wicked everytime
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 So sick
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 Talk about a fruity video description
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 shiittt this spot looks so amazing! and the level of riding is incredible
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 Semenuk would have a field day there!
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 Goon Bowl Sesh is the best thing ever!
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 The standard of the riding and building really bowled me over
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 That pun ain’t cricket
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