Video: Clean 002

Dec 22, 2012
by Alastair Clarkson  
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Two years after the first Clean video was released, Clean 002 is here! Put together after almost 15,000 miles of travelling and nine months of filming, this is the latest in the Clean video series. Filmed throughout the UK (with a couple of trips to France and the Netherlands), Clean 002 features riding from Flipp, Carl Hopps, Mark Westlake, and Alastair Clarkson. Covering a range of styles from super tech brakeless riding through to huge gaps and drops, video 002 is full of innovative and creative riding. Taking inspiration from BMX, trials, and mountain biking, this video shows the new direction that riding is being pushed by these four riders.

If you'd like to see some extra clips, crashes and random events that went down while filming for Clean 002, check out the 'B-Sides' edit.

Music: Drifting Down Streams - Dead Meadow; Getaway - Dr. John; The Whale Song - Modest Mouse; The Contender - The Menahan Street Band; and River Styx - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

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 this is just super duper.
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 No, it was clean.
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flag nouser (Dec 22, 2012 at 16:50) (Below Threshold)
 sorry to hate but those are pretty much an oversized scooter, good riding for sure, just not my cup of tea.. or 99% of the biking communities tea
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 Brakeless legend
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 @Galen, then i am the 1%
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 Bikes were invented first so if any argument was possible, it would be that scooters are under-sized bikes. Then again who the hell scooters.
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 *scoots. actually "scooting" is all the rage now. just today i saw kids all over yelling "scoooting is not a crime!" and "scoot or die" and calling themselves S-C-OOTER guys. haven't you heard of the website pinkscooter?
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 I actually just looked up "pinkscooter" haha
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 galenmac, please review the whole video. The argument is only possibly valid for the first guy (or 2?). If you think about it, its basically a bmx bar with a long reach stem. I bet they dont make long reach bmx stems. They use the long 45 degree angle stem and mtn bike bars on these bikes to replace them... but we all know mtn bike bars feel better anyways, so who wouldn't?
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 Its not an argument or a debate about what type of riding is good, it's just a vid for you to watch ... I like mainly gravity but I could watch this all day !!
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flag alexsneakz (Dec 23, 2012 at 2:37) (Below Threshold)
 This guy would make a great BMX'er yet he rides round on a bike that frankly makes him look like a twat - makes no sense!
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 Actually it dose make sense. If its what you like to do then whats it matter what other people think. Also why is BMX any cooler than this?
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 To be honest and in my own opinion i think you look more of a twat riding a bmx than a trials bike
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 Please don't speak on behalf of 99% of Pinkbike, Because you do not represent 99% of us...
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flag alexsneakz (Dec 23, 2012 at 12:08) (Below Threshold)
 99%?? That's debatable.

Anyway, For almost 5 years solidly I rode trials(20" wheeled 'Monty' and a 26" wheeled 'Megamo') and on and off for the last 10 I've rode both MTB's and BMX - so I think I have a license to view my opinions on what looks cool or not.
If there was a 'cool-wall' for bikes/riding styles, 20" wheeled trials bikes wouldn't get a look-in.......neither would XC biking come to think of it. Just saying.
It's obvious we all ride bikes for the fun, the thrill etc but one way or another Biking in any form(well almost) is about display/showing off etc etc...And there's nothing at all wrong with that. It's just from a spectators point of view some disciplines look better than others.

Agreeably the term 'Twat' was a bit harsh...Apologies!

Anyway let the hatred commence!
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 that was an awesome video, thanks for making it and making it free. Clean and rad. Salute
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flag swisscirca (Dec 23, 2012 at 20:28) (Below Threshold)
 holy crap 15 min of trials, can't do it. Why is this on the front page.
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 I submitted it because it's nice to show other aspects of riding. I've seen a lot of people enjoyed watching it and I guess that's why it was put on the home page. If you didn't enjoy it then that's fine, I'm sure something more your cup of tea will be up sooner or later.

How much of it did you watch BTW?
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 That was an awesome video! I Didn't realize trials riders were changing their style so much, I really enjoyed this. And just like dmadness said, Thanks for making it free!
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 dont listen to the twats up there. there will always be haters. this video was amazing and probably the coolest thing id seen all week. inspirational. i wish i could ride 1% of what you can do. f*cking awesome vid, made my day, thanks! Salute
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flag A-Smalls (Dec 25, 2012 at 10:08) (Below Threshold)
 that shit was lame
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 your lame^ that shit was rad, and im not even a trials rider but respect the talent shown in this video and think people like yourself must be sad sad case.
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 I never throw my bike. No matter how frustrated i get. It is NEVER the bikes fault!
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 it's always the bike's fault
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 PaulLehr: A bad workman blames his tools...
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 Flipp was looping out on that manual, and without brakes there's not much you can do. It's fair to say he gave it a little 'help', but it wasn't a totally senseless throw...
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 Sorry, but I just skipped Mark's section... it really bugs me to watch people after all we've learned about concussions still riding with no helmet riding in a concrete environment. Nobody is so good in trials that they won't ever fuck up a backhop, pedal kick, whatever fall backwards and crack the back of the head on concrete or a railing. I feel irresponsible just watching. I did enjoy the other riders in the edit and i probably would liked Mark's too.
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 I think it SHOULDNT have been VOD because of that too. Probably going to get negative props for saying that. Still awesome riding none the less, but seriously its a poor example for any grommits on here. and to anyone watching Mark do that in public, they probably thought he was stupid too.
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 To clarify, I don't think he's a stupid person and he's really developed some talent there. I just that the dude could make some better choices regarding protection. Anyway, if it's any consolation I'm sure many people already think he's an odd one for riding a bike in that "Strange" style - Smile - i'm sure wearing a helmet instead of a beanie doesn't help or hinder that case and it's so common now almost nobody will rag on you for doing so. Might as well buckle up.
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 I didn't mean to say hes literally stupid, i'm saying bystanders watching a young adult perform an extreme sport without a helmet always judge.
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 Wasn't sure what ya meant. Yes if a rider doesn't have a helmet riding park or urban people will come to conclusion that they're a dufus. Doubly so for doctors and hospital staff, who'll already think you're a dufus for hurting yourself on a bicycle badly enough to end up there!
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 OMGZ!! no helmet, hide your children, ban the video. Who cares? its not a law, just smart
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flag mattridesbikes (Dec 22, 2012 at 20:57) (Below Threshold)
 Fuck your couch Mike Zinger yah fucking cock monger
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 Unless you are a parent worried about your child, the whole " you should be wearing a helmet" argument needs to f*cking die. If you have enough brain capacity to log on to this forum and post then you should be able to make your own life decisions. If you want to wear a helmet .... Wear a f*cking helmet, if not then that's fine too. If not... Good for you. In the grand scheme of things you should go to church too, no premarital sex, brush your teeth at least 15 minutes, wear your seat belt, dont speed.......etc. etc. etc. and don't forget to floss.

Good on people for " looking out for their brothers" but cut the shit.
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 @BikeTrials You must not wear a helmet
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 Hey Bike Trials,
Get off your goddam stroppy high horse and listen up you idiot. I don't give a flying whatever if you do or not wish to wear a helmet when you are riding etc etc etc, but what I do object to is people like you telling the world around them to shut up and get a life blah blah blah when it is those very people around you who will be caring for you for the rest of their goddam lives should you have an accident. Yep, read that agin you idiot. Your parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, kids or whoever that should "get a life" will have just that, their life, taken away from them whilst they are looking after your sorry arse. Wear a helmet idiot, period. If you don't you lack basic respect for those around you who have to pick up the pieces.
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 Anybody want to yell at Josh Bryceland for not wearing a helmet in Earthed? He wasn't wearing a shirt, either. I thought this was the generation of people not telling people what to do, who to marry, what to believe in, etc. In the end, it's a personal decision. I hate censorship... if there's videos of people not wearing helmets, so be it.
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 I don't think that's really what bike trials was getting at. I wear a helmet all the time. Full face, certified, fitted and buckled. My noggins an expensive asset, I get that, by now most of us do. But touting "oh i won't watch this because he's not wearing a helmet" is getting so old. It seems people are just saying it nowadays to look like a helmet hero, get a pat on the back. If people want to ride without one, their loss, and there's jack shit that you can do about it. That's it. If you want to brood in your own negativity or feel like you're part of some new healthy movement. Do so without cluttering PB.
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 Helmet is down to personal preference, Mark never wears a helmet in any of the videos he is in that i have seen. Who cares, his bike is LUSH!
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 Obviously, it is up to every individual whether he wants to ride with a helmet or without one. However, sometimes i wish people would realise that they are being looked up to by many young riders. I dont think its okay that most pro bmxers choose not to ride their helmets, since this gives a vibe that if you bmx (or ride trials in this case), you dont need one, which is obviously very dangerous to the newcomers in the scene.
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 the helmet police in here! it way more annoying to hear you bitch about people not wearing helmets than it is to watch them not wear them. the ONLY videos i see wear people wear helmets primarily is in mountain biking. look at every skate/bmx/ski/board video... almost no helmets. get over yourselves, sit back, and enjoy the skull crunching
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 I'm not the helmet police nor am I your mommy. Though I might be yo' daddy. Don't wear a helmet, it's a free country. See how it works out, maybe i'll write your folks for you. Wink I want to know would these guys feel just as good riding by themselves without a helmet knowing nobody was watching them? What is the motivation here for these guys, to be better riders or just do dangerous shit and get hurt? I've seen a lot of BMX "skull crushing" videos that are all in the latter and would rather not see anymore. I've had my fill of that.

I realize this is the internets, but do you honestly think these riders are invincible and you're not accountable for watching them perform for you? Riders uploading videos of them hitting shit without safety gear never get my respect(not that you or they probably care, but hey it's a free country) and i'd never host or popularize that type of riding(again it's a free country i can pick what i want to host on my website). Which is exactly what i'm against in the instance. Hosting this stuff in a way glorifies rolemodels who engage in dufus behaviour and legtimizes the idea in some heads it is OK and "just" a personal choice to do shit without safety gear. I've read that same sentence a thousand times around here already. Maybe it's not a big deal in this particular video, but who knows what the effects are?

I also wonder what is pinkbike's policy here? They play a large role in creating an image for many riders, I want to know if they've even thought about it? I know i'm ranting now, so i'll stop myself.
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 I always find it interesting that I read the "Hey, it's a personal choice, and it's a free country" (though I do see 5 flags in the thread) line in any helmet tirade. The attempt, it seems to me, is to stifle the free expression of those with differing opinions. If you really feel that strongly about freedom of expression, then consider how you respond to those whose perspectives differ from yours. Honor the difference, support the right of the person who differs from you in perspective, and then make up your own mind as to how you will act (wear a helmet or not, watch the video or not). But please be consistent if you say you support freedom of expression, whatever your take on the issue. We hear enough vitriol in political circles, certain religious circles and the like, and really, we here are cyclists- clearly with a variety of ways of expressing our love for the sport (both in word and actions) and flaming each other because we don't see eye to helmet on a topic seems somehow counter productive.

Happy New Year, and give trials a try. It'll kick your but and teach you new skills! That brakeless riding humbles me.
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 Come on... It may be nice to have panglossian talk of honouring differences at such a festive time of year, but I certainly shouldn't have to participate in the promotion of them as equal in potential harm, objective truth or scientific validity. Besides if I just sat back and laughed at dudes hitting their heads it would include a willful blindness that would make me guilty.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to come down there like your mommy and put a lid on your head. I am certainly going to voice my opinion here when I see a video promoting it to the masses. By hosting it on the front page the site is essentially giving the riding styles inside a nod. It's important if we want to improve our sport not to just sit around with our hands in our pockets shrugging about the differences that matter not only to getting your trail/park insured, but to people's quality of life when the screw up a stunt. How many views is this up to, how many people watch it and see un-helmeted aggressive riding as normalized and have it reinforced that "pros" ride without helmets. Do you think Leech rides without a lid in front of all the school kids when he demos at them... Why not? This is why it bugs me.
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 It bugs me too. What bugs me is not what bugs someone else, and I am convinced that a person bashed over the head with the opposing perspective is utterly unlikely to embrace it. I'm all for expressing perspective and opinion, and even 'gasp' factual information freely. Even ideas with which I disagree. I believe it is called dialogue.

The point I wanted to make above is that those here (and elsewhere) who say they are for 'free expression' in word or action, are not consistent in espousing that position when confronted with opposition to something they feel is important. To my way of thinking, it is precisely the ability to acknowledge that a perspective is valid to the holder of that perspective and is as worthy of expression as my own, that bears this notion out. What does it say about me if I claim 'it's a free country' but refuse to hear dissenting opinions, and lambaste those who don't see things the way I do. I negate my own claim and lose out on the opportunity to either grow personally, or to have any chance to engage the other in meaningful discussion.

I've not talked with Ryan Leech about helmets, but am planning to have him present to the school at which I teach when he comes through in March. I know he will wear a helmet, but his message is strong because of his character, and willingness to meet each person where s/he is. He is, in my experience someone willing to engage in dialogue and work to come to mutual understandings. Just one of the myriad reasons I have so much respect for him.
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 Apparently this is too long for posting in one go, so apologies for the formatting…
Do you feel "irresponsible" for Ali riding in a non-CPSC certified helmet (the Protec Lasek Classic), proven to offer over 10 times less protection than a CPSC certified helmet? What about feeling "irresponsible" for Flipp wearing a helmet that doesn't fit him well due to the padding in it and the fact he has the main strap super loose (if you check the '002 B-Sides' edit you'll see Flipp's helmet move on his head when he's lying on his back, proving it won't offer much protection for certain falls and in some could actually make a neck injury more serious)?

I'm not trying to deflect criticism from myself, as clearly wearing a helmet is better than no helmet at all. However, I do find it 'interesting' - for want of a better word - how the 'Helmet debate' is portrayed on here. The wording used and the sentiments expressed appear to be mainly an attempt to posture rather than actually informing or trying to change people's attitudes.
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If there was genuine concern then surely wearing a helmet incorrectly or wearing a helmet that isn't safe should cause comment too? Flipp's helmet strap can be seen swinging around showing that it's not really doing much, and Ali's helmet is specifically worn by many riders - both pro and am alike - due to it not having the CPSC certified hard inner and therefore having a lower profile. If this crusade is going to continue it seems like it'd make more sense to promote general helmet safety and usage rather than simply making it into a black-and-white 'Helmet vs. No Helmet' issue. Helmet safety doesn't end the moment any helmet fits over your head; lulling yourself into a false sense of security through the use of an ill-fitting or ill-constructed helmet is a problem too, and - again - if there was genuine concern then it seems that these issues should be being brought up too.

As some more constructive feedback to try and further the efficacy of the "Helmet Crusade", attempting to belittle people who choose to not wear helmets by describing them as being 'idiots', doing it to 'look cool', and all the other usual 'reasons' do nothing more than to alienate the people who aren't wearing helmets and make those pushing for their usage to look massively out of touch. I'm not going to explain why I don't here because essentially I'm aware that I'm deluding myself with my justifications or preference for not wearing one, but to try and suggest that I'm doing it to 'look cool' would imply that when I went out riding on my own with no-one around that I'd instantly wear one as I didn't have the pressure of trying to 'look cool'. This isn't the case. Similarly, I don't film, edit and upload videos to gain 'respect'.
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The type of riding I do is a niche within a niche within the small sphere of the bicycling world. I'm aware that the riding I do isn't 'cool' as it's generally low speed, not that impressive and is usually met with the classic "get a BMX" comments (thanks again for the proof, Pinkbike). Seeing as someone mentioned it, having been called the equivalent of a 'dufus' for simply riding a bike whether I do or don't have a helmet on, I imagine that it's the act of simply riding a bike in the manner I choose to that's going to formulate the general public's opinion of me rather than what I choose to wear. I enjoy the whole process of going out filming and working with riders to get clips they're happy with. I edit because I enjoy the challenge of doing it. I don't seek to get fame and fortune from doing it, and I don't seek to gain respect or admiration from people I will never meet or to try and get a 'Favs' number to rise. In relation specifically to this video, I'd imagine that the few riders likely to take inspiration from what I do will tend to be older, free-thinking riders who are therefore likely to be able to make their own decisions about whether they'd like to wear a helmet. I would imagine anyone will a mind malleable enough to be made to not wear a helmet simply on the basis of seeing me not wear one would probably see Ali's section - which is ridiculous - and see him doing bigger, more impressive tricks whilst also wearing a helmet. I'm under no illusions as to the level of my riding, and as such I'd be very surprised if anyone impressionable enough to use me as a basis for their actions would even remember my riding - let alone what I am/am not wearing on my head - having seen Ali destroy everything in his path.
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I'll clarify it again - I'm not saying this to deflect criticism of myself. Reading the incessant "Why is this VOD when he's not wearing a helmet? Think of the children, Pinkbike!" comments has irritated me for quite a while with how superficial they are, but this time being directly involved I feel more right to comment myself.

As a last fun fact, I once got sent over the bars whilst riding and ended up using the corner of the object I was landing on to entirely flatten the bridge of my nose to my face. This also snapped my glasses, embedding one half of them in my eyebrow (for which I now have a scar - for those wondering, yes, having glasses, dark hair and a scar on my forehead did lead to many 'Harry Potter' comments). The whole time I was at the hospital getting my nose reset and my wounds stitched I was constantly berated for not wearing a helmet, despite the fact that I HAD been wearing one. Maybe in years to come a psychiatrist will attribute that experience to be the root cause for me not wearing one now Wink
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 i'm pretty sure it's up to mark what he wears on his head..
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 Right, so sure, Mark can choose what he wears on his head, that's fine, it's a free country and all that. That however is not my point to all of you no-helmet wearers / indemnity of personal choice lovers out there. You wear, or not, what you like. As I said before, I could not give a monkeys what you wear. So don't you dare feel that someone is restricting your choices, if you do, you are completely missing the point.

Mark's, or whoever's husband, wife, mother, son, daughter, father, friends, partner will not have the luxury of a choice if you ever do have a serious head injury. They will feel compelled to care for you. In the worst case scenario, for life.

So, for the sake of clarity, and for your friends' and families' sakes, not yours, because your point of view will not be quite so important if you have a serious head injury, you will be possibly vegetative anyways, is the point I made again just to open your eyes to it because it appears many of you have missed it in a fit of pique.

You lack respect for those people saddled with looking after you if you decide, and it is your choice, not to wear a helmet. Period.
For their sakes, not yours, wear a helmet. Happy Christmas.
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 Right, so let Mark's family worry about Mark.

This goes back to my original post:
"Unless you are a parent worried about your child, the whole " you should be wearing a helmet" argument needs to f*cking die".

PS: I always ride with a helmet myself.
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 Sorry BikeTrials, you still haven't got the logic yet.

It's not about letting someone's family worry about you, they will do that anyways because they are your family. It is consideration of what one's own choice not to wear a helmet would have on them, your family, friends etc that makes it imperative we all wear one.

I am a parent but my kids don't ride. I do. And I wear a helmet, but not to protect me, because given the choice personally I wouldn't always wear one. I wear one because if I don't, and something serious happens to me, my wife and daughter would pay for my choice for the rest of their lives. It is basic respect for what would happen to them that I am talking about and why we all should get off our "Shut up people, let me choose, it's my life" attitude. It's your life until something goes wrong, and then it's everyone else's.

As I said before, and will continue to do so. Basic lack of respect for others if you choose not to wear one.
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 Very impressive riding. Makes my trials skills seem childish....
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 I actually watched this 2x in a row..... was it because i'm a few beers in tonight or because it's actually a really cool vid with allot of unique and stylish trails / street riding ?
really enjoyed this one !
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 Always cool to see how creative people can be on bikes. Mark, however, needs to have a helmet over that dome of his...don't think the beanie is going to do much to prevent the impending skull fracture.
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 ya know the problem with mtb films these days is that they try to get all arty and shit.. i waste a good few mins getting giddy by senseless shots of ppl waking up, going to the bathroom, eating their breakfast, going on road trips etc etc... when all i wanna see is the damn riding, which lasts a little longer than the unnecessary opening footage... jeez
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 you can see the influence of all the trials masters of the past, this is just an evolution of that. Cool to see the bmx influence that Macaskill brought into it taken even further with no brakes. Its increasingly difficult to keep up to what is actually possible on a bicycle.
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 haha these people moaning about helmets. i ride bmx and street trials and i respect these riders a lot. as for helmets i wear one and still managed to occur a large injury to my head. my point is it's up to the rider to choose their level of protection. you can't judge someones riding or style because of how they protected themselves. i in fact love this video as to me other shows how trials and bmx has come together to make one very creative and imaginative style. nicely done guys and look forward to the next. maybe if im lucky i can take part on the next *fingers crossed*
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 Mark does not need me to defend him as he is more than capable of doing that himself. As his father I would look after him without any resentment if he hurt himself by doing anything he felt was legitimate and did not hurt anyone else. The best bits of human existence carry some risk, I relate to that. You may argue that wearing a helmet is 'better' than not wearing a helmet, but better can be defined in many ways.
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 It's like all you people were born yesterday. Holy shit! Oh my God, that guy isnt wearing a helmet. Get over it. It's his choice. The riding in this video is insane. Props to all the dudes in this video. Wake up call Pinkbike!!!!!
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 At first I wasn't that impressed but the realised that all apart from the last guy were not using breaks. Amazing skills! Last guy was best in my opinion though.
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 Love pedestrians jumping when some guy hops up a 10ft wall on a bike Big Grin
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 best trials video ive seen all year
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 Really refreshing to see a great video like this on PB.

The anger and jealousy that rise inside me watching this realising I am not even 1% as good though.... Smile

Ali's section was particularly awesome!
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 Their riding has such style. Love it. Great video and awesome riding.
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 no brakes,holy
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 I daze off while watching trials.. From what I recall, good stuff
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 Some really good riding. Please do not get me wrong. These guys knocked it out of the
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 tell that guy his stem has a boner!
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 This is definitely something i would like to try! Thanks for making it so long.
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 Such a sick vid! I want to learn how you guys turn while doing a nose wheelie, blows my mind every time!
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 Because brakes are too mainstream. Big Grin I liked the soundtrack, really fit the video.
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 alics part KILLED!
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 yea i agree with you man that was dope!! ...and did i see a lil nose manny hop where akrigg rode his own brake-less trials segment??
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 I saw this being filmed in wolves!! sick as fuckkkk
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 cool i got 15 replies, now thats just SUPER DUPER.
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 such a good mix of laidback tunes, and the editing is solid! riding's smooth too. all around great vid
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 No brakes is the thing in trials now eh? First fixies, now these.
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 ikr i liked the rider with em he was way more techie
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 And i thought only bmx riders were stupid enough to ride without brakes ! This Ali guy is 1000x more stylish than the others, and he has brakes...
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 There are barely any break less trials riders out there; mostly because you need to be good at trials first(only a handful compared to DH) and then you need to do it all without breaks (bare in mind that this includes stopping - and there is A LOT of stopping in trials). Also, sometimes you can't afford them but need to ride anyways.
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 Jissse - Ali is brakeless in quiet a few of those clips. Seems like you may want to open your eyes as well as your mind. Chris Akrigg had a brakeless trials video out something like 5 years ago now. It's nothing new...
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 Good to see more trials on here!
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 aah, I can do that. yeah right...
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 Brake less trials riding! That's nuts. Awesome a skill
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 its a street approach to trials riding Big Grin
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 @ 08:20 , "Can you sign my scooter?"
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 and the old man doesnt seem to care.
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 This Mark guy needs a bigger sprocket.
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 started off a bit slow, but the last couple of riders were sick, good job!
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 is he using v-brakes or hydrolic? and what kind they?
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 Ali was using Shimano Saint disc brakes for most of his section.
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 The ninjas of cycling!
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 sorry but brakeless trials bikes? how gay is that! why dont you just ride a bmx? still it was a good vid, just a bit of a kick in the teeth for thoughs trials riders out there! only my opinion.
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 I rode trials for 7 years and BMX for 4 years (I even had an article about my riding and a photo in Dig BMX magazine, and shot photos for both Dig and Ride). I have experience on both, and by using a bike like my Inspired I'm able to do the things I enjoy on my BMX (e.g. the manuals, spins, etc.) with the things I enjoyed on my trials bike (e.g. normal trials). Linking the two is what I find most fulfilling, so that is what I do. On my bike now I can ride skate plazas, pump tracks, trials parks, trials obstacles, stair sets - anything I want. By customising my setup I'm actually able to do more on my Inspired than I could on my BMX (my 540s are more consistent, and I've landed a few manual-to-360s which I wasn't able to do on my BMX at any point).

I can see where you're coming from in a sense, but at the same time it's worth bearing in mind that riding is always evolving. The frames Ali and I are riding are prototype models that are blurring the boundaries between trials geo and BMX geo, and they allow us both to try new things. That progression and merging of different types of moves is what I find enjoying, and is consequently what I do.

Also, more specifically regarding Flipp's riding, the trials moves he does on his bike are basically impossible on a BMX, and the BMX moves he does are pretty much impossible on a trials bike (Flipp's riding a custom JAF build that uses pretty weird geo). Much like Ali and I, he enjoys both styles of riding and rides a bike tailored to suit.
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 reasonable enough. just my opinion on the brakeless trials bikes, im not for it. but all the power to you if you enjoy it. and cheers on a pretty good vid.
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 In fairness, for a lot of pure trials moves in competitions, riding without brakes has taught me a lot. There are many instances where leaving your brakes off can make your bike more stable while you're setting up for moves, and can help your tyres grip the object better. I can't hook with brakes on, but I can with them off - it just improves your technique.

To each their own though, and thanks for the comment about the video Smile
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 yaa i ride dirt jumps on my mtb and i do street and park with my bmx and i have a 20"trials bike and a 26" trials bike. i use the skills i have picked up from all types of riding i do in all the riding i do.
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 Impressive riding, but it got old pretty quick. Hop up on this, manual across that, hop down, manual, hop...
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 Downhill - Riding down a hill, doing a whip, or a tweak
XC - gunning it uphill
4x - angry riding to come first
BMX - hop (insert trick), grind, air

sooooo, any bike style gets 'boring' fast according to you?
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flag ziggatron (Dec 23, 2012 at 8:07) (Below Threshold)
 if XC was all uphill, it would be called "Uphill". And downhill and freeride trails tend to have a vast array of technical features and difficult terrain that you can string together over a long distance instead of compiling a bunch of 3 second clips. There's a reason hundreds of DH, FR, and XC videos are posted everyday compared to a couple street vids.
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 It's not nearly as boring when you go out and try it yourself. Makes you realize how much talent and creativity those lines with 20 foot brakeless nose manuals etc. take, which in turn makes every clip that much more amazing.

Imo the best feelings you can get while watching an edit are getting mindf*cked and surprised. Happened a lot with this vid.
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 you have obviously never put any effort into riding street on any kind of bike if you think that the video's are made by 'compiling a bunch of 3 second clips'.. i'm pretty sure that everyone in this video had a hell of a lot of fun making this video and had some good times along the way, this video is pretty much a summary of the best clips from their riding over the past however long it took to film the video, there will have been a lot more cool bike related stuff happening whilst filming, as you will see if you watch the b sides edit of it. also, if you think that this video gets boring, you will find no two clips that are the same in this video and mark has done a pretty good job of showing the best of each riding style so i really can't see how you find this boring :p there are just as many, if not more street/park video's uploaded every day compared to mountain bike ones and it is all down to personal preference and opinion on which you find better or more interesting. if you don't like it, don't watch it.
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 @Ziggatron Do you realize how many bmx street clips are posted every day?
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