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Video: Creative Riding from Fabio Wibmer's Cousin Gabriel in 'Late for School'

Nov 25, 2019
by Sarah Moore  

Looks like it runs in the family.

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  • 128 1
 Poor guy can’t even get his name in the title of his own video on pink bike.
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 so true!
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 Exactly, poor form PB. He's Gabriel Wibmer - not "Fabio's cousin".
  • 29 19
 @NYShred: Just wanted to make sure you guys knew he's extra-legit with the association since he's not as well known!

Poor guy has big shoes to fill though - I'll just use his name on its own the next time I publish one of his videos Smile
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flag NYShred (Nov 25, 2019 at 18:56) (Below Threshold)
 @sarahmoore: "Poor guy has big shoes to fill" - sorry Sarah, still poor form. "Poor guy"!? ...So you're implying that he's extra legit because he's the cousin of someone who's more "well known" in the industry?

I don't know how things work in your social circles but I dont know anyone that would ever want to be introduced as "______'s cousin", instead of just introducing him as the talent that he is. He is Gabriel Wibmer and this is his edit. A shredder and not in any sense a "poor guy" who needs to fill the shoes of anyone but his own.
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 @NYShred: I like my cousins and am more than fine being introduced as being related to them in situations where they are more well known than me. And I just used "Poor guy" since @theronsta did.
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 @NYShred: Its the title of a single article promoting him on the biggest MTB website. You and your overly sensitive feelings can kindly f*ck off. You must have quite the pointless life to squabble over such senseless bullshit. What a clown.
  • 23 2
 @scott-townes: man, your comments always stand out to me by how negative you are. Not sure if I remember a comment where your not cussing someone out or harassing them in some way...
  • 8 3
 @drjohn: @scott-townes made a very valid point, PB are simply doing it to give him extra cred and rightly so. He's damn insane and why not make more people watch it?
  • 3 19
flag scott-townes FL (Nov 26, 2019 at 5:22) (Below Threshold)
 @drjohn: Yea, I should just hop on the bandwagon like a nice little lemming and be nice to the jerkoffs on this site. You're like totally right
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 Exactly what I was thinking. Just call him Gabriel Wibmer and we'll make the logical associations from there. We're all older than we should be and will figure it out.
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 The video was filmed with the same flair as any Fabio vid. Some parts obviously copied. Probably a smart move all around name dropping. Coat Tail riding isn't always a bad thing
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 Someone show this kid there is a gear shifting mechanism on that bike.
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 I hear Rachel Atherton's brothers are pretty good, too.
  • 27 3
 Next on TMZ, Sam Hill's brother in-law buys a new bike!
  • 10 0
 But will Sam's cousin Dave get the carbon wheels or nah?
  • 20 2
 I'd have thought the surname might have been a clue he was related to Fabio, seems a shame he's not being announced as his own entity.

Gabriel is a fantastic rider but I'm not sure I understand the video concept....being late to something but then taking longer to get there because he's doing tricks and longer routes seems odd to me.

I miss the days when riding videos didn't need a gimmick, what's wrong with riding because its fun? I just want to see good riding without the added cheese
  • 17 1
 Maybe bike videos are becoming more and more like porn?

Terrible acting, no-sense storytelling and shitty plot. But still lots of views...
  • 3 0
 @Caiokv: haha maybe
  • 4 0
 That false nostalgia... Some of the oldest Freeride movies are shot like porn LOL
  • 2 0
 @Levin192: true, I watched NWD 10 recently and that definitely fits the criteria haha Probably explains why I always preferred Sprung and Earthed style videos.
  • 1 0
 @Caiokv: More bike gonzo is needed.
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 Wonder why he turned off the comments on YouTube? Probably tired off hearing people say he’s riding Fabio’s coattails Pirate
  • 1 0
 I have already asked myself. deactivated in all videos..
  • 12 0
 He probably left his house on Friday and arrived on Sunday. Took ages to get to school...
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 great riding but couldn't resist not to laugh on those over powered pedaling in each section just looked hilarious! Great talent though hope to see him get even better from here
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 Monday is over and theres no new bike reviews. What gives @pinkbike
  • 4 0
 In fairness, they did say Fabio Wibmer's cousin Gabriel.. I am sure he is fine getting the extra publicity thanks to being related to the famous Fabio? Who cares..

If I'd get a Red Bull helmet and a massive sponsorship (if I could ride like that), you could call me Donny T's cousin...
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 This kids riding is legit, maybe put his name on the video instead of "Fabio Wibmer's Cousin"
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 i would not have clicked on that article.
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 I made it 75% of the way through... because he's related to Fabio. Otherwise... not that great. Dude needs to use all of his gears...
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 Damn, cuz.
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 Wasn't there a Fabios'a cousin to race WC's a while back? How many does have ?
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 Much, much more creative show of amazing riding skills. Fabio should take notes ;-)
I never watched Fabio's videos full length. This one is full packed with stunts and fun. Grat !!!
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 If you watched Fabios videos, you would see the kid is copying his style, quirky, funny, rad, urban setting with unexpected stunts. I'm sure Gabriel and his videos will only get better.
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 Killer scenery too
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 Very informative - will put this in to practice on the commuter next time I'm late for work. Hope the pannier stays on.
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 Interest bike choice for that style of riding.
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 he pedals that thing way to aggressively
  • 6 4
 Somebody needs to get this kid a bigger cassette
  • 2 0
 I saw fabio so it gets a watch.
  • 3 0
 Bigger chainring
  • 2 0
 Someone send him a bigger chainring, pronto....
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 Just like riding round Edinburgh... Except, a little scrote didn't ride off with his bike, while it was ghosting.
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 I'd be destroyed by teachers even pedalling in the school
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 I do not mind that videos are adverts when it is done as subtle as that, good job, next a levo with electro sound track?
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 3:13 maybe he should drop a couple gears lol
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 I love it!
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 Love the stumpjumper
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