Video: Fat Bike Trials in Bentonville with Pat Smage

Apr 9, 2020
by Psf1  

Bentonville is an amazing bicycle playground. Every time I visit I am blown away by the amount of new trails and bicycle-related infrastructure. Living in Wisconsin, it is usually one of the best places to go in the winter to escape the snow. My wife and I took a trip there in February to ride bikes all around the area. While the goal of the trip was not to make an edit, we just came across too many challenging and fun lines not to do some filming and throw a video together. We did a bunch of different rides and this edit is a compilation of the best shots. Thanks to all the trail builders who are making Bentonville such a cool place to ride!

*I did not ride the unfinished feature at 2:30 without permission. It was actually the builder's idea!

We were about ready to head home with rain overnight and forecast most of the day, but I still wanted to get one more ride in. So I rolled to the end of the street we were staying on and found a fun spot to have a solid session. No matter where you are in Bentonville, you don't have to go far to enjoy some time on your bike.

Thanks for watching!



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 I went down his YouTube rabbit hole after seeing the solo session vid the other day. Now I want an Oset 24" electric trials bike in the worst way. Coronavirus has me entertaining YOLO type purchases in a new way, so close to just going for it.
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 OSET Bikes would be super good if not for fact weigh loads, but a 15kg version on the other hand?
That is what I want!
I had one was fun, BUT not as good as could be!
Any one want to get on this idea?
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 I finally pulled the trigger on the Oset 24 (after watching Pat's videos among others) and it rippssssss. Fox 40 and X2 brings it to another level and I can lap my yard all day long with no noise to disturb my neighbors. It's been my saving grace during this lockdown and I'm usually exhausted before the battery is.
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 @astro99: Very good to hear that! If you don't mind what is your height and weight? Have you made other mods, such as higher rise bars, etc? For reference, I'm about 6'1", 175lbs. Trying to get an idea of how it fits for larger humans.

What year do you have? It looks like '18 or '19 OSET made some upgrades but it's a bit difficult to really parse model year changes.
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 @aljoburr: Interesting. What year did you have and what do you mean by a 15kg version? Are you implying that the maximum rider weight is too low? I am about 80kg.

Have you seen the Electric Motion trials bikes? Super sweet, even with a hydraulic clutch and look to have great power. Made in France and not huge distribution yet. I've inquired on one but haven't heard back yet.
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 @heatproofgenie: I mean I want one what weighs 15 Kg rather than 45- 60kg could easy be done!
These bikes are expensive, but have heavy but cheap steel frames crappy motor & battery,
But with a quality frame & reasonable bike/e-bike parts = 10-15kg?
I have most of the parts I need!
Have been wanting to build something like this for a while now!
So Any one want to build me a frame?
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 @heatproofgenie: I'm 5'10" 165lbs. I put on some wider atlas bars as well as some better shimano 4-pot brakes. I also fashioned a simple seat made of some old foam from my KLR and a seat cover. I have the 2019 model that has a higher power controller. you can see some pics on my IG @jjthc.
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 @aljoburr: there is the kuberg challenger as well that has a hydroformed alloy frame as well, but it's hard to find more details as it's newer then the Oset and there are not as many of them-
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 @aljoburr: Gotcha. 15kg seems mighty optimistic for anything that could survive and adult and doing legitimate trials moves and dirt jumping. I'd be happy with 30kg even.
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 @astro99: Yes have seen pics of kuberg but do not think are much lighter !
Still just want a quality frame, if had access to an aluminium welder would just cut up some bike frame & make it work!
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 @heatproofgenie: Well depending on just adding a motor & battery too a 20" trials bike & fitting pegs rather that cranks / pedals that would actually save weight !
I think would be easily under 15 kg
But will dig out the parts tomorrow & give you an actual real life weight, maybe some pics if your lucky?
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 I like the Bob Ross style self-narration in the last video. "I'll just bunny hop this little raskle of a fat bike up this waist-high rock from a dead stop, oh that was a nice on..." Smile
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 Dude makes it look so easy. Mad skills!
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 What I LOVE about FAT bikes is that they roll over anything!
But sold my Fat bike after riding a pump track on it & I now want an other Fat bike!
Yes can roll over anything, but suck for riding pump tracks!
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 Watched this the other day. So good. Also, I love how hilariously chill he is.
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 I love when someone like this comes and rides trail you're familiar with. It puts things in perspective. Him going up that rock roll at Fitzgerald was super impressive. Going down it is daunting enough.
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 I got a Surly Ice Cream Truck this winter for snow riding, and have been surprised how sendy and playful a good fat bike can be. It's been my weapon of choice for street riding lately
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 So insane! Some cool flow woven into the tech
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 I've seen him at the trails 3 times. Always riding back up to his van to load up after a day of riding. Wish I could catch in in the wild to see it as it happens..
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 Where has this guy been?!?! Just as fun to watch as many of the big names. Thanks and can't wait for next edit.
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 Where have you been? Look him & moto trials up!
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 I love this! Is this the same dude that had the awesome fatbike video from Black Rock, OR?
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 Wow, fat tires and trials make a unstoppable mix. Perfect pumptrack ending in the first vid.
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 FreeCoasting fakie through the pumptrack.. Sick video, dude has some hops!
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 The wall ride passed the wife lol.
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 This is impressive. Nicely done.
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 On a freaking fat bike. you good!
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 Hmm. Somehow I think if he was on a normal bike he would be just as good or being even better if that was possible.
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 damn! crazy talented and I like how chill he seems
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 Impressive skills... and what a flo.......... Its macaskillesque ! :-0
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 He must have had the chain device thing from a week ago to go backwards without pedal kick
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 That was ridiculous...
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 Awesome skills!
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 Dear god, that was amazing
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