Video: Josh Bryceland & The Cannondale Waves Crew's Scottish Roadtrip

Nov 23, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesUsing their bikes as tools of adventure, the Cannondale Waves crew took to the road and headed to the Scottish Highlands. Taking a different approach from their typical summer migration to riding destinations all over the globe, a trip to the Highlands had the boys slightly out of their comfort zone. But Scotland did not disappoint and showed that you don’t need to go far to have just as much fun!


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 Can they re-unite Ratboy with they syndicate for one episode, I want to see Loris try and translate what Josh says.
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 Love all these guys but the anti-vax shit Josh has been spreading on social media is pretty wack and not the kind of narrative the kids who look up to him should be hearing. He should take a look at what happened to Nicolas Müller...
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 Is he an anti vaxer? That is likely to change my opinion of someone very quickly
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 Do you have any links confirming this? I don't follow social media that closely, but after doing a quick search all I can see is bikes on his feed.
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 That's the reason why I unfollowed him on IG..
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 @Paluzas: He puts it in his IG stories, not in his posts. I unfollowed him too. Dylan Stark is close to an unfollow too.
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 @Mitch243: ah, that's disappointing.
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 Nicolas Muller is unreal. I still follow him for two reasons, doesn't matter how nutty he is, he's my favourite snowboarder (although I doubt he'll get to do as much cool shit with no sponsors) and everyone needs a bit of WTF every day.
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 @stoo61: I ended up unfollowing him. It really is a bummer the way things have gone. I was stoked to see him on gnu and 32. One of my all time favorite riders turned into the most annoying rider.
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flag thustlewhumber (Nov 24, 2020 at 9:50) (Below Threshold)
 Sounds like I need to start following him just to piss all you people off.
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 @thustlewhumber: what you do isn’t important to anyone.
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 That is annoying as he's such a cool guy. He'll bro down with anybody, no ego at all which is nice. Maybe his anti vax views stem from his gas to flat at Windham a few years back. Must have knocked his head as well .....
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 Is it just me or are they all (on) HIGH(land) at the start of this video ?
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 No, mountain bikers would never be high.
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flag Kieran-Young (Nov 23, 2020 at 12:10) (Below Threshold)
 @yahmon: Mate Bryceland sounds baked as f*ck whenever he talks. You lot all think that’s just his accent, nah man that’s the sound of the skunk dissolving his last surviving brain cell.
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 his inverted front rotor agrees Smile
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 @yahmon: Yeah never...
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 Great Vid and Vibe Joshua! Don't worry I understand you perfectly Marple and Poynton are not too far apart. Sort yer head out on the anti-vax stance a biochemist I can confirm they work......just look at all the kids walking round Manchester with smallpox Smile
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 Cue many comments from North America about needing sub titlesSmile
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 Me mum's from Lancashire, and *I* have trouble understanding these blokes!
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 try to imagine when you wake up in the morning that the only thinghs you have to do for live is ride your bike and have fun.. in the while i've feed my head like Josh!! ahahah what a legend !!
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 I imagine it every single day. Then reality sets in...again.
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 It's cool that Ratboy is giving younger'uns the chance to ride more just like Peaty gave him some help, albeit with racing.
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 Alley oop at 5mins was ridiculous. UK bless mon.
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 Ah, to be firty again...
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 Surrey Hills are nice, but Scotland is looking F-in beautiful in this video. Need to do more trips up there.
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 is josh sponsored by Patagonia?
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 Don't think so but I know he's a big fan of one of the founders and their business ethics. If you get a chance, read "Let My People go Surfing" by Yvon Chouinard. I recall JB talking about this book in an interview a few years ago. Its a great read.
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 What's the name of the track in the second riding scene?? Great beat!
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 No it’s not just you . Haha
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 All I need is new specs and a lobotomy! Yolks, cool vid!
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 Damn, they're baked, ahahahhahaaa, well baked hahahahaaa....
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 Knobheads sharing vans!!!!
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 gloveless revolution
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 MTB Glove companies sliding into their DM's right now...
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