Video: Kasper Woolley Discusses his Childhood Pituitary Tumor in 'No Excuses'

Apr 28, 2021
by Blonyx Bioscience  
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Squamish mountain biker Kasper Woolley smashed onto the scene last year after an impressive performance throughout the Crankworx Summer Series.

In preparations for this upcoming race season, Kasper is currently sidelined with a broken wrist. A common injury for most mountain bikers, but one all too familiar for the 22-year-old breakout athlete.

At a young age Kasper and his family discovered that he has a pituitary tumor, causing him to have low bone density. This makes it a lot easier to break bones - breaking at least one bone per year since the age of 5, Kasper has said.

Of course, broken bones and injury are par for the course in mountain biking but it's how Kasper bounces back from them that sets him apart.

To stay at the top of his craft, Kasper began to focus on building strength, aiding the work he was doing in the gym with Blonyx's HMB+ Creatine and Egg White Protein Isolate for recovery.

"Two main focuses for me are mobility and strength training," said Kasper. "In mountain biking, when you fall your shoulders usually take the majority of the impact. So that's the goal for me, is to build muscle around those areas so that they're not breaking and you're more durable."

Kasper's athletic ambition is to become a world champion. Simple as that.


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 Kasper is fast as - stoked to see him crush it this year
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 Their symbol looks an awful lot like what Bentley uses:,is%20very%20classical%20for%20vehicles.

In the first scene, I thought the sticker on his helmet was a Bentley one....
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 Completely different industries that they may fly under the radar. But its possible that they may not. Ive ran into problems with this and a bad company. It sucks.
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 @chillrider199: yeah, you never know, you hear of those situations where a larger company comes after a small random company that is not a threat nor a competitor....just thought it was surprising.
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 Blonyx has actually been round for quite a while. So it's not a new logo. Also, like @chillrider199 said, totally different industries and the logo is different enough that you'd have a hard time making it stand up in court. Either way, Blonyx make effing good products. I use the HMB and the protein and it's great. #swolepatrol lolz
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 @Sky-hi: industry is certainly a consideration, but as @chillrider199 points out, some of the suits don't make sense.... You won't be able to start a bike shop that starts with a M using the McDonalds logo...different industry or not
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 @RadBartTaylor: Actually it wont be McDonalds. Monster Energy opposed my trademark for the letter M in my logo. I was a little mad but Im in a related industry to them so I kind of understood. To claim the letter M is bold. But Im not alone. Monster Energy will oppose anyone from any industry. My company is called Monarch Energy. I thought the name would set them off but no.

They will battle anyone like I said. If you use the letter M in your logo, claw marks, or the word monster, word beast, word unleash, they will oppose or sue you. They did this to the NBA team, Toronto Raptors, for using claw marks on a basketball. A team that has existed since the 80s was being sued for a new logo containing claw marks. 4 million dollars later and several years, Monster Energy lost.

You can read my story if you want if you gooogle search Monster Energy vs Monarch Energy. I may or may not be self promoting here just a little. Wink but Monster is a huge a*shole. They ruin start ups sometimes because trademark filings are not cheap, and they heavily abuse the system. I dont care about myself too much. But they ruin others. And I dont see it as okay.

Heres the whole world bully list. Theyre at the top. Above apple who is way bigger than them... Yeah, thats my ted talk. Thanks. Smile
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 @chillrider199: wow! Thanks for the insight, I'll read up on it....pretty silly stuff
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 @chillrider199: That is an interesting website you linked, I typed in Bentley and there are SEVERAL examples that are very sim to Bionyx.....
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 @RadBartTaylor: Youre right. It may be that Blonyx has not trademarks possibly. They have no R or TM symbol on their main logo. Which you should have. Especially if you are intending to trademark (TM). Bentley may not even know Blonyx is a company until then.
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 @chillrider199: wasn’t there that thing with Whyte bikes and the F1 team? Or something like that?
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 @kleinblake: Yeah there was an F1 team that ripped off Whyte Bikes stag logo. The F1 team had ownership with an energy drink company that housed this rip off logo. I dont remember all the details about this but yes, there was a law suit that happened between those two parties
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 Professional mountain biker with low bone density- yeesh, kid's committed!
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 Saves weight, makes him faster.
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 Kasper is a fcking unit. All the best to him.
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 The kid Shreds. When TF are we going to see some real racing?
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 Even more respect for the kid now! If anyone can pull it off and becoming a champion despite low bone density, it is Kasper. So much talent and skills!
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 Always love seeing you ride bud, fast with good style and a work ethic to match!
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 I’ve got a bet on Kasper becoming world champ at some point... The guy absolutely rips and he seems like a genuinely nice kid too! All the best to you Kasper!
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 I am really looking forward to see this blasting kid at races, thumbs-up!
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 Go get them tiger, ;0)
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