Video: Powered by Pies with Elliott Heap - Live To Ride Ep. 5

Jul 3, 2020
by Nico Turner  

In this weeks episode of Live To Ride we head to the North West of England to an area known for their love of pies, and one man who loves a good pie is EWS racer, Elliott Heap. In this episode, we follow Elliott as he manuals his way down Farmer Johns Bike Park, rides some of his enduro trails with views over the sea and hangs out with team manager Nigel Page at his home compound.

bigquotesIf anyone lives in the North West you’ll know in the Rugby and Football Wigan fans are known as pie eaters.. “Who ate all the pies??” And I’m like I did, it was me! We’re renowned for our loving of pies, around here you get a pie on a barn cake, basically a pie in a bread roll. Elliott Heap

We first met Elliot in the North West of England at a small bike park called Farmer Johns, trails last between 1 - 2 minutes and they’re action-packed from top to bottom. As soon as we unloaded the car, Elliot was out, playing around jumping and manualling everything in the car park, straight away I knew we were in for a treat.

FJ’s is the first place Elliot raced on a Nukeproof Bike, he was 14 at the time and it’s clear he knew his way around the park, suggesting wild moves on every feature. Some stand out moments were when he manualled the entire first straight, landed a suicide no hander into a stoppie and the sheer speed he hit the steep tech in the woods.

bigquotesIf you live in the North West, everyone knows about it everyone's raced here, Ratboy, Craig Evans, Peaty. You get that feeling like how mountain biking used to be. It’s a tiny farm, a tiny hill but there’s so much variation. The top’s section is flat out with jumps, trail centre stuff then the bottom is steep as anything gnarly root sections. Elliott Heap

A big part of this series is looking at how riders have dealt with the summer without racing and it was clear that it had hit Elliot pretty hard.

bigquotesComing into the season I felt absolutely fantastic, I put a lot of effort in because last season didn’t go how I wanted. I was training up in the Lakes with Adam Brayton and Fit For Racing twice a week. I felt strong and was ready to give it the beans and get stuck in. Then for it not to happen it was like my World just got turned upside down. Elliott Heap

bigquotesWhen we first went into lockdown I didn’t ride my bike for like two weeks, it was hard not to ride with people and I just rode with my little brother. Then I fell out of love with it a bit and started spending a lot of money on my car and other toys. Towards the end of lockdown I started going out with Ant Hale and Nigel Page, it was really nice to get back out and riding bikes again. Because I’ve not been training throughout the whole thing I just want to get back into the gym now and get as fit as I possible before the season. Elliott Heap

Elliot said he’d spent most of his time on his Nukeproof Reactor, a bike he uses for Crankworx and four cross.

For training, Elliott’s favourite is a large hill called Rivington with views all the way to the sea on the west coast past Liverpool. It starts wide open at the top, where Elliot chose to send a big huck, before going into classically tight locals trails hidden in the woods.

One lucky thing for Elliott is CRC Nukeproof Team Manager Nigel Page doesn't live far away. The two clearly have a strong friendship that goes beyond racing. Nigel has an amazing back garden set up we were lucky enough to visit.

bigquotesYou can go out with Nigel and he’s not like a boss, he’s like your mate and we go and ride TTR’s, do you know any other team managers where the riders do that with them? Because I don’t. Elliott Heap

Diving into Nigel's garage Elliott came out giddy with excitement, he'd found a custom Nukeproof Mega. Hand-built for Harrison, Nigel's 9-year-old son.

Elliot offers mountain bike coaching and seeing how he controls a bike it’s clear why he’s very busy with it!

Thanks for watching and reading, Elliot was great fun to shoot with and please subscribe for more. Next week we’re catching up with downhill legend Danny Hart.

Rider: Elliott Heap
Filming & Words: Nico Turner
Photos: Kieran Kenney
Sponsor: Nukeproofbikes
Thanks: Farmer Johns / Nigel Page


  • 42 0
 My one criticism of pinkbike has been not enough pie based content. This is a step in the right direction.
  • 1 1
  • 2 0
 I was looking for a few stills of the pies Frown
  • 10 0
 Great rider, so much skills. Would be nice to see him on the DH circuit with Sam again. And please Nukeproof, make the yellow bike colour available, it looks stunning.
  • 7 0
 Hmm you want yellow you say? interesting...
  • 1 0
 So the next reactor special edition then! @Nukeproofinternational:
  • 2 0
 @sostokedaboutthat: we’re done for special editions. We’ve had our fun.
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 "We’re renowned for our loving of pies, around here you get a pie on a barn cake"


It's a Barm Cake. Anything else will get you chased down Wallgate, past the Pier and over the border...
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 That'll be my typo no Elliotts haha! Chase me away!
  • 1 0
 Hahaha it’s a barm cake pie barm
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 @Nico-T: tha'll never amount t' owt if thee d'nt use reet words lad.
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 @elliott611: Please rank Bowen's pie fillings in your order of preference.
Top three will do, but go for five-man podium or a full top 10 if you're twiddling your thumbs while it's wet today.
  • 2 1
1.chunky steak
2. Potato and meat
3. Sausage roll
4. Whist pie
5. The classic pork pie

By the way you can order Bowen pies online and get them delivered to your door UK mainland only...
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 @elliott611: Good info cheers, I'm very lucky in that I can pick them up on my way back from riding.
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 The farm is such a mega place to ride
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 The bike handling skills of this kid is insane! With a lot less bad luck as he had in EWS 2019 he will be a top contender, at least in a near future.
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 The kids bike part it’s the same as last post from Greg Minnaar on Instagram! Riding a 26 DH bike back in the days!! ????
Amazing skills and lifestyle Elliot! Keep it rolling ????
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 Bike mechanic scratches head at the almost total lack of front tyre wear but ruined front brake pads on Elliots Reactor. Great looking bike in yellow. I'm considering getting one of these as my Mega doesn't manual.....
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 Champion in the making for sure….
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 Beltin vid Eljot!!! Never seen the rock slabs gapped before. ???????? Cool to see the mini-mega getting schralped. @elliott611
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 New favorite EWS ryder! Killer edit
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 I can vouch for his coaching. Would highly recommended and the pro stories are a bonus...
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 That gap on the pike slabs is bloody impressive Elliot!
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 Fantastic. Skills for days. And pies, obvs.
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 I absolutely love pie.
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"pie, which I assume is not only hot, but also moist. Although, hopefully not flaky"

Sterling Malory Archer
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 Dear Elliott, Please learn how to ride a bike before uploading videos of yourself on Pinkbike. Your manuals are rubbish!
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 Elliot, you are an inspiration to us all. #PIESFTW!
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 This presentation could have really used a Pie Chart
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 So pies are an actual thing?
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 Well Syd and Macky power up with burritos..
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 Need some gravy with them pies lad
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 Funny bloke and insanely rad rider, good watching that.
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 Some proper skills that lad! Good luck for the future Elliott.

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