Video: Riding Private DH Tracks with Kyle Jameson and Damon Iwanaga

Jun 16, 2020
by SCOTT Sports  

Before everything was turned upside down and our lives went into lockdown, Kyle Jameson, Damon Iwanaga, and Christian Rigal made a break for the loamy forests of the Oregon coast. They spent a weekend cutting trail, riding, shooting, and laughing way too much.

Even though things are not back to normal yet. This video has us heading out the door to ride the local loops while daydreaming of road trips to new zones and nailing the perfect corner as we chase our friends down the trail.

This would not be possible without the generous support of the Josh and Aric Venti who own the beautiful land and hosted the guys during the trip.

Video: Christian Rigal
Song: Mind Field
Artist: Flaural
Album: Over Imaginary Cigarettes- EP


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 I wish Josh Venti would just open this land as a for profit public bike park! I would gladly pay the going rate for a lift ticket to ride here!!! #oregoncgp This video is rad makes we want to go to the woods!!! I would also volunteer to dig any time for a chance to ride here!!!
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 @Bikebikebike03 Is all of the land Josh builds on even his to open?
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 Josh is working hard on opening public trails. Not these per say, but others. These are just the magic ones that some of us are lucky enough to find an invite to.
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 @pandafoo: Ya but it will prob be a a hike a bike place like every other spot in Oregon we need more shuttle spots than Scappose, Thrillium, post and Fear and Loaming.
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 If you're really interested in getting something like CGP in Oregon and have some $ or know landowners open to the idea, contact @team.scraper on instagram. There's a few of us working towards that goal but it's a slow process.
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 @coregrind: It is his to access. This will all remain very private for the forseeable future. Follow @tortamtb on IG for news about the public build that will happen close by.. 30 miles of singletrack is flagged out and conditionally approved for a Early Fall construction..
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 But see, look at the NASTY loam. It wouldn't be that fresh and loamy if the public started using these trails. I'd love to see trails like that opened up, but I understand why they might not wont too.
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 Bitching and acting like you are entitled isn’t probably the best way to get a invite. Go grab a shovel and build what you wanna ride!
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 Agree, they should open this place up as a public possibly paid park. Oregon needs more trails like this!!!
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 Sustainability is a big factor here. The Bros know how to build sustainable trails - trails that will hold up to heavy ridership and trails that won't result in massive lawsuits for all the landowners involved.
...The trails in this video are not built to be that kind of sustainable.

Trails nearby that will be open to the public in a relatively short time will be that kind of sustainable.
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 Something super special about the forests on the oregon coast. Can't wait to see the TORTA trails, such a good excuse for a weekend camping trip.
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 Following jaymo down a-line is one of my most favorite memories. Days later, Iwanaga throwing whips over us in the whip off.... Cheers boys! Thank you for that. Love everything you upload. Always inspiring me to build and ride
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 Oregon Coast Gravity Park :-)

we're all ready!
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 Damn fine riding boys,
There's no place like Loam~
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 Huge props to the Ventis for creating these masterpieces, and showing off just how rad the Oregon scene is!
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 Damon!! So sick! VSL4life!
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 Yes boys! So proud to call Oregon home
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 I always get stoked to see another KJ and Damon vid. A couple of my favorites to watch. Sick video dudes!
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 Had a blast with the Venti's a few years ago with Gully when the lines were at the beginning.Can't wait to go back!
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 Does anyone remember the suntour video with Carson storch called “pacific prospects” where they talked about opening downhill trails to the public, and a year later you realize it’s an ad and will never happen?
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 Not true at all.. We are working with the USFS to build a public MTB trail system near Pacific City. We have 30 miles of trails flagged, GPS pinned and conditionally approved to start building this Fall.. about 70% black and double black.. These things take time..
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 It is fortunate that people around the world who put their time and hard work into trying to build something for not only themselves but for anyone to enjoy aren't put off by negative opinions like these. It takes generous and driven people to forge through all of the challenges that come with such an undertaking. All of the builders I know of get as much joy hearing about and sharing in the memories created by those of us who never even picked up a shovel. Time, effort and tenacity should receive support and thanks. I thank all of the great builders i am fortunate to know. Keep up the great work and keep us posted. Please let us know if voicing support to local agencies, land owners etc. would help in the future of this system or any others.
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 So excited about what's going down on the Oregon Coast. Good work guys...lets keep it rolling.
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 private trail networks. a concept I do not admire
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 I agree.
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 Such a great video....way to go boys!
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 Yeah buddy
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