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Video: World Cup Racer Stefan Garlicki is Back After Breaking Both Hips

May 9, 2021
by Stefan Garlicki  

Stefan Garlicki may not be a household name, but he has come a long way from humble beginnings in South Africa. He has a background in motocross and then switched to downhill in 2010 at 20 years old. It took some time but slowly he started stacking the results with 2 national championship titles, multiple IXS cup wins, and establishing himself as a regular on the world cup circuit. 2017 was his best season, ending the year with 21st place at Val Di Sole, which is no easy feat, especially as a privateer. Unfortunately in 2018, the wheels fell off, and it's been a long road back.



A long course hold was needed this afternoon to airlift Stefan Garlicki from the hillside. After a long recovery from a broken femur last year it s a cruel twist of fate to see him hit the deck once again. Hoping for the best outcome for him this time.

bigquotesThe last 3 years have been the toughest of my life and I really thought I would never ride or race again at one point. I broke both of my hips in 2 separate accidents 11 months apart and apart from the 4 surgeries and the pain, I then dealt with depression, insomnia, drug withdrawal and panic attacks. It's been rough but finally I am back to myself and I am excited to share my journey with you.Stefan Garlicki


For 2021, Stefan has a new bike, new sponsors, and a new perspective. Follow along on
his Instagram.

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 "Well his dicks on the internet now" gf over my shoulder
  • 7 0
 What? They have dicks on the internet?!?!!?
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 Nothing beats the xray dick pic
  • 1 2
 One hot Doctor
  • 5 1
 throckmorton sign right --> right hip OA coming
  • 5 0
 Interesting attention to details
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  • 3 0
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 Me and my wife stayed in a chalet in Morzine with Stefan Garlicki and a group of other world cup DH racers. He is a really nice guy and I didn't realise this had happened.
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 Broke my pelvis twice 5 years apart. The depression is the hardest part, thinking you won't ride again. Great to hear Stefan is rollin again. For any of you out their suffering trough injury, keep the faith as Winston Churchill said "it's always the darkest before the dawn'.
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 Ahem, actually i think it was Bruce Wayne (aka the Dark Knight" who said that but eh. you do you. Razz
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 happy for Stefan's turnaround. maybe he could work with leatt and improve the 5.0 impact short. high consequence riding needs more than the type of padding most companies are selling. (with the exception of alpine stars' bionic model.
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 "yo! how's it hangin', Stefan!?"

Stefan: "to the right. you know that. everyone on PB knows that...."
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 That right hip looks like mine though one of my screws is enormous. I also sent my x-ray to numerous people before I realised it didn't just show my bones Basically a year before I was allowed to rehab it.
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 Recovering from the femoral neck fracture (3 screws) at the moment. Can only imagine what doing both sides consecutively mist have been like. Great work to get back on it after that!
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 Best wishes on your recovery!
And if you hear any rattling on the trail it looks like there's a loose washer on hip screw #3!
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 keep it up Stefan!
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 can't tell if this is a dick joke or not. up voted either way.
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 IDK what it is about injuries in clusters, I've had 4 shoulder injuries in 5 years after going decades without injury and read about George Brannigan's 4 broken collarbones in a year not too long ago! Weird, but always great to see people come back as well!
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 I had a minor panic when I saw the headline, I misread and thought he broke both his hips again! Listened to the Downtime Podcast episode with him and was about to be so gutted for him. Glad he’s healed up and back riding!
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 Hi Stefan, I had no idea that you had suffered such accidents. Glad to hear that you are getting back and have found your inner balance. Hope to see you riding again and hope to ride with you sometime again.
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 Stefan is a great guy to no and I new about he crash but the video puts a different perspective on the crash and what he has to go thru to get back to where he is all the best Stefan and good luck for this year bro
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 Wow! Good to see him back! And shredding again!
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 I remember the name. He was on the move a few years ago and getting up there for results. Hope he continues right where he left off
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 That's not what I meant when I said 'Pin it!'
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 “It’s all in the hips”
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 That sucks royally ! Dunno Stefan but hope you have a speedy and full recovery !!
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 3 years is a looong time - appreciate you sharing your story here Stefan, and stoked that you're riding again!
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 Stefan, you got almost as much metal in your bones as I do! Keep going, don't look back. You must be one tough mofo!
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 Glad you are back on the Bike like you never have been away. Big probs!
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 so awesome to see
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 Hey...I got 3 of those bolts, too! Titanium reinforced since 1996.
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 Rough roll of the dice so far. Good luck for the Season Stefan.

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