XCC Short Track Results from the Lenzerheide XC World Cup 2021

Sep 3, 2021
by Ed Spratt  
Men s blistering start.

We are back for another round of flat out XCC racing in Lenzerheide. Here are the results from the XCC Short Track Round 5.


Elite Women (9 Laps):

1st. Jenny Rissveds: 20:34
2nd. Evie Richards: +0:02
3rd. Jolanda Neff: +0:16
4th. Anne Tauber: +0:22
5th. Loana Lecomte: +0:31

Elite Men (10 Laps):

1st. Henrique Avancini: 19:58
2nd. Mathias Flueckiger: +0:01
3rd. Victor Koretzky: +0:01
4th. Alan Hatherly: +0:02
5th. Nino Schurter: +0:06

Full Results:

Elite Women

Elite Men


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 Jenny was very strong in this race. She seems to love the Lenzerheide track!
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 Stronger than her bladder but she was not worried by that haha, that’s also part of life
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 @ice29: For people downvoting, go watch the post race interview.
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 @SangamonTaylor: most likely in her bib short
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 @SangamonTaylor: Red Bull TV
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 @ice29: Can't say she didn't give 110%! I didn't hear her say that until I watched the replay.
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 Ride of the day: JN. Nearly dead last, big charge through the field. Amazing.
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 Even the triathletes are winning mtb races these days.
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 Matthias "Flickered" the number 2!
Is it just me or the guy suffers like no other in the pack? He goes really deep when he pushes the attacks...
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 I'm curious with the drastic inconsistencies in the American women. Courtney and Batty go from winning races and championships to mid pack.
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 Batty isn't shocking, but Courtney sure is. Heck, when Grandma Lea beats Haley and Kate.... But I did get a 4iiii email blast that Emily is their latest sponsored athlete.
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 KC doesn't know either.
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flag Willikers (Sep 3, 2021 at 13:09) (Below Threshold)
 Natural selection. Despite what her Instagram would have you believe she does not possess the Send gene, nor is she willing to work to get it.

When Yolanda can pretty much ride through the entire field in 21 minutes that tells you:

She's flying
The course is technical
She loves it

On such a course I'd expect to see PFP a little behind Neff and KC further back, legs being equal.

As the courses become more interesting the most complete rider will rise to the top, despite what the individual rider's social media accounts bombardment of 'message' will try to hammer into your brain.
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 @bikewriter: g'mama is an excellent bike handler
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 Maybe ask Jim Miller?
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 Halley gets a pass. She needs to get her coaching and training sorted out this off-season. She came in peaked and clearly couldn’t hold it illustrating her base was too weak and it was unsustainable. I see her ceiling very high if she trains right.

Kate also gets a pass. I think her early form was where she should have been and was potentially building up to a peak at the right time but she got bit by racing tough luck and very bad timing in her program. When this happens at critical times in a phase the drop off can be immense - she really will not get back until she can do a long aerobic bulk block this off-season.

If you look at Jolanda there is a lot to be learned that many mountain bikers don’t get. Her injury slowed her down and she was forced to do more of an aerobic base phase with strength training. This base is what’s evident in her Olympic peak and current form because it allowed her to use the first few WCs at actual bulk work.

It’s such a razor thin line - I predict (and I hope I’m wrong) that LeComte is next to get bit. I don’t see her able to hold it for the last few races. If she does IMO it means her level is a notch higher than the field.

Then after all of that you have to add that you just may not feel that good that day. And if you are 98% in these fields that’s 10+ positions all day.
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 @Willikers: Horseshit. So I guess Kate's Rainbow Jersey, World Cup Overall Championship and multiple World Cup wins were also just a figment of her Instagram? Kate has already acknowledged that she and her team have made mistakes this year, but not being able to ride techy tracks fast isn't one of them. She's not Jolanda... who the f*ck is? But she's just as good as anyone else in the rest of field.
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 @DBone95: Struck a nerve? Ha!

If your reading comprehension were better you would see I was saying her self- hype doesn't doesn't hide the fact that she completely freezes over big features, costing her time down that feature and wattage accelerated out of it to maintain Pace with the sharp end of the stick.

There are a good number riders who are much better than Kate technically, they just don't have her engine.

Her hype is what brought me to following women's xc after ignoring it for years. What can I say I'm tired of seeing her face telling me how ready she is when she 7 minutes down on the winner.
  • 2 5
 @swellhunter: sounds like you are a trainer. Her main objectives were clearly the Olympics and worlds, just like everybody else.

I do get tired of Kate's supporters citing her broken arm as an excuse for training adjustments.

Neff broke her hand nearly at the same time, not to mention she nearly died from her crash that we moved her spleen. This is not hyperbole go look it up.

When Kate says she's on the comeback trail I asked from what?! You can certainly build your aerobic base, know what your FTP is while on the trainer.

What I know for a fact is she had a brain injury and whether that affects her judgment when the gnar shows up I don't know.

I merely responding to a social media spamming individual who doesn't produce nor is honest about where she's at and doesn't respond to any of her followers.

Her program is out of whack because her team doesn't have the elasticity or the toughness to tell her he wants to get on the podium she needs to do XYZ.

In the meantime I wish she would just lay low and stop showing up in the Washington Post telling all of us how courageous she is. And not once but multiple times in the same article.

Who is in courageous in life? She's not my role model - everything to her is work including social media.

I've seen many many world champions come and go; she's just another in a long line..
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 @swellhunter: also lecomte - I've seen way too many enhanced cyclists to think she is not also
  • 2 3
 @swellhunter: also, so many points covered, if her coach is a CTS guy why doesn't he perform at that level?

This is kind of an inside joke
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 @swellhunter: just another thing (wearing my columbo hat)...

Someone from her crew said she was flying before Tokyo and Kate said she was ready yet afterwards she couldn't figure out what her problem was.

She needs a new crew
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 @DBone95: also since you asked PFP is better than Courtney.

That's such a sad thing to write
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 @Willikers: No nerve struck, just calling out bullshit when I see it. Her descending abilities have not cost her this year, just like they didn't make her in her winning year(s). Her fitness is what has cost her and I don't pretend to have the answer why, nor does anyone posting here. As for "I'm tired of seeing her face telling me how ready she is when she 7 minutes down on the winner", I can't argue with that.
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 @DBone95: well if you have to use a profanity and yes I struck a nerve and your clearly a fanboy.

She was never a great descender nor did she appear to enjoy it. It didn't cost her because she has a big engine

If she ever leans her bike more than her body I'd be shocked

Again if you had paid attention to what I wrote I suspect that her brain injury and vague references to a comeback are referencing an underlying issue that's affecting how she sees the course and what her confidence level is

Hence her quote, "my body and brain became disconnected"

I am a total Neff fanboy for obvious reasons but also for the fact that she actually has taken the time to read and like some of my comments.

As far as I can tell Courtney only responds to her friends

One is a real human, one is just using people.
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 @DBone95: also if you think it's her fitness do you really think years of power files have no relevance to the current situation?
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 @DBone95: I'm not going to go through and neg your comments bc that would be weak
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 @swellhunter: I won't neg yours for the same reason
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 @swellhunter: usacycling.org/article/kate-courtneys-2021-plans-home-training-facility

So much blah blah from a Stanford sports physiology grad.

If she is so learned why is she riding with her teammates cruising in the short track event?
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 @DBone95: to be clear her technical abilities have cost her

She spent a month in Switzerland recently after which Frischi said she was a different rider..

At 25yo?! That's a WNBA attitude that no sportsman should ever follow
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 @Willikers: I'm a fanboy of all of the women and will be rooting them on from the side of the track in Snowshoe in 2 weeks. We agree on several things with Kate, just not her lack of descending skills. I've had many of the top elite women riders actually reply to my comments on IG, but Kate has never been one of them... heck, she's never even liked one. I do think Kate has too much focus on strength training, but I'm also a nobody who knows just enough to be dangerous, so what do I know?
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 @DBone95: I mean when you brag about setting a squat PR when you put a bench under your 5 ft nothing ass to give you a total travel of 8 in.. don't you think you've kind of missed the point?!
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 @DBone95: I do give you credit for voicing your opinion and having a debate about the finer points.

When people neg me without responding to any of my numerous points aren't they merely hiding behind feelings?

That's why the comments sections are so self-censored regarding Courtney - any speculation or possible reasons she is failing is met with the shower of negative votes from the Church of Kate.

I'm perfectly willing to have a debate as shown; it's just hilarious that people with strong feelings aren't willing to do the same.
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 @Willikers: you sure are very opinionated. I am not what does more miles your bike or your keyboard strokes?
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 @femto505: apparently it hurts you that I have opinions. Doesn't seem like you have any.

But since you ask I rode everyday all summer 1.5 to 6 hours, with the occasional rest day. Former road cat 4, been riding dirt for 50+ years, bmx, mtb. Ride fully rigid on our Nor cal trails because suspension is boring.

What's your story, do you have an opinion on the current topic or are you just a troll?
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 @femto505: I voice dictated all comments while prepping dinner, then cleaning up then reading other things, no keyboard necessary

Thank you for your concern over my hardware, technology is great!
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 @femto505: I almost forgot, did numerous staircase sessions to tighten up my technique

Also learned to manual! Woo hoo!!
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 @femto505: back to the topic - Kate can't even wheelie so sad
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 @femto505: wow what a great ride today!
Worked on walking the bike sideways, sessioned three steps up and down for 12 minutes, varying techniques and weight transfer, ;-)
Little tank slapper in the sand ;-)
The tide was high. Too early for wintering shorebirds.
Put the saddle on from my wife's old full sus - game changer!
I don't know the mileage, generally don't keep track. Fun!
Let me know if you want a ride report from tomorrow!
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 @Willikers: Strava or it did happen. I just spent all on Pinkbike comments. Was a kinda tough day.
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 @femto505: Sorry to hear that, you should ride more

Strava is for people who need to prove certain things to themselves or to other random people on the internet. I really don't care if you think I did it or not. I got a new bike this summer with proper geometry and it is changed the way I ride. There is a lot of stuff I need to learn or relearn.

What on Earth do you think Strava would prove anyway, just a random route at a random speed like that's all there is to cycling.
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 @femto505: I had this conversation with a new friend who was competitive in Cross back in the day but all he wants to do now is bike pack and race the tour divide and the silk road

I said you know I use Strava for a couple of times and according to it I had done almost the exact same time and the exact same speed over a similar route on the map, yeah it doesn't show how many stairs I descended, how many cars I avoided, how many broken fountains I rode through, homeless encampments, crazy people dodged, etc.

I only use it now for hikes

You must be about 22. Strava or it didn't happen is such a childish thing

Well I was mucking about saw a large group of 20-something Bros dressed the same, had the same voice, regarding me with the same smile and same Ray-Bans..

Does your grandpa use Strava because that's where I'm at.

Also Kate sucks. Savilia Blunk rules
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 @femto505: my point about the bros is I can't stand that group think kind of mentality and that's what the Church of Kate is.

I will get negged into Oblivion because I'm like her I don't gaf
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 @DBone95: Kate's result have been on a downwards trend for 2 years (after all those wins). Hoping she's back towards the front competing for wins in 2022.
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 @Raivkka: No doubt. Hopefully she finds the reason and can get back to the front.... no one knows it more than her, that's for sure.
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 Go Evie...
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 XCC Short Track is such a great race discipline.
  • 3 0

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 Would have liked to see Blevins in action but He chose Road over xc
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 Which event is he doing? Amazing he would pass up the first event he could wear the rainbow stripes.
  • 2 0
 @ReformedRoadie: Tour of Britain

A bit stupid since I believe he hadn't even raced in road so far this year. But it's Trinity home tour, altough if I was in charge I'm not sure I would trade the chance to showcase my brand with the stripes for that race.
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