Published in Dirt Magazine issue #137. Graham Agassiz spinning a drop on Vancouver Island. February 16, 2013.
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Published in Dirt Magazine issue #137. Graham Agassiz spinning a drop on Vancouver Island. February 16, 2013.
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 So glad I didn't end up with some lame B-Day POD, thanks Mr. Wragg Salute
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 Happy birthday, I hope you like the way i wrapped your prop Razz

(oh and i think Mr Secco deserves some thanks too)
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flag Lilshredman (Oct 4, 2013 at 7:04) (Below Threshold)
 @Draggon, this was my pod:
Pretty cool!
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 he he rode that on my birthday.
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 this guys my hero he got me into mountain biking
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 It's my bday too, stoked!! Have a good one @Draggon. Cheers
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 Nice man, Happy Birthday to you too, hope it was a good one for ya! Love the wrapping on my gift prop mr-man-guy and yes, a sweet thanks to Mr. Secco for making it all possible!
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 To all you people posting photos or videos of yourself under a POD:
1. We don't care.
2. Respect the photographer.
3. We don't care.
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flag panhead90 (Oct 4, 2013 at 8:33) (Below Threshold)
 To the bumholes that think people care what you have to say. Go suck a cock! and how is it disrespecting the photographer. nothing wrote in the comments will take anything away from that photo
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 If you are so desperately in need of recognition that you feel the need to post a photo or video of yourself under somebody else's photo... then by all means. But just remember the person who got POD actually (usually) deserves the recognition and probably worked very hard to produce the photo.
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 does anyone actually click on links in comments??!!??
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 What would I want recognition for I posted mine as a joke because the other guy did it, I ride for a laugh with my brother I don't have wanks over it like you obviously do.. The person in the photo and who took the photo already got the recognition they deserved by it being POD and cover over a magazine.

Man there are a load of fully fledged a*sholes on Pinkbike recently, bunch of brown nosing t**ts I hope you catch aids the lot of you.

BTW when you neg prop a comment more people end up looking at it in the end because curiosity kicks in and you always end up looking so keep up the good work you set of bells.
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 @pan head

Did you mean set of balls? Is set of bells slang?.. im so confused
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 Correct Fuglio bells is short for bellends
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 LoL like the head of a cock. Awesome
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 dope photo secco!
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 I like how the top of the rock is visible, it puts everything in perspective I think. Amazing everything in this picture!
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 ^Agreed! Mang that landing looks soft.
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 Props need to go out to Riley McIntosh for this...he found this zone and built that stunt. NIce one Rilor!
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 Double props, he rebuilt it for Aggy's video!
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 I think the duplicating Of the rider is often overused and unnessasery but in this photo it adds so much. Maybe it's something about big 360s off drops bit the one of cam zink 3ing the Oakley sender is the only other example of this style that I have liked, of the ones I have seen of corse.
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 Bender would've hucked it from the bigger cliff
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 Made me laugh... Big Grin
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 this picture is awesome! don't know whether to grab my climbing gear or iron steed... either way, well done
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 I like this picture, and turtles.
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 The guy in front of him isnt making it any easier to land with all that dirt spraying out like that.
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 I want to find this, anyone know where it is? Amazing shot btw, gets my vote for poy
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 Awesome snap Scott. Stoked to see this camera angle of that drop!
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 Amazing photo. Added to my favs.
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 That backdrop is so sick
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 with a little bit of extra gnar gnar swauce. sick 3, and pic!! (Y)
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 You've got the skills and you earned the bragging wrights.
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 looks like a rad wall to climb imo and i guess a wicked drop....haha
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 To be able to land a 360-drop like that one of these days...
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 how is graham so steazy? im "stumped"
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 kona operator commercial?
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 does any one know what jacket that is?
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 Epic place and 360.
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 Kawula from Agang Team is like Agassiz! Smile
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